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The Best Fall Sweaters for Women and Men

The Best Fall Sweaters for Women and Men

When it comes to staying cozy in the fall, sweaters are a classic wardrobe staple. This layering piece is essential once the weather starts to get cooler, and is an absolute must-have as the snow starts to swirl.

However, as a tall person (of any gender), it can be difficult to find a sweater that works for your frame. The best fall sweaters are meant to be cozy. They shouldn’t be too tight at the shoulders or creep above your wrists. Everyone deserves a sweater that fits them well.

Depending on your style, there are tons of different sweaters you can choose from. If you dig the preppy aesthetic, a cream cabled Aran sweater is a classic staple of fall. If you’re more laid back, and like a sweater that feels as cozy as a pair of flannel bedsheets, you’d probably prefer a hoodie or crew-neck sweater backed with soft and breathable French Terry fabric.

Whatever your style, we’re here today to showcase some of our favorite sweaters and talk about how you can style them this fall.

Our Favorite Men’s Fall Sweaters
When it comes to men’s fall sweaters, the options are endless. In the earliest days of fall, a cardigan or hoodie with a zipper is going to offer the greatest flexibility, so you can shrug it off if the temperatures warm up. These sweaters can be worn all year round, and offer a ton of flexibility if the weather is unpredictable.

tall mens black zip up hoodie navy zip hoodie for tall men charcoal zip hoodie for tall men

On days where the temperature dips back down again, a heavy thermal sweater offers the best protection against icy winds. Our version is made with flattering raglan sleeves and is versatile enough to be worn on its own, or layered with undershirts to keep you toasty warm. Undershirts, tanks, and slim-fit tees are all great choices for layering underneath sweaters in the winter.

tall mens black heavy thermal red thermal tall mens tall mens grey long sleeve heavy thermal
thermal fabric thermal fabric longsleeve

The Best Fall Sweaters for Women
Tall guys shouldn’t be the only ones spending the fall season in comfort. We believe the best fall sweaters for women should be both comfortable and flattering. Our women’s hoodies are garment-dyed in beautiful, muted colors, and are gorgeously drapey for that perfect oversize fit.

If you’re looking for a more fitted sweater, or something that would work well for an evening out, you can’t go wrong with anything knitted. Knits are perfect for fall and offer a great combination of texture and color that works with any outfit.

tall womens charcoal oversized hoodie oversized garment dyed hoodie merlot navy oversized hoodie
tall womens oversized hoodie womens oversized hoodie

How to Style a Fall Sweater
The best fall styles pair soft sweaters with a contrasting bottom, to keep the look balanced. Since sweaters are typically made with thicker material, wearing something like sweatpants or a long, drapey skirt can make it look like you’re trying to hide your body. One exception, of course, is to pair a matching hoodie and jogger set for an effortlessly cool look. 

You don’t need to worry about looking heavy in an oversize sweater, as long as you pair it with a more fitted bottom. Think skinny jeans, leggings, or even joggers. As long as your proportions are balanced, you can make any outfit work.

oversized hoodie merlot for tall women tall womens hoodie

Preparing Your Sweaters for Fall
Most people don’t keep sweaters in their usual clothing rotation throughout the summer. To make sure your sweaters are ready to go before cold weather hits, follow the steps below.

1. Take your cozy fall sweaters out of storage, and inspect them well. Look for moth holes, wear and tear, and anything else that could affect the fabric.
2. Try them on, and make sure they fit well.
3. Wash them thoroughly, being careful not to put fabrics like wool or cashmere in the dryer.
4. Fold them, and slip them into your drawers so they’re ready to wear.

tall mens zip hoodie tall mens navy zip hoodie

Shop Cozy Fall Sweaters at American Tall
Finding your current sweater stash lacking? This fall, you’ll need cozy loungewear, especially if you’re going to continue working from home. Shop all your favorite fall sweaters at American Tall, where we carry tons of styles and sizes made for long limbs and tall torsos.

Tall Women’s Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

Tall Women’s Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

What have you been wearing lately? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wearing lots of joggers, tank tops, and other comfy clothing perfect for lounging around the house. Maybe you have a fancier shirt you put on for Zoom meetings? If so, good on you for dressing up!

With changing restrictions on social activities and the dropping temperatures, it may be time to dust off some of our outdoor clothes. Fortunately, fall is a great time to do this.

Whether you get ideas for women’s fall outfits from Pinterest, friends, or the runways, there’s no wrong way to style yourself for fall. However, when you’re a taller gal, it can be a bit harder to find pieces that work on your longer frame. Many casual women’s fall outfits that work on women of average height feel awkward or uncomfortable when you’re over 5’9”.

green crewneck sweater in front of a barn

Putting Together Tall Women’s Fall Outfits for 2020
Fortunately, we’re here today to bring you some women’s fall fashion outfit ideas that work on taller ladies. Experimenting with new clothes is always fun, especially when you’ve been stuck in quarantine for months. However, before you start experimenting with new pieces that will make any women’s fall outfit Pinterest ready, make sure you’ve stocked up on the basics.

Every tall woman needs a great pair of jeans. When you’re taller, you know how hard it is to find ones that fit. American Tall jeans are made to fit inseams of 35-37”, and come in a variety of washes, including the always-classic medium blue.

On top, opt for a long sleeve tee that flatters you in all the right places. Our version comes in black, white, grey, and navy, and is delicately ribbed so it stretches perfectly without clinging. These long-sleeved tees are the perfect base layer for fun jackets, sweaters, and jewelry. It’s a lot easier to make great outfits when you know you’ve got solid neutral options to build from. 

black turtleneck tall girl blue turtleneck tall girl grey long sleeve turtleneck tall woman
tall girl sitting on steps blue jeans

What Fashion Trends Will We See in Fall 2020?
Now that you’ve got your base layer together, you can add on statement pieces that bring the perfect amount of drama to any women’s casual fall outfit. Here are some of the trends we’ll likely see more of as we officially move into fall.

Jewel Tones
There’s nothing more vibrant than a jewel tone. Whether you opt for a classic jewel-toned dress in luxurious velvet or a moto jacket in jewel-toned tanned leather, there’s no wrong way to engage with this trend. The fashion world is obsessed with jewel tones like amethyst purple, ruby red, and citrine yellow, making them super in style in 2020.

Preppy Style
If crisp, crunchy leaves make you think of going back to school, channel that nostalgia into a few preppy outfits. Blazers, pencil skirts, and cigarette pants are all popular pieces, but you can also play with the trend by picking pieces in signature preppy prints like houndstooth and pairing them with more casual jeans.

Jean jackets may be comfortable, but if you want to play with this style in 2020, you’ll need a more fitted, tailored jacket like a blazer or cardigan.

white blouse black turtleneck tall womens

Thought ruffles were for little girls? Think again.

This year, many fashion houses sent models down the runway draped head to toe in ruffles. Although it looks whimsical and playful, opting for larger ruffles takes this childhood staple and turns it into something totally appropriate for adult wear. A ruffled top with a pair of high-waisted dark jeans is the perfect outfit for date night. 

light blue jeans tall girls black jeans tall girls denim jeans high waisted tall girls

Shop Casual Women's Fall Outfit Staples at American Tall
With a few new pieces or a re-think of your wardrobe, you can throw together tons of new outfits for Fall 2020. Whether you need lounge-ready joggers or a pair of jeans you can build an outfit from, shop all your fall favorites at American Tall.

Tall Men's Fall Fashion: The Best Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

Tall Men's Fall Fashion: The Best Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

As the weather turns cooler, it gets easier to rock the types of pieces that make tall men look so great. Fitted blazers, jeans that hang just right, and immaculately tailored dress shirts are so much more fun to wear when it’s not blazing hot outside.

The shorts and tees that exemplify summer fashion might feel comfortable in super-hot weather, but as soon as the days cool down, most of us are eager to jump into men’s casual outfits for fall.

Whether you take inspiration from Vogue or love sliding into whatever feels most comfortable, we guarantee that with a few great staples, you can put together enough men’s fall outfit ideas that will keep you going until the snow starts to swirl.

Today, we’ll talk about what basics every tall guy needs for fall, and how you can turn simple outfits into something worth getting excited about.

Casual Fall Men’s Outfits: Ideas and Inspiration
For men’s casual outfits for fall, most guys reach for staples like jeans, button-up shirts, and blazers. Tall guys are no different. However, this year we want to draw your attention to a few new staples we think pair well with these classic pieces.

The Polo Shirt
There are lots of ways to wear a polo shirt. Most guys assume that the polo is exclusively the domain of sporty guys, but in 2020 that’s not really true anymore. The polo shirt is a great transition piece for men’s casual outfits for fall, and can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or even a fitted pair of joggers. To avoid looking like someone from Jersey Shore, make sure your polo is well-fitted through the shoulders but doesn’t cling too tight to your chest. 


tall mens blue polo tall mens white polo tall mens grey polo

The Denim Jacket

A great pair of jeans will always be a classic. However, in recent years we’ve been seeing the denim jacket make a comeback. The American Tall denim jacket is an homage to the smooth confidence of guys like James Dean and Springsteen – men who have made the denim jacket a symbol of effortless style.

Our version fits guys with arm lengths of 37-44”, and is a great option when you need men’s outfits for fall pictures, or for days out with friends, and so much more.

tall mens denim jacket dark blue tall mens dark blue denim jacket back view

Comfy Loungewear
There are many different shirts and sweaters available for guys this fall, but given the unique circumstances of 2020, we think there’s a pretty big chance you’ll need some good loungewear as well. If you want to stay comfortable and still look good on Zoom or during grocery store runs, opt for a pair of fitted joggers. Our new favorite joggers are available in black, grey, navy, and burgundy.

tall mens tech jogger tall mens lounge pant tall mens liunge jogger grey
tall mens jogger blue tall mens charcoal jogger

Shop Men’s Casual Outfits for Fall at American Tall
You don’t need a total wardrobe overhaul to get new men's fall outfit ideas. All you need are a few classic staples like the polo shirt, denim jacket, and joggers, combined with great basics like jeans, tees, and button-up shirts. As long as your clothes are designed to flatter a tall guy’s body and fit you well, you can combine any of these pieces to create the perfect outfit for fall.

The American Tall collection is always designed with tall guys in mind, and we’re continually improving our offerings to give you more size and style options. Shop online today to get 15% off our fall favorites.

tall mens shirt jacket fall time

Finding the Best Men’s Joggers for Tall Guys

Finding the Best Men’s Joggers for Tall Guys

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been living in loungewear for the last several months. As soon as the weather cools off, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for sweats.

We love to cozy up in a pair of sweatpants. They’re the perfect accessory for anything from workouts to late-night TV and movie marathons. These days, the average pair of sweatpants is a lot nicer than the ratty workout clothes of the 80s and 90s. The ultimate expression of that evolution is the jogger, which some people say came out of the London street style of the early 2010s.

People may wonder, “is it ok for me to wear my joggers in public?” Our answer to that is a resounding yes! These comfortable pants are cuffed at the ankle, offering total comfort that also looks put together.

However, there’s a fine line between a fitted jogger and a pair of pants that simply doesn’t fit. Fortunately, we’re here to make sure that tall guys can get in on the jogger action as well. Our joggers for tall skinny men are made with soft French terry, and come in a variety of extended lengths that fit even the tallest guys.

Today, we’ll showcase the features you should be looking for, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our men’s tall fleece joggers.

The Best Joggers for Tall Men
The best men’s joggers for tall guys should be both comfortable and stylish. Even celebrities have taken to wearing their joggers out and about! These lounge-style pants are the perfect addition to any athleisure or street-chic outfit. They can be paired with anything from a simple tee to a more workout-friendly outfit before or after you hit the gym.

Since they typically have a drawstring, getting joggers to fit correctly in the waist isn’t difficult. It’s the length that can be a bit trickier, especially if you have long legs. The best joggers for tall guys are shaped (not fitted!) through the legs, and should always hug the ankle.

Fit FAQ for Our Tall Slim Fit Joggers
We get lots of questions about how our joggers fit. Some of them, like “can skinny guys wear joggers?” and “are joggers out of style?” are questions that only you can answer for yourself! The rest we’re happy to weigh in on.

How long are large sweatpants?
Typically, a large pair of American Tall sweatpants or joggers fits between a 35-40” inseam, depending on whether you go for the regular tall pair or the extra tall option.

How are joggers supposed to fit in the length?
Joggers should fit comfortably through your waist and inseam, then cinch in at the ankle. For men’s joggers, you don’t typically want to see any skin above the ankle.

Should joggers be tight or loose?
Joggers are a great wardrobe staple because they look both relaxed and pulled together. Tall slim-fit joggers should follow the line of your leg, which means that they shouldn’t feel too tight, or too loose. If they feel baggy, try going down a size.

Should I wear socks with my joggers?
It’s up to you! You should wear socks with joggers if you’re pairing them with boots, but with sneakers and loafers you can definitely go without.

Shop Joggers for Tall Skinny Men at American Tall
The best joggers should feel comfortable, and fit you well. For tall guys, that gets a lot easier when you shop at American Tall. We make our joggers for tall skinny men in super-soft terry fleece, which makes them incredibly cozy. The cuffed ankle, thick waistband, and convenient pockets combine to make these a must-have for the colder months.

Shop today to score your own pair in grey, black, or maroon.

How tall is tall clothing?


Anyone over 6’3” who has ever spent time trying on clothing in a mall and walked away satisfied should get a prize. We mean it. It’s incredibly annoying to walk by racks and racks of clothing only to find that everything is way too small, or looks baggy when do you manage to find something that fits your wrists or ankles.

Shopping for tall men’s clothing can be really frustrating. We get it, because we’ve been there. You shouldn’t have to be as influential as Dwayne Wade or D’Angelo Russell (GQ’s Most Stylish Basketball Player of 2019) to find a suit or pair of jeans that actually fits. So then, what should tall guys wear?

Today, we’ll dig into some of our best style tips for tall guys, and talk about how you can make shopping for tall men’s clothing easier.

Our Best Tips for Dressing as a Tall Guy
The principles of dressing as a tall man are pretty simple, but when your height draws attention to you wherever you go it’s important to get these basics right.

1. Get the Fit Right
What looks good on tall skinny guys? First, and most importantly, the fit should be right. Nothing calls more attention to you than a shirt that reveals inches of your wrist, or a suit jacket that’s way too baggy. Ill-fitting clothes call attention to your height, but not in a good way. When your outfit is sloppy, it makes you look young and inexperienced.

Shop carefully to make sure your clothes fit well. A few well-made dress shirts can elevate your entire wardrobe.

2. Opt for Slim and Tall Men’s Clothing, Not Big and Tall
While the inseams and arm measurements of slim and tall and big and tall clothing may match up, there’s a huge difference when it comes to the overall fit. Big and tall clothes are designed to fit guys who are bigger in the waist, and often end up looking baggy on guys who are tall and slim.

What type of clothes should a tall skinny man wear? There are a lot of choices, but you’ll need to find clothes that are marketed as slim and tall, rather than big and tall. Or, if that isn’t an option for you, try to get big and tall clothing tailored so it actually fits your body type.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Tailoring to Help with Extra Tall Men’s Clothing
Tailoring is the silver bullet for tall guys. Tailors can add length to pants that fit in the waist but are way too short in the leg, or take in a shirt that’s too baggy but fits your arms. It may cost a bit extra, but having clothes that fit is definitely worth the price.

4. Mix and Match Accessories
Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching accessories. A lot of people prefer to keep it simple and opt for shoes and belts that match their outfit. However, tall guys really benefit from accessories that ‘segment’ their height. Think a brown belt and shoes with a navy suit.

5. Choose Subtle Prints
Tall guys need to be careful to avoid large prints, especially in a head-to-toe application like a suit. Loud prints with large illustrations can be overwhelming if you have a tall frame. Instead, stick to small, subtle prints in more muted colors.

Looking for Tall Men’s Clothing? Online Shopping is Key
Wondering “how should I dress for my tall frame?” There are lots of ways to compliment your tall figure. Making sure you have clothes that fit is the first – and most critical – step.

American Tall is one of only a few places that carries extra tall men’s clothing in inseams up to 40” and arm lengths of up to 41.5”. Come visit our site today for an instant wardrobe upgrade.

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