The Best Summer Outfits for Tall Men: 2023 Style Guide

The Best Summer Outfits for Tall Men: 2023 Style Guide

The sun is out, the beach is calling, and it's time to unleash your summer vibe with a warm-weather wardrobe refresh. Of course, we all know that dressing well goes beyond just style, especially when you're a tall guy. It's about choosing outfits that not only look great but also provide the perfect fit. This summer, upgrade your look with our recommendations for the best summer outfits for tall men in 2023.

At American Tall, our mission is to craft quality clothing specifically designed for tall men ranging from roughly 6' to 7'1". We make no compromises in the quality, design, or fit of our clothes. Because why should you? So, let’s take a look at which summer essentials should be seeing the sun this year.

Essential Summer Outfits for Tall Men

When it comes to summer, it’s all about stepping out with confidence and comfort. That’s why it's critical to have clothing options designed with your height in mind, allowing you to move freely and look fabulous while doing so. That’s why we design clothes for tall men that are made to the proper proportions of your taller frame. Never too short, never too wide, always just right.

At American Tall, we promise you can ditch the droopy shoulders and T-shirts that fit more like belly tops. Our shirts are made with the proper shoulder width for a perfect fit and an extended length to match your extended frame. Our bottoms are made for the taller man, too. Ranging in waist sizes from 28” to 42”, our pants feature an extended rise scaled to taller bodies along with a proper knee placement for a proportionate leg from waist to ankle.

Ready to go shopping? Here are the top summer outfits for tall guys, ready to keep you cool, comfortable, and chic during the hottest months of the year.

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Stylish Shirts and Tops for Tall Men

Extra-long Short Sleeve Shirts

Kick-start your summer style with our latest collection of extra-long short sleeve shirts specifically designed for tall men. Our collection offers button shirts, tees, and polos, each made from high-quality, breathable fabric that moves with you and keeps you cool in the summer heat.

From solid color to simple and refined designs, there’s a look to suit your unique style. What’s more, our selection of extra-tall shirts adds an additional 1.5” to 2” inches in length to ensure you never have to worry about shirts riding up or sleeves feeling too short.

Versatile Tall T-Shirts

Our picks for the best summer outfits for tall men wouldn’t be complete without this staple in every man's wardrobe – T-shirts.

Whether you need a solid base for a fashionable look or just want to keep it casual, our collection of regular- and slim-fit tall T-shirts is designed with added length to provide the best, proportional fit for tall guys. And this season, our collection features fresh summer styles and colors that will keep you looking (and feeling!) cool while you’re out enjoying those long summer days.

For those planning to get their sweat on, be sure to check out our AT Performance tees. Featuring the latest in fabric tech and a modern fit with an edgy look that can level up any casual outfit, these ultra-breathable, lightweight T-shirts are moisture-wicking, quick-drying and antibacterial, ensuring you truly feel your best while looking your best, whether you’re hitting up the workout circuit or the golf course.

Perfect Pants and Shorts for Tall Men

Long Shorts and Swimwear for a Great Fit

Next up in our best summer outfits for tall men are long shorts and swimwear! But choosing the right pair of shorts or swim trunks is no small task, especially when you're over 6'. Enter our collection of extra-long shorts and swimwear.

We understand that it's difficult for tall men to find shorts and swimwear that fit well and aren't too short. That's why we create long shorts and swim trunks specifically for tall guys just like you.

For tall men up to 6’7”, our inseams stand at 10” or 11”, depending on the style of short, and extra tall guys who hit 6’8” to 7’1” will find our shorts feature an 11.5” or 12.5” inseam. This is so that no matter your stature, your pair of American Tall shorts never sits too high or too short, landing just right above the knee.

Available in popular fabrics and styles, from French terry, linen and AT performance fabric to chino, cargo and twill, our shorts will have you looking good and feeling confident whether you’re at the dock or out to dinner. And for those looking for a truly timeless appeal, don't miss out on our best tall men's chino shorts, providing a great fit and an elevated, classic style.

But of course, summer wouldn’t be summer without some time well spent in the water. Our line of swim shorts, designed for seamless wear from pool to poolside to patio, hits above the knee and tailors to flatter your frame without billowing at the leg and hip. Choose from a variety of timeless designs, fun prints or classic colors and get ready to make a splash.

Comfortable Tall Summer Pants

Summer is all about comfort, and our selection of lightweight, cozy pants for tall men is equal parts functional and stylish. Breathable, durable and with a bit of stretch, our line of men’s tall summer pants is designed to provide the perfect fit and every style is offered in tall and extra tall inseam lengths from 36” to 40”.

Available in stretch twill cargo pants, straight-leg or tapered chinos, traveler pants and more, we offer a variety of pant styles and fabrics perfect for those cooler, breezy summer nights or warm sunny days. Whether your summer is spent travelling the world, hitting up the local market or sitting by the bonfire, it's all about living your life on your terms, and your wardrobe should be no different.

Large Size Slides for Summer

Rounding out our picks for the top summer outfits for tall men is, of course, summer footwear, and no summer outfit is complete without the perfect pair of slides. Casual yet sleek, embrace the quintessential summer accessory with our classic branded black slides.

Top and bottom view of American Tall branded black slides with the white giraffe logo on the top and on the underside of the slides.


Hoodies Designed for Tall Men

Unpredictable weather? Sounds like summer! Even in the hottest months, you should be prepared for cooler nights or sudden showers.

Our latest collection of hoodies for tall men has you sorted. From pullovers to zip-up hoodies, we've got a solid selection of styles and colors to keep you warm when the temperature dips, and dry when the rain hits.

Fit Check! Bring the Heat by Looking Your Best with American Tall's Top Summer Outfits for Tall Men

Our commitment at American Tall is to create clothing that empowers you to look and feel your best – without compromise. And with the right size and fit, your summer wardrobe can quickly become a source of confidence and self-expression.

So this season, protect yourself from the sun, stay cool, and most importantly, feel great in some of our best summer outfits for tall men, designed especially for you. Explore our summer lookbook and find fresh fashion looks today!

Remember, your height is your pride, and we're here to celebrate it. So, here's to a summer spent in style!

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