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Dressing for the Office: Finding Business-Casual Clothing for Tall Men

Dressing for the Office: Finding Business-Casual Clothing for Tall Men

Now that so many of us are heading back to the office, it’s time to start thinking hard about how we want to present ourselves after months of Zoom meetings. For many of us, that means the usual struggle of finding business-casual clothing for tall men.


When you’re a taller guy, finding dress shirts and pants can be a challenge because of the fitted nature of these garments. It’s not that difficult to make a pair of sweatpants fit. However, add in the precision of a pair of tailored slacks, and it’s understandable why so many guys feel frustrated when they’re shopping for this type of tall men’s clothing.

You shouldn’t have to be as rich as the guys from Succession or Billions to find a shirt or pair of dress pants that fits a tall skinny guy. Today, we’re here to guide you through the challenges of dressing for the office when you’re a taller dude. The ideal business outfit should make you look and feel like a boss, even if you’re just starting out.

Finding Tall Men’s Dress Shirts that Fit
The right dress shirt can make or break any business-casual outfit. It should fit comfortably around your chest, through your shoulders, under the arms, and around your neck – and that’s just the body of the shirt. The arms should also fit well, a perennial issue for guys of various heights who have longer arms. For a single garment, that’s a lot of places for the fit to potentially go wrong.


Instead of being designed for guys of average height, tall men’s dress shirts are made to fit guys 6’3” and above. That means the body will never be too short, and all the other precise measurements like armhole depth, shoulder length, and neck circumference are designed around taller proportions, too.

While cotton is the most traditional choice for office wear, you can always play around with creative prints, or even different fabrics entirely. Try a polished linen shirt for a look that’s summer-ready but still looks totally office-appropriate.

Tall-mens-linen-shirt tall-mens-dress-shirt tall-mens-dress-shirt

The Best Dress Pants for Tall Skinny Guys
If you’re a long and lean guy, finding the right slacks that are suited for a more formal office environment isn’t necessarily easy. In terms of fit, you need to ensure that the length is long enough, but that’s not all. Other than inseam length, the other major way that tall pants differ from a standard pair of pants is the rise (i.e., the length between crotch and waistband). This needs to be tall enough to accommodate the longer torso of most tall men.

When it comes to styles, you can’t go wrong with chinos in most office environments. Unless you’re working somewhere with strictly formal business attire, a dark pair of chinos is a great neutral that you can use as the basis for a variety of outfits.

tall-mens-black-chinos tall-mens-black-chinos

If your office is more casual, try playing with pants in bolder colors like red or green. Don’t be afraid of accessorizing as well – a knit tie, bow tie, or even fun socks are a great way to add pops of color and personality to standard office wear.  

tall-mens-dress-pants tall-mens-dress-pants
Whether you work somewhere casual or formal, the best thing you can do is ensure the clothes you wear fit well. Nothing says “I don’t know how to dress myself” more than a pair of pants or shirt that’s just a little too short.

 To ensure your return to the office is a sartorial success, head to American Tall to find the perfect outfit for your next in-person meeting.

Finding the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for a Day at the Beach

Finding the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for a Day at the Beach

In most parts of North America, it’s either beach season now, or it’s so close you can almost taste it. Before you get started packing your beach bag with your favorite tall men’s tees and shorts, let’s talk about how to hit the sand in style.

Although style choices are important when it comes to beachwear, it’s critical to pick out an outfit that also offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunburn is a sign of exposure to UV rays, which can increase a person’s risk for melanomas and other forms of skin cancer. 5 million people are treated for this type of cancer in the United States every year.

The ideal beach outfit must be stylish, but should also offer sun protection, and all without getting damaged by sand or seawater. It can be a hard needle to thread, especially if you’re on the taller side, which can make shopping more challenging. 

Shopping Tall Men’s Clothing for Your Next Beach Day
Instead of trying to find shirts or shorts for tall guys at your local big-box retailer, shop for your next outfit at a dedicated tall men’s clothing retailer like American Tall. Our clothing for tall men is made specifically for guys 6’3” and above, giving you plenty of options with measurements that will always fit your frame.

When it comes to a beach day, there are lots of must-have items that will make every outing a success. Here are some of our top suggestions for how tall guys can dress well at the beach.

Wear a Hat
One of the most important things you can do at the beach is wear a hat. This helps shade your scalp and face from the harsh sun. Our favorite American Tall baseball cap is available in black or navy.
tall-mens-hat tall-mens-hat

Waterproof Footwear
The last thing you want to wear to the beach is a pair of shoes you care about. With all the surf and sand everywhere, it won’t take long for your slick loafers or leather sandals to get wrecked.
tall-mens-shoes tall-mens-shoes

Instead, opt for our lightweight slides, which are sized specifically for taller feet. These slides are made with a molded EVA footbed, which can stand up to both heavy use and moisture.

Swimming Gear
Whether you plan on swimming or not, you should have a swimsuit available at the beach. Our swim trunks all come in fun patterns, and are cut specifically for the longer legs of a taller guy. Choose from one of our ten different colors, or buy a few and mix it up.
tall-mens-swim-suit tall-mens-swim-trunk

Tall Men’s Shorts
When it comes to buying beach-ready shorts, finding a good fit can be challenging. Tall men’s shorts are designed to fit both a longer inseam and longer rise (waist to crotch length), making them a more sensible pick than the average retail pair.

Don’t mess around with wearing shorts that are too heavy or structured on your next beach day. The beach is the perfect place for breathable fabrics that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. After all, no one wants to walk off their beach volleyball game just because they’ve ripped their shorts.

Board shorts are super flexible, and can be worn as swimming gear. Athletic shorts are also a great choice. Since they wick away moisture, these will keep you much cooler as the temperature starts to rise.

The easiest way to look and feel great at the beach is to find an outfit that offers flexibility and breathability. For a great selection of tall men's t-shirts, shorts, and any other accessories you need for your next beach day, come visit us at American Tall.

Explore New Styles for Summer When Shopping Shorts for Tall Men

Explore New Styles for Summer When Shopping Shorts for Tall Men

If you’re not what you would call a ‘shorts guy’, it can be hard to figure out what to wear when the temperature starts to rise.

There are lots of reasons why some men feel uncomfortable in shorts. For tall men, it’s easy to worry that shorts highlight their height and put unwanted emphasis on the longest, leanest part of the body. For others, they worry about styling tall shorts, and find it challenging to pick out a pair that’s formal enough to wear out and about.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that finding the right pair of tall shorts doesn’t have to be difficult. Today, we’ll break down our most important tips for fitting and styling tall shorts, then help you choose the right pair inspired by your chosen style icon.

Styling Tall Men’s Shorts
There are a few different style ‘rules’ to keep in mind when you’re buying a pair of tall shorts. The first rule is that generally, shorts should never be longer than your knee. This is an easy way to make you look sloppy.

From there, the inseam length is up to you. Love your legs? Show them off with a mid-thigh length pair of shorts. Most of the shorts we carry at American Tall hit just above the knee, which is a flattering length for tall men.

Inspiration for Your Next Pair of Tall Shorts
Looking for your next pair of tall men’s shorts, but don’t know where to start? Use the style of these men’s fashion icons to help you get started.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is an underrated style icon that has perfected the preppy-yet-casual look. He’s known for his beautifully tailored suits that he manages to make his own with touches like a looser linen shirt, unique jewelry, or a cozy tweed vest.
For a royal summer look, opt for pair of oxford shorts in indigo or grey. They work perfectly when paired with either a loose linen shirt or a crisp white button-down.

tall-mens-chino-shorts tall-mens-shorts

Lebron James
Lebron James is a style icon who is known for his big, bold choices when it comes to color, accessories, and so much more. He’s not afraid of rocking cropped pants, color-on-color suits, or even a full suede jacket.
To embrace a unique look for yourself this summer, pick up a pair of our blue steel tattersall shorts, which are made with a subtle tattersall pattern that looks a little bit like houndstooth.

tall-mens-shorts tall-mens-shorts


Steve McQueen
If you strive to follow the sartorial styling of the late, great Steve McQueen, you’ll need more than just some casual shorts to pull it off. His style was emblematic of the phrase ‘less is more’. Every piece he wore was chosen with great care but worn without fanfare.
To start filling your wardrobe with beautiful staple pieces that McQueen would love, start with a pair of simple khaki chino shorts. These simple shorts can be worn with anything and will make you look put together without being overdressed.
tall-mens-chino-shorts tall-mens-chino-shorts

Anthony Mackie
The latest incarnation of Captain America is a snappy dresser who favors suits for events but opts for button-down shirts and either chinos or jeans most other times. For an elegant yet casual look for summer, try a pair of dark grey chinos that can anchor any outfit.

tall-mens-shorts tall-mens-shorts
Shop the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for Summer at American Tall
Although the weather is still variable in most parts of North America, it’s never too early to make sure you have all the tall men’s clothing you need for summer. To find all the shorts, tees, and swim trunks you’ll need to survive in the summer months, come visit our online shop.

Comparing Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts

Comparing Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts

When it comes to t-shirts, many men make the mistake of considering this wardrobe staple as nothing more than a layering piece. While it’s true that tall tee shirts are a great option for throwing on under a sweater or button-up, there are so many more outfit opportunities available when you can choose the right t-shirt and let it be the star of the show.

It’s easy to relegate your tees to a supporting role when they’re old, stretched-out, and full of holes. Today, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. By investing in a new set of tall men’s tees in a variety of styles, you can ensure that you have the right shirt for any occasion.


Choosing the Right Tall T-Shirts for Men
When it comes to picking t-shirts, it can be a challenge if you’re a taller guy. You’re probably used to tees cutting in at your armpits or sitting annoyingly high on your waistband. A tee that’s sized correctly should fit without being too tight or baggy, and should either sit at your waistband, or a few inches below.

The best tees look fitted without being uncomfortably tight. Don’t be afraid of tees that skim your body, especially if you’re trying to show off a muscled chest or arms. While we can’t all look like Brando, a fitted white t-shirt is a quick way to echo his signature style. This style looks great on tall, skinny guys as well.

Ideally, the shoulder seam of any t-shirt should sit right on your shoulder bone. This is a good indication of the fit. If it’s too far down your arm, the shirt is likely too big. If it pulls up towards your neck, the shirt is definitely too small.


Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts from American Tall
When it comes to t-shirts, not every one is created equal. Pay attention to fit, as well as construction (including fabric) and style.

Here are two of our favorite basic tee styles, along with suggestions of complementary pieces that will take them from blah to fabulous in no time.

The regular crewneck is the most ubiquitous style of tees on the market today. At American Tall, we want to give you lots of options, so we’ve made our signature crewneck slub tee available in eight different colors, including ecru white, black, grey, navy, and garnet red.

tall-mens-crew-neck tall-mens-crew-neck

The crewneck tee works great with a variety of pants, but the most iconic way to wear a crewneck is with denim. Try pairing a white crewneck with a well-fitting pair of medium wash jeans for a look that’s both easy and effortlessly stylish.

V-necks are extremely flattering on a variety of body types, especially men who have a larger upper body. This style helps elongate the neck, creating a slimming effect that draws attention to your face.

tall-mens-v-neck tall-mens-v-neck-tee

Our American Tall v-neck tee comes in nine different colors and is made from garment-dyed 100% cotton fabric that looks amazing and is protected against shrinkage. Try pairing a v-neck tee with a jacket to lend a little bit of casual elegance to a more formal look. V-necks look incredible with bomber jackets, blazers, or even a leather biker jacket.


Find the Best Tall Tee Shirts at American Tall
By purchasing both crewnecks and v-necks in a variety of colors, you can ensure that you have the right tall t-shirt for any occasion. With our reasonable prices and quick shipping, it’s easy to fill your drawers with well-fitting staple pieces that are perfectly tailored to your taller frame.
Shop online today to find the right size for you.


Finding the Most Flattering Tall Women’s Dresses

Finding the Most Flattering Tall Women’s Dresses

Dresses are some of the best clothing items around. Not only are they flattering to every body shape, but they can also serve as a complete outfit – no tucking, accessorizing, or matching required! Buying dresses for tall women can feel intimidating, but it shouldn’t stop you from finding the perfect fit for your frame.

If you’ve been staying away from dresses because you’re afraid that they just won’t fit right, we’re here to help. Wearing a dress is super easy when it fits well, but unfortunately, because they’re so simple, the fit must be perfect if you want to look your best.

This doesn’t just apply to dresses that are form-fitting or tight. Even loose, flowing dresses can easily look messy if they don’t fit well.

Today we’ll explain the basics of fit when it comes to tall women’s dresses, and show you how to style some of our favorite options from American Tall.

Getting the Fit Right on Dresses for Tall Women
Every dress style has a different fit. A mini skater dress is going to fit a lot differently than a maxi dress with a long, tiered skirt. However, there are two areas to focus on when sizing and fitting dresses.

Shoulders and Bust
Regardless of the style of dress, the shoulder seams (if there are any) should sit neatly at your shoulder blade. If it’s too tight, it will pull up closer to your neck, and will likely result in a dress that’s uncomfortably tight in the shoulders, back, and bust. If it’s too loose, it’s an instant indication that the dress is sized incorrectly.

The next place to keep an eye on when fitting a dress is the hem. While there are lots of hemline options available, a dress should never be so long it drags on the floor or be so short that it makes you feel self-conscious. This will change depending on whether you wear heels or flats, so keep that in mind before you make a purchase.
Styling Mini and Midi Dresses
When it comes to picking out dresses, many tall women avoid mini or even midi dresses because they’re worried that their legs will be too long for these styles.

We wholeheartedly disagree! The perfect mini or midi dress is out there for everyone – you just have to find a style that works for you.

Another great example is our tall shirt dresses, which hit right above the knee. The full sleeves and open resort-style collar give these a touch of class, while the mid-thigh length adds a bit of flirtation.

Our swing dresses look incredible on taller women because they’re sized generously, and show a flattering amount of leg without being too short.

tall-womens-dress tall-womens-swing-dress

Long Dresses for Tall Women
Maxi dresses for tall women are a perfect choice. They’re super flattering, and make any taller lady look like a Grecian goddess. However, you still need to ensure that you’re getting the fit right.

Our tall jersey maxi dresses are cut specifically for taller women, with a hem that ends right at the ankle bone. The scoop neck and thicker tank top straps make these the perfect option for dressing up or down this summer.

tall-womens-maxi-dress tall-womens-maxi-dress

Whether you love a short dress or rock a maxi dress, there are no wrong choices when it comes to dresses for tall women. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

This year, shop all of our favorite dress options for summer at American Tall. Our styles are always designed and manufactured with tall women in mind. Shop online today to explore our newest styles for summer.


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