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        We The Tall: A Tall Mens Fashion Blog

        Tall Talk with 6'8 Austin - American Tall Polos

        Tall Talk with 6'8 Austin - American Tall Polos

        American Tall Polos

        To all the tall guys out there, picture this. It’s time to get ready for the day and maybe you’re headed to work, or maybe you’ve got a semi-formal dinner event coming up. You go to your closet and check out your polos. You’ve only got a couple because it’s already hard enough to find a semi-somewhat fitting polo. So, you pull out one of them, the one that you think is probably going to fit you the best. You go to the bathroom and try it on, and what do you know? Just like always, it’s super short in the torso. The arms though are extra-long for some reason, and it gives you that really nice box appearance. Today, you’re just not having it, so you try out your second polo. Your other one that probably kind of fits you a little bit. But of course! If it’s a tall polo, it’s also got to be big then. You try it on and it’s just ten feet long and the arms go all the way down past your elbows. It’s just this massive shirt. As usual, it looks horrible, but out of frustration you put back on the first one because maybe you can get away with tucking it into your pants. Oh wait! That’s until you sit down, put your socks and shoes on, and it pops out the back and you’re now just looking like a goof!

        You then sit and wonder, “Is it even worth it? Maybe they should just fire me,” or, “Maybe I’m just not going to go to that dinner party.” Guys, it’s time to stop! American Tall has got you covered once again. This is not your average Joe polo. These are specifically crafted for the tall and lean men of the world. These polos give you the look that every single tall guy out there is looking for, something that is long but tapered to give you that lean, athletic look while still looking professional. I’m six-foot-eight and my pants inseam is only thirty-six inches, so I’ve got a fairly long torso. The size that I’m wearing is a large extra-tall. Have you even heard of such a measurement before? Usually you’re stuck with your larges, extra larges, double extra larges, and just that same old crap. With these polos, they come in a variety of different sizes to shape any variety of tall guy out there. They come in a variety of different colors so you’re looking good every single day of the week and you no longer have to feel uncomfortable in your own clothing.

        These polos are so good looking they don’t even need to be for some sort of semi-formal thing. You can wear these casually too and still look awesome. Guys, it’s time to ditch the old school polos. You’ve got to get with the program and get yourself a tall guy polo that’s specifically designed with your body in mind, so you can roll up to work or that dinner party and go in feeling confident in yourself and comfortable in your own clothing while towering over everybody. You can find these polos, as well as a variety of other dress shirts, casually shirts, Henley shirts, all at Go check them out and do me a favor - throw out those old polos. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think down in the comments below. Let me know if you’re going to be picking up some of these polos for yourself. Guys, I’ll see you in the next video.

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