Style Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Tall Men’s Clothing

Style Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Tall Men’s Clothing

Shopping for clothes is hard enough these days. Add in the fact that you’re over 6 feet, and things get even trickier. Slim and tall men’s clothing isn’t readily available at most mall and big-box retailers, leaving taller guys no choice but to make do with whatever they can find. Often, it doesn’t represent their style, leaving them looking bland and feeling uninspired when the time comes to get dressed in the morning.

Fortunately, with the rise of online retailers like American Tall, it’s a lot easier to find clothing for tall men, even if you don’t have great style instincts. Shopping online is a critical step to finding tall men’s clothing that isn’t boring and bland. However, this requires you to think carefully before you purchase, to make sure you’re not wasting time and money on clothing that doesn’t flatter your frame.

Today, we’ll explore some of the style mistakes that tall guys make most often, and help you discover what clothes look best.

Avoid These Style Mistakes When Shopping for Clothing for Tall Men
When it comes to style, there are no hard-and-fast rules. What looks amazing on one guy may look terrible on another, while some unicorns have the confidence to carry off just about any piece of clothing. By reading through these common style mistakes, you can learn what errors may be holding you back from looking your best.

1. Clothes that don’t fit
When tall men’s clothing is hard to find, a lot of taller guys try and make do with what they can find at the mall. This leads to shirts that fit through the torso, but are way too short in the cuffs, or pants that end well above the ankle. Nothing makes you look more inept than showing up to a party or important meeting looking like an awkward preteen that’s just grown out of his clothes.

2. Buying big-and-tall clothes
If the only option you have for tall clothing is from a big-and-tall retailer, many guys will try valiantly to make it work. Unfortunately, these styles don’t work for guys who are tall and slim. The clothes will hang off your frame, making your outfit look sloppy.

3. Your prints are too big
Lots of taller guys are scared of prints, and worry that they’ll look like a walking billboard if they choose something other than plain colors. Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To look your best, just remember to choose tall clothing in smaller prints, and avoid larger motifs. The diamond pattern on one of our favorite button-up shirts is a great example of a great all-over pattern that won’t overwhelm your larger frame.

mens-tall-dress-shirt-pattern tall-mens-dress-shirt-pattered


What Looks Good on Tall Guys?

Now that you know what style mistakes to avoid, focus on filling your closet with well-fitting staples like great jeans, button-up shirts that actually fit, and a few different casual jackets.


mens -tall-jacket

Jackets in particular are great for tall skinny guys because they help break up the long lines of your frame, adding visual interest as well as stylish flair.


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