Tall Size Guide: Tall Sizes vs Regular Women’s & Men’s

Tall Size Guide: Tall Sizes vs Regular Women’s & Men’s

Welcome to the world of tall fashion, where every stitch and seam is crafted with your unique frame in mind! At American Tall, we understand the challenges of being taller than average. It's not just about adding a few inches here and there – it's about creating clothes that celebrate your height and empower you to look and feel spectacular. Let's dive into the art of sizing for tall men and women and discover how American Tall is revolutionizing tall fashion with our American Tall size guide.

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Understanding Tall Sizes vs Regular: More Than Just Extra Length

Tall clothing isn't just about adding inches to sleeves and pant legs. It's about understanding and respecting the unique body proportions of taller individuals. For instance, tall men often find that standard jeans don't accommodate their thigh or torso dimensions, leading to discomfort and a less-than-ideal fit. Similarly, tall women need clothing that considers broader shoulders, longer torsos, and other proportional differences.

At American Tall, we don't stretch sizes; we redesign them. Our clothing is engineered to fit every dimension of a taller frame, ensuring comfort and style in every piece.

What Height is Considered Tall for Men's Clothing?

For men, a height of over 6'3" is typically considered tall. This is where standard sizes fall short (pun intended!) and where American Tall steps in. Our tall men's clothing is designed to cater to men up to 7'1", ensuring a perfect fit for every tall gentleman.

We've also recently launched our Semi-Tall sizes across some of our most popular products. Semi-Tall products are designed for men that stand 6' - 6'3".

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What Height is Considered Tall for Women's Clothing?

For women, the tall range begins at 5'9". Our tall women's clothing line is tailored for heights up to 6'6", embracing the elegance of a taller stature.

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Tall Sizes vs Regular Women's Sizes: The Difference is in the Details

While the fashion industry has routinely recognized men over 6’ requiring taller clothing options, women’s fashion has been slower to adopt a fit tailored to the vertically gifted.

Regular sizes often miss the mark for taller women, leading to awkward fits and uncomfortable styles. Tall sizes, on the other hand, consider the unique proportions of a taller woman's body, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit.

We at American Tall have made it our mission to ensure tall ladies, just like their male counterparts, have access to clothing pieces that are made to fit while looking fashionable.

What’s the Height for Tall Clothing?

In general, tall clothing is designed for men over 6'3" and women over 5'9". At American Tall, we specialize in these heights, ensuring that our clothes are not just longer, but also proportionally designed for a taller build.

Need help with size conversion? Check out our handy cm to feet conversion chart.

American Tall Size Chart: Your Guide to the Perfect Fit

Finding the right size can be a breeze with our American Tall size chart. Whether you’re a tall guy over 6’ or a woman 5’9”+, our sizing guides help you navigate our range of sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit every time.

Men's Height Length
6' - 6'3" Semi Tall
6'3" - 6'7" Tall
6'8" - 7'1" Extra Tall

Women's Height Length
5'9" - 6'1" Tall
6'2" - 6'6" Extra Tall

You can learn more about our fit here.

Crafting the Perfect Fit: Our Approach to Tall Clothing

Sizing Tall Men's Clothing


When designing and sizing tall men’s clothing, it’s about more than just lengthening the sleeves and pant legs and calling it a day. These clothes, which are designed to fit guys over 6’3”, should be made to accommodate a difference in physical shape as well as height.

For example, many tall guys with a solid build find that their thighs don’t fit into jeans that they buy from the mall, or are too uncomfortably tight to wear on a regular basis. The best tall clothing for guys is sized so that all of their physical proportions are taken into account.

At American Tall, we’ve taken our dedication to sizing one step further, and have developed a line of tall apparel consisting of a full size range in both tall and extra tall options. That way, there’s something for every body shape.

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Sizing Tall Clothing for Women


Just like tall men, it can be difficult for tall women to nail the sizing on their favorite pieces of clothing. Tall women’s clothing must fit a frame that isn’t just taller but is often broader in several key places like the shoulders, waist, and thighs.

All of our clothing for women is engineered so that every dimension fits a taller woman’s frame. That includes typical measurements like the sleeves and pant lengths, as well as extended body lengths (go ahead, tuck in that shirt!), and proportional armholes and shoulder lengths.


Explore our style tips for tall women for insights on how to enhance your look.

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Don't settle for less! Embrace your height with American Tall's range of clothing designed exclusively for you. Whether you're looking for casual wear or something more formal, our collection has something for every occasion.

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FAQ: Your Tall Sizing Questions Answered

How are tall clothes different?

Tall clothes are designed with the unique proportions of taller individuals in mind, such as longer arm lengths, added inches in leg inseams, broader shoulder widths and longer torso lengths. Learn more about the differences here.

What are some common tall people problems in fashion?

From finding the right sleeve length to avoiding high-water pants, tall people face unique fashion challenges and more. Discover other tall people problems (and their solutions!) here.

At American Tall, we're not just selling clothes – we're creating a new standard in fashion for tall people. Our commitment to fit, quality, and trendsetting designs puts you, our tall fam, at the heart of everything we do. Join us in celebrating your height with style and confidence. Remember, at American Tall, we stand tall with you!

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