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What is LT Size and XLT Size? Your Tall Size Guide

How old were you when you started buying clothes for yourself? Can you remember how hard it was to decipher the different sizes and figure out which t-shirt or pair of jeans would actually fit?

Unfortunately, what is a small in one brand is sometimes a medium or even a large in another. There’s an annoying lack of standardization in clothing sizes today, making it tricky to decide what to buy, especially if you’re shopping online.

It can get even more complex with tall brands. After all, who knows what LT size is, or what XL tall means? Picking the right size can be challenging, especially when height and length are added to the equation. However, if height isn’t considered, that’s when you wind up with a t-shirt that shows your belly or jean cuffs that hang 2 inches above the ground.

We’re here today to simplify tall sizing for you. American Tall offers clothing in a wide range of sizes from small tall to 2XL extra tall, and we want to make sure that picking the right size is easy.

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The History of Clothing Sizes

First, let’s talk briefly about how we ended up with standard clothing sizes.

In the United States, attempts at clothing standardization began during the Civil War, when scores of new recruits needed to be fitted for a uniform. Officers took measurements from incoming soldiers and developed a few average sizes that would suit most people.

Man wearing black jeans and sherpa lined denim jacket by American Tall Woman wearing blue jeans and matching jean jacket by American Tall

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the numbered system of clothing sizes became popular across the country. These numbers started at size 8 and ended at size 42. This was used in some part until the next significant change came in the 1970s and 1980s – vanity sizing. This involved adding numbers below 8, including 00, to make the clothing size numbers appear smaller and more appealing to customers.

Soon after, alpha sizing (using the letters S, M, L) became the norm for many clothing brands, especially those offering stretchy or loose clothing. These alpha sizes are an amalgam of several numerical sizes, and were intended to make clothes shopping even more straightforward.

Tall Sizing Explained

Since there’s so much variation between brands, the best thing you can do to ensure well-fitting clothes is measure your body and check it against the size chart for every item of clothing you want to buy.

At American Tall, each piece of clothing we offer has its own size chart on the item’s webpage. We also offer all of our size charts in plain text here.

Our sizes are based on not only the alpha size but also the individual’s height. Instead of only basing our sizes on one measurement (typically chest or inseam), we add other measurements to help you determine how something will fit.

For example, for slim-fit long sleeve shirts, we note the chest measurement (in inches) as well as the body and sleeve lengths.

Woman wearing black jeans and blouse. Image text: inseams up to 37" Man wearing khakis and button shirt. Image text: inseams up to 40"

Keep reading to see a breakdown of some of our most popular sizes and how you can make sure it’s the right one for you.

What is S Tall?

What does S Tall mean? S Tall, or small tall, is a size that is roughly equivalent to a standard small size but made for a taller person.

This means that while the chest or hip measurement might be similar to a traditional small, the length and other measurements are likely larger to accommodate a taller frame. 

What is LT Size?

LT is an abbreviation that stands for large tall. It means that the clothing item is the equivalent of a size large that’s made specifically for taller people. Wondering what LT tall means? If you see this, it’s the same as LT size.

What is XLT Size?

Just like LT, XLT is a size extra-large made for tall people. It stands for extra-large tall. If you see XL tall and wonder what XL tall means, it can be used interchangeably with XLT.

Two women standing with height range callouts: clothing for women 5'9" to 6'6" Two men standing. Height range callouts: clothing for men 6'3" to 7'1"

What is Medium or Large Extra-Tall?

In addition to offering standard tall sizes, we also provide extra-tall sizing available in small extra tall (SXT) to 3XL extra tall (3XLT).

These garments have similar measurements to our standard tall sizes but typically come with 2-3 extra inches of length. If you’re a really tall person, these extra inches help ensure our garments will always fit well and feel comfortable.  

3 Tips for Picking Well-Fitting Clothes

Even with detailed size charts, finding the right size for your body can be tricky. Here are some tips to help make things easier.

1. Have someone help you take your measurements. Your helper can make sure your tape measure isn’t crooked or inaccurate, ensuring you have accurate measurements you can use to compare to size charts.

2. Think about how you want the garment to fit. One aspect of size that people often don’t consider is ease, which is how loose or tight you want your clothing to be. A slouchy sweater may have +12 inches of ease, while a tight-fitting tank top might have -2 inches of ease to ensure it clings to your curves.

3. Consider the material. When you look at the clothing description, take note of the material and its characteristics. Fabrics like Lycra and polyester are much stretchier than denim or linen.


Find Clothes that Fit at American Tall

At American Tall, our goal is to offer well-fitting, flattering, and stylish clothes to tall men and women. Have a question about our sizing? You can always reach out to our customer service team to learn more.