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How to Wear Our Favorite Workout Clothes for Tall Women

How to Wear Our Favorite Workout Clothes for Tall Women

When it comes to exercising, there’s no one-size-fits-all outfit that works for every occasion. The best workout clothes for tall women are designed to be versatile, so they can be used in a variety of configurations and mixed-and-matched depending on the activity. What works for a gentle stroll might not work for an intense gym workout, and vice versa.

However, regardless of the activity you’re using them for, your workout gear should always be well made and sized appropriately for your frame. Women’s sweatpants in tall sizes aren’t always available at conventional retailers, which can lead to frustration as you try to find a pair that fits your long legs.  

tall-womens-joggers tall-womens-joggers

Don’t give in to frustration! We’ve got plenty of workout gear, including tanks, tees, and women’s sweatpants in tall sizes at American Tall. Today, we’ll show you how to build an appropriate outfit for your next workout using some of our favorite products.

Active Outfits Inspired by the Best Workout Clothes for Tall Women
Most people think of their workout gear as stretchy, flexible, and accommodating. While it’s true that workout clothes have plenty of give, they can feel quite restrictive if you don’t have the right size. Take women’s joggers, for example – this garment should cinch in at the ankle, but that doesn’t mean it should feel as short as a pair of capri pants. 

In addition to finding the right size garment, you should always try to find the best fabrics for each occasion. For example – if you’re anticipating an intense, sweaty workout, opt for workout clothes made from a synthetic performance material like spandex or Tencel that can wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Here are some of our top outfit recommendations for your next workout.

Cotton Leggings
If you’re going for a light workout or even a quick walk around the block, you need a pair of our tall cotton leggings. These are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which allows them to move with your body without pulling or pinching. These would be perfect for yoga, Pilates, or any other activity where flexibility is key. They can be worn indoors 365 days of the year, or outdoors in the spring, summer, or fall.   

tall-womens-cotton-leggings tall-womens-cotton-leggings

Bella Outer Pocket Leggings
Looking for a pair of leggings that can keep you cool and dry through the most intense workouts? Our Bella outer pocket tall leggings are the perfect choice for your next Zumba class, hot yoga session, or any workout in between. They’re made from a blend of nylon and spandex, which offers tons of flexibility while they work hard to wick moisture away from your skin.  

tall-womens-leggings tall-womens-leggings

American Tall Fleece Lined Joggers for Tall Women
Running in the fall and winter months requires a bit more preparation. If you don’t keep your muscles warm, you’re at much greater risk of injury. Plus, it just feels exhausting to have to work against muscle fatigue the whole time.

For outdoor runs and other cold-weather activities, try our crowd-pleasing French Terry Joggers for Tall Women.

tall-womens-joggers tall-womens-joggers

Warmup Jackets
Even going from the car to the gym in cold weather can quickly cool your muscles down, raising your risk of an injury. To stay warm and stylish at the gym, opt for our new warmup jacket. The performance fabric and convenient zipper help to keep your body warm and flexible before, during, and after a workout.


Athletic Tees and Tanks
Our versatile collection of athletic tees and tanks offer something for everyone! They’re great for any gym workout or exercise class, but they’re also fashionable enough to be worn as a pop of color in an everyday outfit. Stock up on a few of your favorites today! 

tall-womens-tee tall-womens-tank

Want to learn more about the athletic gear we have in stock? Explore our whole collection and shop your favorites today.



The Best Extra Tall Men’s Winter Coats

The Best Extra Tall Men’s Winter Coats

Once the weather gets colder, style tends to take a back seat to function. While there are some tall men’s parkas and other coats that can be accessorized to look stylish, most of us are too focused on staying warm to worry too much about how we look.
Despite the challenges of staying stylish during the winter months, it is possible to find extra tall men’s winter coats that offer a sleek and elegant look without breaking the bank. These coats are sized specifically for a taller man’s frame, with generous measurements that ensure you’ll never have cold wrists again.

Today, we’ll show you how to find the best winter coats for tall men, and offer some style secrets to help ensure you’re always dressed appropriately for both the occasion and the weather.

The Secret to Stylish Winter Outerwear
The trick to dressing well for any winter occasion is having outerwear to match. Typically, this means that you’ll need to purchase more than one coat. Some are appropriate for evening wear, while on other occasions you’ll need a parka or a puffer if you’re hitting the ski slopes or going for casual drinks in sub-zero weather.
Instead of trying to purchase everything all at once, start with a few multi-purpose winter coats, then expand as your needs change. For example, if you’ve recently signed on for a new job with lots of client dinners and elegant social occasions in your future, you may want to invest in a formal peacoat or overcoat, rather than a puffer jacket, which is more appropriate for casual outdoor gatherings.

The Best Winter Coats for Tall Men Available at American Tall
Wondering what coat is the most appropriate for your next social event? Not to worry! We’ll show you some of the most popular extra tall men’s winter coats we sell at American Tall and offer some examples of how and when to wear them for maximum effect.

The Best Parka for Tall Men
We love our tall men’s parkas, which we created in partnership with Point Zero. From the sizing to the materials, we think it’s really the best parka for tall men.

tall-mens-parka tall-mens-parka tall-mens-parka
Each parka is made from a shell of ripstop polyester, which is windproof so it protects your body from gusts of cold air. On the inside, a polar fleece lining keeps you warm without allowing your body to overheat. These are great for any really cold day or prolonged outdoor activity since they can protect against temperatures as low as 30° below zero.
Medium-Weight Puffer Jacket
Our medium-weight puffer jackets are a great option for a slightly warmer winter day, as they’re lighter than our parkas. The hood, water-resistant shell, and elasticized cuffs and hem all work together to prevent drafts from getting in, so they’re the perfect 3-season coat. The American Tall puffer is an ideal daytime coat for any casual occasion.
tall-mens-puffer-jacket tall-mens-puffer-jacket tall-mens-puffer-jacket tall-mens-puffer-jacket
Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket
Even in the middle of winter, there’s the occasional warm day that requires a lighter coat than a parka or puffer. That’s where our Sherpa-lined denim jackets shine.
The authentic stonewashed cotton denim combined with cozy Sherpa fleece lining and collar make this a stylish option for any cool winter day.
tall-mens-denim-sherpa-jacket tall-mens-denim-sherpa-jacket
Find the Best Winter Coats for Tall Men at American Tall
Don’t go into the winter season with cold wrists! The team at American Tall believes that everyone deserves a coat that fits them well. That’s why we’re so passionate about the clothing options we offer to tall folks everywhere. No matter the weather, you can always find a stylish winter coat at American Tall.

Shop online today to check out our full outerwear lines for both men and women.

The American Tall Gift Guide: Tall Joggers, Jeans, Shirts, and More

The American Tall Gift Guide: Tall Joggers, Jeans, Shirts, and More

It’s so special to be able to buy a friend or family member clothes that they love. It shows that you pay attention to their needs and can understand their personal style. This attention to detail will not soon be forgotten.

However, can you remember the last time it felt easy to buy clothes for your tall loved ones?

Despite your best efforts to find well-fitting clothes for your tall friends and family, you’ll soon come to realize something that they’ve known for years: it’s a big challenge to find tall jeans, shirts, or even jackets that fit!

To help make your gifting experience that much easier, today we’ve gathered a few ideas that will make amazing holiday or birthday gifts the next time you need some inspiration.

Athletic Wear: Tall Joggers, Tanks, and More
Help your loved ones hit the gym in style with American Tall athletic wear. For women, we offer chic matching sweats that come with both tall joggers and two choices of tops – a pullover hoodie and a stylish half-zip.

For men, you can help them stay cozy during their next workout with our 80-20 French terry tall joggers, or our fashionable athletic stripe pants. These tall sweats are perfectly at home at the gym but can easily be worn on the go.
Matching Tall Shirts + Tall Sweaters
Another great way to help your loved ones stay cozy is with our tall shirts and matching sweaters. This subtle coordination makes even your rainy day work-from-home outfit look polished and put together.
tall-womens-outfit tall-womens-outfit
We’ve worked hard to make sure the colors of our tall t-shirts match well with our sweatshirts, regardless of which style they prefer. You can choose from ribbed tees within our tall shirts for women or opt for a tall athletic short sleeve v-neck. And don’t think we’ve let women have all the fun! All our hoodies and tall sweaters for men are also designed to coordinate with our tees.

Tall Jeans for Men and Women
Denim is one of the most versatile clothing pieces out there. While buying denim for someone else can be risky, there are a few ways that you can ensure a well-fitting gift.

First, think about their habits. Do they like to dress up, or are most of their outings casual? From there, you can pick the right wash. Dark washes work best for evening, while light wash denim is great for everyday wear.

We carry tall jeans for both men and women, with current available inseams up to 40”. With multiple washes and our extensive range of inseams, it’s easy to find the perfect pair.
American Tall - Womens-Tall-Denim American Tall - Womens-Tall-Denim American Tall -Mens-Tall-Denim
Button-Up Shirts
Whether your loved one is going back to the office or just needs a polished shirt or two to wear on date nights, we offer a ton of different styles of button-up and dressy shirts for both men and women.
tall-womens-shirts tall-mens-shirts tall-shirts

Do they gravitate towards touchably cozy flannels or beautifully drapey Tencel shirts? There’s something for everyone at American Tall.

Tall Jackets and Outerwear
Have you ever heard your loved ones complain that they can never find a jacket that fits, or that their wrists are continually exposed in cold weather? No one wants to handle the bitter winds of winter without the proper outerwear.
tall-womens-pufferjacket tall-mens-puffer tall-mens-parka
We carry a variety of tall jackets for men and women, ranging from classic denim jackets to 3-season puffer coats and winter parkas that will keep their wrists and midriff covered all winter long.

Not sure about your loved one’s style or size? We carry gift cards in denominations ranging from $25 to $200. Shop online today to see our full collection.

Where to Find the Best Joggers for Tall People

Where to Find the Best Joggers for Tall People

Looking for the best joggers for tall people? This may seem like an easy task, but we know first-hand that it can be extremely challenging.

Whether you’re looking for women’s tall size joggers or just a pair of men’s joggers that are long enough to fit a guy who’s over 6’3”, it may surprise you how hard it can be to source a well-fitting pair of these comfy lounge pants.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll explain the difference between regular joggers and their taller alternatives, then show you some of the best joggers for tall women and men that we’ve got in stock right now at American Tall.

Fitting Men’s and Women’s Tall Size Joggers
When it comes to fit, there’s one measurement that matters most when it comes to joggers – inseam. This measurement, which is most popularly used when measuring for jeans, is unique to each person and cannot be standardized.

To measure your inseam, you’ll need a tape measure and a pair of helping hands (if you can find them). Start by standing up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Do not wear shoes.

Take your tape measure, and have your helper hold the end of it on the ground right where your foot meets the floor. Then, run the tape measure up the inside of your leg until it hits the inner part of your crotch where your leg meets your torso. That is your inseam measurement. If it’s not a full number, you can round up, usually to the nearest half-inch.

Now that you have your inseam measurement, you can use it to find a pair of joggers that fits you perfectly.

Joggers for Tall Slim Guys
Men’s medium tall joggers tend to fit closer to the ankle, making it easy to find a well-fitting pair using your inseam measurement. Our favorite joggers for tall slim guys from American Tall fit an inseam ranging from 34” to 40”. Plus, they’re generously sized, offering flexibility with extra fabric at the ankles, ensuring your comfortable pants never look messy.

Each pair of our men’s medium tall joggers is made from our favorite cozy 80-20 cotton-poly blend, a pre-shrunk fabric that’s brushed on the inside so they’re always soft against your skin. You can choose from 8 available colors, ranging from neutrals like khaki and grey to vibrant shades of blue and maroon.
tall-mens-joggers tall-mens-joggers
American Tall’s Best Joggers for Tall Women
Our favorite women’s tall size joggers are also made from soft fabric, but this time we’ve used our 100% cotton French Terry. Even though they’re cut in a flattering slim silhouette, these classic joggers offer plenty of stretch and flexibility, thanks to the shrinkage-controlled fabric and thick ribbed waistband.

Our women’s joggers are cut a bit higher up the ankle than the men’s, so if you’re using your inseam measurement to find the right pair, you may want to subtract an inch or even two, depending on where you like your cuffs to sit.
tall-womens-joggers tall-womens-joggers
Find the Best Joggers for Tall People at American Tall
The worst thing you can do when you’re buying joggers is opt for a pair that sits up too high or too low on the ankle.

Too high, and you’ll look like your pair got shrunk in the wash. Too low, and it’ll add bulk to your ankle, get in the way of your movements, and make you look like you’re wearing a too-large pair of sweats.

You can always find the best joggers for tall people at American Tall. We specialize in tall clothing, and always have new items coming into stock. Explore our full collection today.

Sizing Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys

Sizing Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys

It’s a Sunday morning. There’s a chill in the air, and you’re settling in for a long day of watching sports, puttering around in the kitchen, or playing video games. What do you wear to make sure you’re cozy and comfortable all day long? If you’re anything like us, the answer is always a men’s extra tall hoodie.

The hoodie sweater originated in the early 20th century as a garment that could protect New York City factory workers from chilly temperatures on the factory floor during the winter. Soon, they were being made for high school athletes to wear as they waited on the sidelines for their turn to compete during cold weather.

It didn’t take long for the hoodie to turn from a utilitarian garment into a true fashion staple. Even though they began as a mainstream article of clothing (and who is more all-American than a high school athlete?), they were quickly embraced by a diverse range of communities, including skaters, punks, and rappers. Huge musical acts like the Wu-Tang Clan were known both for their music and their style, which primarily consisted of hoodies and Timberlands.

Despite this rich and complex history, these garments have largely stayed the same. This is a boon to enthusiasts, but unfortunate for those who just can’t fit into a standard size. That’s where men’s extra tall hoodies come in.

Are Tall Slim-Fit Hoodies Just Longer?
Hoodies are such a universal item of clothing, and we believe there should be options available for anyone who wants to wear one. That’s why we’ve developed a line of hoodies for tall skinny guys available only at American Tall.

Our men’s tall size hoodies aren’t just longer. All their measurements are designed with a taller guy’s proportions in mind to ensure that both the torso length and arm length fit with comfort and accuracy.

To ensure we offer options that will appeal to everyone, we’ve developed two unique styles – one with a zip, and one without.

Men’s Tall Size Hoodies
Looking for a classic tall slim-fit hoodie? We’ve designed and tweaked our classic version until it’s absolutely perfect. From the sturdy-yet-soft 80-20 French terry fabric to the generous kangaroo pocket on the front, our hoodie is designed to be the ultimate loungewear staple.Plus, every measurement is calculated to fit the needs of a tall guy, from the length to the generously proportional hood. With 8 colors available, it’s not hard to pick out one that will be the perfect match for your wardrobe.

tall-mens-hoodie tall-mens-hoodie

Men’s Tall 80-20 French Terry Full Zip Hoodies
If you prefer your hoodies to be a bit more versatile, or if you just have a killer t-shirt collection you want to show off, opt for our tall zip hoodies. Each is made from sumptuously soft 80-20 cotton and polyester French terry, with soft brushed loops that sit against your skin to offer both comfort and warmth.
Plus, to fit with every wardrobe, we’ve developed a range of colors from maroon to grey to ensure that your hoodie always looks like a part of your outfit, not a last-minute addition.

Shop Our Favorite Tall Sweatshirts at American Tall
Looking to add a new tall slim-fit hoodie to your wardrobe? At American Tall, we have a variety of sweaters and sweatshirts that are the perfect addition to any fall and winter wardrobe. The soft French terry fabric gives you the perfect amount of softness and strength, so they’ll last for years to come. Plus, we carry a complementary line of sweatpants so you can build a matching set.

Shop online at American Tall today to pick out your next favorite hoodie.

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