American Tall’s 2021 Cold Weather Style Guide

American Tall’s 2021 Cold Weather Style Guide

It’s a universal truth that the majority of rational human beings hate cold weather. Sure, there are those who love winter sports, and have learned to accept snow, ice, and sleet as the cost of enjoying their favorite pastimes. However, most people flip the calendar to December, and immediately begin wondering “How do you stay warm and cute when it’s -10° outside?”

If you’re tall, this task gets even more difficult. Many of the best jackets, cozy pants, and other cold weather gear simply wasn’t made to fit a taller-than-average frame. Besides looking silly, this design flaw also leaves wrists and ankles vulnerable to the cold and wind.

To help you learn how to stay both warm and fashionable in winter’s low temps, let’s consult some of our style experts.

Staying Stylish in the Extreme Cold
There are lots of ways to stay stylish in extremely cold weather. One of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success is to buy well-made, high-quality pieces of clothing that can protect against colder temps.

Wool is a great material since it keeps heat in while allowing sweat and other moisture to escape. Cotton, especially fabric with a thick weave like flannel, is great as well. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics like viscose or rayon. Not only do they not insulate well, these fabrics also trap moisture, making you unpleasantly sweaty if you do manage to get your body temperature up.

Key Pieces for Cold Weather
Now that you know what fabrics work best in cold weather, let’s talk about a few of our favorite cold weather staples.

Puffer Jackets
Puffer jackets for tall men and women are a great top layer in winter. These jackets have a slim silhouette that hides a surprisingly large amount of warm insulation inside a water-resistant shell.


Standard-length puffer jackets are typically too short for taller guys and gals, but American Tall has a line of medium-weight puffer jackets that are designed with longer arms, as well as a longer torso, to keep you warm all winter long.

tall-mens-outdoor-puffer-jacker tall-mens-puffer-jacket

Tall Sweaters
Need to dress fancy for a party or event in the winter? A neat and stylish sweater, sized for a tall frame, is a great choice. Fitted without being too fitted, these stylish tall sweaters are soft while still offering tons of warmth. For an evening out, pick a darker color like burgundy, navy, or black.

tall-mens-sweater tall-mens-sweater

Base Layers
Base layers are incredibly important during the winter months. A great base layer sits right next to your skin and is tight enough that it can be worn underneath a sweater, hoodie, or jacket without making you look untidy. For guys, our tall men’s henleys are a great pick.


Everyone deserves warm loungewear that they can fall into at the end of a long day. For men and women alike, our hoodies are a crowd-pleasing favorite.

tall-womens-sweat-suit tall-womens-sweat-suit

Our tall women’s oversized hoodies are available in a variety of colors, including charcoal, navy, and merlot. These garment-dyed hoodies are medium-heavy weight, with a kangaroo pocket for your phone, and generously sized hood to keep your head and neck toasty warm.

Our men’s hoodies aren’t as oversized, but still have tons of lounging potential.


Find the Best Tall Sweaters and Other Winter Favorites at American Tall
There are lots of ways to stay comfortable and stylish this winter, but all of them start with finding high-quality clothes that actually fit.

To get started shopping for your cold-weather favorites, visit American Tall. We stock plenty of options for tall men and women of all shapes and sizes.