Choosing the Best Leggings for Tall Women

Choosing the Best Leggings for Tall Women

When it comes to timeless, functional, and stylish pieces of clothing, nothing ticks more boxes than a great pair of leggings. For tall women, leggings are even more flattering, subtly drawing attention to your long, lean legs.

Like many pieces of clothing, leggings were originally worn by men but exploded in popularity among women after the invention of Lycra in 1958. After that, leggings were easier to put on and more flattering to wear, and by the 1970s they were everywhere.

Even though they’re both fun and functional, picking out the right material and getting the right size can be a challenge, especially when your legs are longer than average. Let’s explore how to pick out tall leggings that are flattering no matter your size.

Getting the Right Fit on Leggings for Tall Women

Leggings are pretty simple, so there are only a few aspects of fit that need to be kept in mind. The first is the length. Most leggings come in either full-length, which should cover down to the ankle, or cropped. In 2021, most cropped leggings hit anywhere from mid-calf to just above the ankle bone. If they ride up higher than mid-calf, they’re too short.

Since leggings are typically made from stretchy fabrics like lycra, nylon, or polyester, getting leggings that fit isn’t difficult. However, be careful to ensure there’s enough stretch to be comfortable without pulling the fabric until it’s see-through.

Leggings made from organic fabrics like cotton or modal will be comfortable, but they won’t be as skin-tight as those made from synthetics or performance fabrics. These are usually the most flattering fabrics for leggings.

Where to Buy Tall Leggings
If you’re taller, you’ll want to shop for leggings at a store that offers extended lengths and constructs their leggings according to taller measurements. Some leggings that are longer than average may appear to fit a taller lady, but extended measurements in the waist and rise are important as well. It’s these measurements that will keep your leggings from feeling like they’re riding up or constantly constricting at the waist.

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Our Favorite Tall Leggings Styles
At American Tall, we stock a variety of leggings that are made with tall women’s measurements in mind. Here are some of our favorites.

Bella Outer Pocket Tall Women’s Leggings
These medium weight leggings are designed to be versatile, with a slim fit thanks to the nylon and spandex fabric. They’re breathable, so they won’t feel heavy or sweaty, regardless of whether you’re working hard at the gym or just piled under blankets on the couch at home. In classic black, navy, and charcoal, they’ll go with everything.

womens-tall-leggings womens-tall-leggings

Performance Pocket Leggings
Made with a high-performance mix of polyester and spandex, these performance pocket leggings for tall women are designed for women with an active lifestyle. With 4-way stretch and compression throughout, it’s easy to feel comfortable at the gym, on a run, or during any sports game. Plus, the side pockets and zippered waistband pocket make it easy to keep items like your keys and phone secure while you’re on the go.


Shop Leggings for Tall Women at American Tall
Make sure your leggings fit comfortably and last for years by buying them from a retailer who knows how to fit tall frames. At American Tall, we pride ourselves on the fit and quality of every piece that leaves our facility.

Shop online to try out some of our favorite tall women’s clothing pieces today.