Making Better Fashion Choices When Shopping for Tall Men’s Clothing

Making Better Fashion Choices When Shopping for Tall Men’s Clothing

Despite the wealth of tall clothing options available today, it’s still surprisingly easy to make a fashion faux pas. It happens to the best of us. These little mistakes can quickly turn a fantastic, well-designed outfit into something amateurish, ridiculous, or even inappropriate.

Some of the most common fashion faux pas have been well documented. These include everything from letting your pants pool over your shoes to wearing athletic clothing when you’re not on the links, on the court, or about to walk into a gym. All these fashion faux pas apply to tall guys as well, but it doesn’t end there.

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When you’re tall and slim, there are additional fashion choices that you’ll have to keep in mind when you’re getting dressed and when you’re searching for the right pieces of tall men’s clothing.

Fortunately, with some help, it’s easy to find tall clothing for men that fits well and looks stylish so that you can avoid these fashion mistakes. After all, making an outfit memorable is about more than just the clothes you wear. It’s also about how you carry yourself, and well-fitting clothing is a great place to start.

What Looks Good on Tall, Slim Guys?
When you’re tall and slim, there are many ways to ensure you’re picking the right clothing.

First, look at the fit. Regular and extra tall men’s clothing is sized proportionally for a tall frame. Make sure each piece fits every part of your body, starting with your limbs and moving inward to your torso and trunk.

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From there, play with textures and patterns that break up the length of your frame. Accessories like a vest, scarf, or even a light jacket add visual interest and create a more dynamic silhouette.

Make These Fashion Choices When You Shop Tall Clothing for Men

By making smarter fashion choices when you’re shopping for tall clothes for men, you can ensure you’re less likely to commit a fashion faux pas. Here are some of our most useful tips for what you should choose and what to avoid.

Pick this: Small patterns

Not: Large prints

On taller guys, larger patterns like those in Hawaiian shirts tend to make us look like giant, walking billboards. Fortunately, you don’t need to skip patterns entirely. Just keep them small, like the blue flowers on our favorite soft-wash button-up shirt.



Pick this: The v-neck

Not: The deep v-neck


We all believe that you have lovely chest hair – you don’t have to show us. A great v-neck tee offers a bit of flexibility at the neck without giving the general public a full view of your pecs. For taller guys, make sure you find a great v-neck tee that isn't too short.

Pick this: The bomber jacket
Not: The Windbreaker

Bomber jackets help add visual interest to an outfit, and are both casual and comfortable. Stay away from retro 90s windbreakers, which make any guy look like they jumped straight out of Saved by the Bell.

American-Tall-Bomber Jacket American-Tall-Bomber-Jacket

Pick this: Faded jeans
Not: Frayed jeans

If you’re looking for jeans with a bit of flair, pick ones with a great fade rather than those with artistically engineered frays. Those are more appropriate for a concert or beach setting, not every day.

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