Picking Out the Most Flattering Tall Women’s Clothing Online

Picking Out the Most Flattering Tall Women’s Clothing Online

With so many of us doing everything from working to remotely socializing to shopping for tall women’s clothing from home, it’s no surprise to see that global e-commerce sales hit an astounding $3.9 trillion in 2020.

Before the pandemic, we were already in love with online shopping, but government-mandated lockdowns and the closure of so many retail locations have accelerated this shift like never before.

Shopping online may be fun and convenient, but it’s not without its downsides. Images can only tell you so much about a product, and the tactile practice of being able to touch and manipulate the things we buy is almost completely absent from the e-commerce experience.

As tall women, clothing shopping is difficult at the best of times. Now, with the majority of us having to pick out all our new clothes online, it can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Let’s explore a few tips and tricks that will help you pick out the best tall women’s clothing online.
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Examine clothes you’ve bought before
Before you open up your computer for a shopping expedition, take a few moments to go through your closet first. It’s a quick way to remind yourself about the types of clothes you already own, so you don’t purchase duplicates. Plus, it helps to reinforce what silhouettes you like, and which clothes work well on your body.

For example, you may notice that you wear your A-line dresses again and again, while your sheath dresses are all gathering dust. That’s a simple observation that can help you pick out more flattering styles in the future.


Accurately measure your body
To ensure you’ve found the right size, start by taking accurate measurements of your body. Wear a pair of typical undergarments, and use a soft measuring tape.

For women, getting accurate bust, waist, and hip measurements is usually sufficient. If you find your limbs are too long for most garments, get an inseam and arm length measurement as well. Keep all these measurements in a safe place, as you’ll need to refer to them often.

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Find the brand’s sizing chart
To make sure you’re getting the right fit, don’t rely on simplistic sizing numbers or descriptions like small, medium, and large. You’ll want to look at the exact sizing of each piece of clothing, which can usually be found in the brand’s size chart.

These charts offer precise measurements, which you should compare to your measurements to find the perfect fit.

Choose dedicated tall women’s clothing brands
Tall women’s clothes aren’t necessarily the same proportions as those sold by traditional big-box or mall retailers. Tall women and girls over 5’6” might find it easier to shop at retailers that offer clothes made specifically for their body shape. American Tall is a great example of a retailer offering exclusively tall women’s clothing.

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Find the Best Clothes for Tall Women at American Tall
Instead of trying to dig through a retailer’s website to find out whether they stock clothing in your size, skip the hassle and head straight to American Tall.

Our collection of clothes for tall women is made exclusively for tall, lean ladies who’ve had a hard time finding great clothes in their size. Shop online today for basics, jeans, and anything else you need to get through till Spring.