A Guide to Sizing Tall Clothing

A Guide to Sizing Tall Clothing

Growing up tall can be a challenge. Even if you came to your height later in your adolescence, you’ll know the struggles of trying to find clothes that fit your frame. Tall clothing isn’t necessarily easy to find in every mall or big-box retailer, and if you’re over 6’3” (or 5’9” for women), your needs are different than most people of average height.

Tall clothing for women and men might be harder to size correctly, but once you find it, there are a few steps you can take to ensure it fits well and flatters your shape. There’s nothing worse than going around looking disheveled because your pants don’t cover your ankles, or your too-large shirt is billowing around your waist. Stop buying clothes that are too short for your extended frame. 

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Today, we’ll guide you through sizing tall clothing, and talk about how to find the best options in stores and online.

What’s Considered Tall in Men’s and Women’s Clothing?
When it comes to tall clothing, we’re talking about anything that isn’t available in the standard sizes in most retailers. Many brands have recently started to expand their offerings, making their clothing available in ‘not so tall’ and tall sizes to fit consumers that fall outside of the average range.

This inclusive movement goes a long way towards building a bigger customer base for those brands, but clothing made by these popular retailers isn’t always a great fit for their taller customers. Here’s why.

Sizing Tall Men’s Clothing


When designing and sizing tall men’s clothing, it’s about more than just lengthening the sleeves and pant legs and calling it a day. These clothes, which are designed to fit guys over 6’3”, should be made to accommodate a difference in physical shape as well as height.

For example, many tall guys with a solid build find that their thighs don’t fit into jeans that they buy from the mall, or are too uncomfortably tight to wear on a regular basis. The best tall clothing for guys is sized so that all of their physical proportions are taken into account.

At American Tall, we’ve taken our dedication to sizing one step further, and have developed a line of tall apparel consisting of a full size range in both tall and extra tall options. That way, there’s something for every body shape.

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Sizing Tall Clothing for Women


Just like tall men, it can be difficult for tall women to nail the sizing on their favorite pieces of clothing. Tall women’s clothing must fit a frame that isn’t just taller but is often broader in several key places like the shoulders, waist, and thighs.

All of our clothing for women is engineered so that every dimension fits a taller woman’s frame. That includes typical measurements like the sleeves and pant lengths, as well as extended body lengths (go ahead, tuck in that shirt!), and proportional armholes and shoulder lengths.


Shop Our Favorite Tall Clothing for Men and Women at American Tall
At American Tall, our clothing is designed to fit and flatter every aspect of a taller frame. You won’t need to worry about the little minute problems that make your mall-brand clothing feel so unflattering, like too-tight pant legs or an armhole that’s annoying small.

Don’t put up with clothes that just don’t fit. Shop online at American Tall today.