From Class to Casual: Building a Day to Night Ensemble for Tall Men

From Class to Casual: Building a Day to Night Ensemble for Tall Men

Nothing kills your social life quite like the urge to do nothing after you get home and throw off your work clothes. However, if you know you have plans to go out that night, there are easy ways to turn a professional look into a casual one without having to go home to get changed.

All you need are a couple of versatile pieces that can bridge that professional-casual gap.

Whether you’re going out for drinks after work or on a first date, here are some ways to build an easy, day-to-night ensemble featuring sharp straight leg pants and tall men’s shirts from American Tall.

Chinos and Tapered Pants

Finding pants for tall men that fit is important. Too long and you look sloppy, too short and you end up looking like a witch cast a growth spell on you.

Getting semi-casual professional pants like chinos or tapered pants with that coveted straight-leg pants fit not only gives your long legs a statuesque appearance, but they also scale with your choice of top towards either professional or casual.


Our pants for tall men are specially tailored to accentuate slim features and fit well. Not to mention they go great with either dress shoes or something more casual! For instance, our J1 straight leg tall Chinos come in a variety of colors and are perfect for bridging the casual-class divide.


The Carman 5-pocket pants are another great option when in need of a trimmer, tailored look.

Tall Men’s Dress Shirts

Tall button up shirts are highly flexible garments in your wardrobe. The moment you leave the office, you can convert tall men’s dress shirts into casual wear just by rolling up the sleeves and/or opening the buttons to reveal the classy v-neck underneath.


The key to rocking tall men’s shirts is making sure it’s an appropriate length. Too long, and you’ll wind up looking long rather than tall. Too short and well…unless you have a six-pack, we don’t recommend it.


Also, don’t be afraid of fanciful colors and patterns! For instance, our Oskar tall button up shirts features a cool blue paisley pattern that’s both fun and classy.


When you need a sharp day-to-night ensemble, American Tall has you covered with pants for tall men and tall men’s dress shirts. Check out our catalogue for ideas for your next epic day-to-night ensemble.