Tall Men’s Clothing 101: A Course on What to Wear Next Semester

Tall Men’s Clothing 101: A Course on What to Wear Next Semester

These days, more and more college students attend class looking like they crawled out of the hamper.

Sure comfort is important – no one wants to dress to the nines for a 9:00am chemistry course – but those pajamas were made for the bedroom, not the classroom.

To get an A+ in men’s clothing for college, your wardrobe should be stylish and versatile, ready for the unpredictability of college life. From head to toe, you’ll find all the trappings of today’s tall collegiate man in our back to school clothing guide.

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The Prep

Our favourite tall men’s look for school, the preppy style balances a smart, sophisticated ensemble with a touch of endearing geekiness:


How to Get the Look

The Tall Men’s Tee:

We respect trendy slogan tees as ironic men’s fashion, but those one-liners fade faster than the ink they’re printed in.

Quality tall men’s tees are a must for the college-bound man. The apex of versatility in our wardrobe, they’re perfectly suited for lazing in the dorm, studying in common areas, wearing to class, or an undershirt to accent a more stylish top. Just be sure your shirt fits well – clothing mishaps are even more noticeable on tall guys – and come prepared with a few of our essential tees.

Tall Men’s Dress Shirts:

Your dress shirt of choice is what brings everything together.

Are you mature, but ooze that summer break attitude? An untucked, Nelson summer plaid dress shirt is the perfect balance of cool and dapper. Maybe you’re a more eccentric, mysterious type? Nail the look with a washed cotton tall men’s dress shirt like this.

Tall Men’s Jeans:

Sitting through that 18th century English Literature course for the next three hours requires a comfortable pair of pants.

For the prep look, toss the baggy or wide bottoms. A leaner, slimmer type of tall men’s jeans is more appropriate here – consider tall tapered fit jeans, or skinny tall jeans.

 *Note: If you’re in an arts program, remember to include hipster accents to complete your look. Popular additions include glasses frames (no need for actual glass), beaten-up Converse shoes, or anything plaid.

The First-Team All-American

We get it: You’re on a sports scholarship, and though you’re really majoring in basketball or football, you still have to attend class.


How to Get the Look

The Varsity Jacket:

Worn by college icons from John ‘Bluto’ Blutarsky to Archie, this time-worn piece is a staple in American institutions. Coming in colors dependent on your school, the smart college man will accent their school attire with their other clothing pieces. 

Tall Men’s Hoodie:

We love layering a hoodie under a varsity jacket, with the hood coming out the back for an on-trend, layered look.

Consider how your hoodie plays off your varsity colors. Rocking Syracuse Orange? Throw on a navy pullover hoodie. Fists raised for the Fighting Irish? Stand tall with a yellow tall men’s hoodie, or play it safe with a grey one.

Tall hoodies also make for cozy provisional pillows in class after a tough gym session.

Tall Tee Henley:

Layers are the theme here, and this is another one to add to the All-American outfit. Tall tee Henleys continue our trend of versatile clothing that exudes personality and originality – they’re light, look great flying solo or as an under layer, and are flattering to athletic builds.

Tall Men’s Pants:

They won’t be as comfortable as those Larry Bird circa-1970’s short-shorts, but a solid pair of tall men’s pants rounds out the athletic student style.

Between the dorm and the gym, you’re in sweats and track pants for the majority of your college career. So, those other occasions – class, parties, chess club – are when you should be looking to impress.

Off-color pants are the bee’s knees right now. From burgundy to desert sand to even black, today’s collegiate man isn’t restricted to five days of jeans. Again, try to coordinate your pants with your varsity coat colors and hoodie or Henley.   




Deciding on what clothes to bring to university shouldn’t be more complicated than Physics 101. American Tall’s collection of tall men’s clothing is ready for next semester, even if you aren’t.

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