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The Jeans Round-Up: Classic Mid-Rise Tall Skinny Jeans

The Jeans Round-Up: Classic Mid-Rise Tall Skinny Jeans

Finding the right pair often feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to jeans. For some tall women, mid-rise skinny jeans are the best middle ground, while others gravitate towards pairs with higher rises that allow them to show off their long and shapely legs. 

Whatever pair you choose, there’s no wrong answer. The best thing you can do is determine a style that works for you, then find a pair in that style in a wash and construction that you love. 

Today, we’ll talk about how tall women can find the right jeans and showcase one of our most popular styles – classic mid-rise tall skinny ankle jeans. 


The Secret to Better Jeans Shopping as a Tall Women 
One of the most important things to understand when you’re buying jeans is how they’re sized. As a taller woman, it can be challenging to find the right jeans. Often, if they fit through the waist and hips, they’ll inevitably be too short in the inseam length. 
Unlike other types of pants sized using a standard numerical size, jeans are usually sized using two different measurements – the waist width and the leg length. On the tag, this is typically written as 27x30 or 25x29. 

Getting the right measurements for jeans is important because of the stiffer nature of denim. In a pair of leggings or yoga pants, the fabric’s stretch helps accommodate various body shapes within the same standard size. However, since denim was designed to be durable and withstand heavy labor, it doesn’t conform to the body as closely. In recent years, jean manufacturers have been incorporating more stretch, but they still can’t match the flexibility of lycra, rayon, or other athleisure-focused fabrics. 


There are a few important measurements to keep in mind when shopping for jeans, especially if you’re on the taller side. 

The inseam measures the length from the bottom of the crotch to the hem around the ankle. The standard mid-rise tall skinny ankle jeans will end right around the ankle bone. 

This is an area where standard mall brands may not give you what you need for taller women. At American Tall, we carry inseam lengths up to 37”, while most mall brand jeans stop at 34”.   

If you’re looking for mid-rise skinny jeans for tall women, you’ll need to take a close look at the rise. This is the length between the mid-point of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch. 

Many taller women struggle to find jeans with the right rise. Since they have longer torsos, any standard pair of mid-rise jeans will be woefully short. So instead, scope out mid-rise skinny jeans for tall women at specialty retailers like American Tall, where the rise is designed to accommodate a taller torso. 

Since jeans fit so closely, you’ll want to find a pair that can nip in neatly at your waist while allowing enough space for your hips. On a pair of classic mid-rise tall skinny jeans, you’ll want to ensure both the hip and waist measurements are accurate. You can do this by measuring around your natural waist, then your hips. To find an accurate hip measurement, you’ll want to measure the fullest part of your buttocks, which is usually 1-1.5 inches below your zipper.   


Want to explore the wide variety of tall women's mid-rise skinny jeans that we have available? Shop our full denim collection at American Tall, where we have both mid-rise and high-rise jeans that are specifically designed and tailored for taller women. 

Don’t waste your time trying on jeans that will inevitably be too short. Shop American Tall for high-quality, well-fitting denim for women. 

How to Pick Out the Best Leggings for Tall Women

How to Pick Out the Best Leggings for Tall Women

Once you get up the motivation to work out, nothing should stand in your way. That’s why one of the clothing items that we’re most passionate about at American Tall is women’s tall active leggings. This staple tall women’s clothing item is super-stretchy, and so forgiving that most people believe that their fit doesn’t really matter. However, since it’s a piece that you’ll wear often, shouldn’t it fit you like a glove?

Despite their visual uniformity, leggings have evolved significantly since they first burst on to the fashion scene in the 1950s. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that they become ubiquitous in gyms and dance studios around North America and Europe. From Madonna to Jane Fonda, leggings were everywhere.

Now, leggings make up a critical component of an athleisure wardrobe and can be worn everywhere from the boardroom to the gym. If you don’t wear leggings often, it may be because you simply can’t find a pair of tall women’s active leggings that fit your frame. Leggings should hug your body, but you should never feel like they’ve shrunk in the wash because the hemlines are just too short.

Today, we’ll talk all about leggings, and how tall women can pick out the perfect version of this clothing staple to fit their unique measurements.

Not All Tall Leggings are Created Equal
Since leggings are so easy to make and are popular all over the world, many companies have gotten into the legging game. Unfortunately, not all leggings are created equal. Make sure to look out for some of the following hallmarks of a mediocre pair of leggings.
  • The leggings are see-through, especially in the butt when you bend or stretch.
  • The hemlines are too short and keep riding up.
  • The leggings are made of a soft fabric that pills easily.
  • After a few wears, your leggings have started to sag in the crotch or knees, and they won’t spring back even after you’ve washed them.
  • You feel cold in them, even during mild weather. This is a hallmark of thin leggings made with insubstantial fabric.
What are the Best Leggings for Tall Women?
Now that you know what not to buy, let’s talk about how you can find the best leggings for tall women. The secret is shopping at a dedicated tall women’s clothing retailer. While some big-box retailers offer extended and tall sizes, often these just add extra leg length without considering other measurements.

For tall women, one critical measurement that often gets overlooked is the rise. That’s the distance between the crotch and the waist of a pair of pants. Get it wrong, and you’ll be continually tugging your leggings up as they slip down your hips.

At American Tall, all our measurements, from the inseam to the rise, are all based on the real measurements of tall women. Our Performance Pocket leggings have four-way stretch built into the polyester-spandex fabric blend, plus three convenient pockets so you can store all your essentials. The high-rise fit is made with an extended rise for total comfort, and the inseam is custom-measured for each size to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit.
Another women’s tall active legging that we carry is the Bella Outer-Pocket Tall Legging, which is made for both gym and athleisure wear. They’re made from a stretchy, medium-weight nylon-spandex blend, so they’ll keep you looking great all year round. Don’t want to choose between the two? For just over $100, you can try them both.
Looking for more tall women’s active leggings? Come visit the American Tall shop to see all the pairs we offer.

Finding Beach-Ready Tall Shirts and Long Shorts for Tall Men

Finding Beach-Ready Tall Shirts and Long Shorts for Tall Men

When it comes to a sunny day at the beach, you really want to be prepared. For most tall guys, this means seeking out tall athletic fit t-shirts, or tall shorts that can accommodate their longer limbs. However, what you wear will also depend on the beachside activities that are on the docket for the day.

One of the reasons why beaches are so popular is because of their incredible versatility. Want to enjoy some beach volleyball or another popular beach game like Spikeball with your crew? You can work up a sweat all day, then cool off in the water. However, if you feel more comfortable sipping a cold beverage and reading or even just walking along the boardwalk, that’s great as well. The only thing you’ll need to change is your outfit.

Today, we’ll talk about how tall guys can look cute and stay comfortable at the beach, depending on their beachside activity of choice.

Finding Extra-Long Shorts for Tall Men
Most of the outfits that we’re discussing today involve summer outfit staples like shorts and t-shirts. Finding tall shirts and extra-long shorts for tall men can be a challenge. That’s why we always recommend shopping at a dedicated tall clothing retailer like American Tall. That way, you can buy shirts and long shorts for tall men that will actually fit your measurements.

What to Wear for a Relaxing Beach Day
To start, let’s talk about how tall guys can prepare for a relaxing beach day. Instead of focusing on clothing that looks good but may be more restrictive, opt for pieces that will be both casual and flattering.

Some of our favorites include men’s tall v-neck tee shirts in summery colors like army green or ice blue. Pair those with a relaxed pair of athletic shorts, and you’ve got a great outfit that can withstand hours of lounging. Before you hit the sand, slip on a pair of slides or flip-flops and you’re ready to go.

tall-mens-athletic-shorts tall-mens-slides
What to Wear for an Active Beach Day
There are tons of great outdoor games to play at the beach. However, regardless of what you play, you’re going to want to wear an outfit that can get dirty and sweaty, and still protect you from the elements. Some guys find it easier to play beach games in a bathing suit, so they can go from surf to sand with ease.

On top, opt for a beach tank that will keep you cool, or you can choose a tall athletic-fit t-shirt that will help wick away sweat and keep stinky bacteria at bay.
tall-mens-swimwear tall-mens-swimsuit

What to Wear for Walking and Sightseeing at the Beach
If you’re going to the beach to see and be seen, skip the athletic wear and reach for an outfit that looks pulled together but will still keep you cool. Our favorite choice for this type of outfit is a pair of crisp chino shorts, paired with a loose linen button-up shirt.

Depending on the weather, you can even throw a zip-up sweater or cardigan on top, to help cut the chill of the water. Once you’re done with it, sling it over your shoulders for a true coastal look.

tall-mens-chino-shorts tall-mens-chino-shorts

Find All Your Favorite Tall Clothes for Summer at American Tall
The next time you’re trying to figure out what to wear to the beach, come to American Tall and let us help. We stock tons of tall clothing, from men’s tall v-neck tee shirts to tall chinos, athletic shorts, and more.

Shop online at American Tall to check out our favorite summer staples.

Sizing Jeans for Tall Men

Sizing Jeans for Tall Men

There’s nothing more classic than a pair of jeans. For tall men, finding the right pair can be a Herculean struggle, but today, we’re here to set the record straight.

No one should have to settle for sub-par denim.

When they fit well, jeans can be a game-changing piece of clothing. From the bellbottoms of the 1970s to the JNCO jeans of the 1990s, the style of jeans you choose says a lot about not just your taste, but the way you live your life.

Instead of picking out a pair of tall skinny jeans that doesn’t represent your style, hold out for a pair that actually fits. For taller men, this often means paying attention to minute aspects of fit and shopping at a dedicated tall men’s clothing retailer that can accommodate extended sizing.

Let’s explore the huge variety of tall men’s jeans that are available today, and talk about how to find the best-fitting pair.


Our Favorite Styles of Tall Men’s Jeans
There are many styles of jeans available today, ranging from the skin-tight ultra-skinny to loose and relaxed styles that offer plenty of room to move.

Here are 4 of the most popular styles you should know before you go shopping.

Skinny jeans cling tightly to the skin, and are tapered down to the ankle. These jeans are often made of stretchy denim since they need to be able to move with your body. These tall skinny jeans look great on taller men with long, lean frames, and are very much in style for 2021.

However, be careful to avoid ultra-skinny styles, which can draw unwanted attention to your long legs.

Straight jeans are the workhouse of the jean industry – they’re not too loose, or too tight, with a straight silhouette from hip to ankle. If you want something between a skinny and straight cut, look for slim jeans. They’re more relaxed than skinny jeans but are still tapered down at the ankle.

tall-mens-jeans tall-,mens-jeans


tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

Regular jeans are similar to straight jeans, but offer more room through the leg, along with a wider ankle opening. These are some of the most ubiquitous men’s jeans around and are a great option for most body types.

tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

If you have a wider hip or are just looking for jeans that can stand up to plenty of physical movement, loose jeans are your best bet. This style offers lots of room through the butt, thighs, and even down the ankle.

tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

Fitting Jeans for Tall Men
When it comes to jeans, there are a few measurements to keep in mind when you’re shopping for this tall men’s clothing staple.

Most manufacturers size jeans using waist size and inseam length, which is expressed by using the two measurements with an ‘X’ in between (30x36, for example). However, even if those measurements match yours, it doesn’t guarantee a good fit.

An important aspect of fit to keep in mind is the rise (the distance from waistband to crotch). Many traditional denim manufacturers use the same rise measurements for all their jeans, regardless of whether the inseam is 29 or 36. This can create problems for taller guys. If you have a longer torso, you may need an extended rise measurement.

The other aspect of a jean’s fit that’s important is the break – AKA, where the leg ends. Ideally, the break of your jeans will sit right where your feet begin. With shoes on, the front of the hem should sit at the top of the instep, while the back just hits the floor.


Find the Best Clothes for Tall Men at American Tall
At American Tall, we carry a huge variety of jeans and other clothes for tall men. Check out our full collection, including slim, straight, and relaxed jeans made for extended inseam lengths on our online shop today.

Styling Summer Maxi Dresses for Tall Women

Styling Summer Maxi Dresses for Tall Women

When it comes to summer dresses for tall women, many people assume that shorter dresses are preferred. After all, that’s what most mainstream manufacturers put on billboards and other advertisements. There are tons of amazing tall women’s dresses out there, which look amazing on tall bodies of every shape and size. However, even with all the options available, nothing can beat the versatility of a maxi dress for tall women.

Today, we’ll talk about how maxi dresses came into fashion, and how any tall woman can fit and style the perfect look using a simple maxi dress.

Tall Women’s Clothing History: The Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses came into vogue around 1968, when they were first introduced to the fashion scene by rising star Oscar de la Renta. Initially, they were a reaction against the short mod fashions of the early 1960s, which themselves were a rejection of the modest hemlines of the 1950s.

Although the maxi dress remained popular during the 1960s and 1970s, their popularity declined in the 1980s as grunge fashion became more popular. Their next resurgence wasn’t until the early 2000s, when they were introduced as both a high-fashion and casual choice, with hemlines resting just above the ankle.

To see the endless possibilities available for maxi dresses, just look at a few stills from the Sex and the City reboot, set in Abu Dhabi. Whether you prefer a flowing tiered dress or a more structured maxi, there are tons of options available.

Finding the Best Fitting Maxi Dresses for Tall Women
Finding clothing for tall women can be complicated, but a maxi dress offers endless possibilities, transforming itself based on the accessories you choose.

The only thing that makes a maxi dress a maxi is length – typically, it reaches either to the ankle bones or down to the floor. For taller women, finding a maxi dress that fits can be challenging, since their extended height turns the average off-the-rack maxi dress into a midi.

As with most pieces of tall women’s clothing, the best dresses for tall women often come from specialty retailers like American Tall, who design and manufacture them with taller proportions in mind.

Styling Maxi Dresses for Tall Women
Once you find a well-fitting maxi dress, the possibilities are endless.

tall-womens-maxi-dress tall-womens-maxi-dress

For day looks, focus on maxi dresses made from cotton or a poly-cotton blend. These dresses breathe well in warmer weather and are soft and casual enough to be worn every day. They can be dressed up with formal accessories like a silk scarf or pearl necklace, or dressed down with a denim jacket or complementary cardigan. For evening looks, opt for maxi dresses in a more luxurious fabric like silk, satin, taffeta, or chiffon. Often, these dresses have multiple layers, with a base layer offering coverage while frothy layers of chiffon or lace add drama.

Here are some examples of a few great outfits you can make with a simple maxi dress.

Evening Elegance
For a casual evening look, opt for a black maxi. Even though it’s made of jersey (a more casual fabric) the black color lends it an understated elegance. From there, add on jewelry (there really isn’t anything that doesn’t go with black, so use your imagination) and other accessories.

tall-womens-maxi-dress tall-womens-maxi-dress

Looking for a daytime neutral? We love charcoal as a flexible alternative to black, which can look overly formal during the day. Pair this charcoal maxi dress with a flowy cardigan, chic wedge heels, or even sneakers or colorful flip-flops for an effortless summer look.

tall-womens-maxi-dress tall-womens-maxi-dress

Looking for tall women’s dresses? Our dresses are always made using taller measurements, so you can be confident you’ll find the right piece in our online shop. Come visit us at American Tall to shop dresses, skirts, and all your other favorite types of clothes for tall women today.

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