Choosing the Best Active Clothing for Tall Women

Choosing the Best Active Clothing for Tall Women

When was the last time you wore something you liked to the gym? If you’re anything like us, finding workout clothes for tall women can be a challenge. That’s why taller gals are so often relegated to wearing oversized tees, shapeless leggings, and other unflattering items of clothing to the gym.

Working out is hard enough as it is. Instead of struggling with what you wear every single time you go, set yourself up for success by building a capsule wardrobe of gym clothes for tall ladies that look great, and make you feel confident. Stylish clothes for tall women can be hard to find, but once you’ve got a retailer you love whose sizes you know, it’s easy to fill your wardrobe with pieces that work for your frame. Even if you shop online, this takes the guesswork and frustration out of every purchase.

Today, let’s talk about some of the staple pieces every woman should have in her gym wardrobe. As a bonus, most of our favorites work for both gym and loungewear and will help you build out the athleisure wardrobe of your dreams. So, check out our picks of the 4 essential workout clothes every tall woman needs.

Choosing Great Workout Clothes for Tall Women

Since it’s not a great idea to wear extraneous clothing or accessories at the gym, the reality is a great gym capsule wardrobe shouldn’t take you too long to build. However, the small number of pieces means that everything must pull its weight. There’s no space for things that you don’t really love or an item of clothing that looks good but feels uncomfortable.

The right workout clothes for tall women should always fit well, without pinching, pulling, or constricting any area of your body. They should skim your frame without being too tight since loose and flowy pieces can easily get caught on a machine and cause a serious injury.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few pieces that can serve as the backbone of your gym capsule wardrobe.

1. A Sports Bra That Supports

Every woman needs a great sport or athletic bra for the gym. This garment holds you in securely, so you don’t have to worry about chest aches or pains even if you’re doing a long-distance run. 

Our Pick: The Balance Crisscross Sport Bra in Smoked Mauve is not just a pretty face. Its design ensures maximum support while offering a touch of elegance with its crisscross back. Perfect for those yoga stretches or a run in the park.

2. Leggings That Go the Distance

Our favorite bottom layer for workout clothes for tall women is a great pair of leggings. 

Our Pick: Our Bella Outer Pocket leggings are designed specifically for tall women, with measurements that can accommodate an inseam of up to 38”. 

Say goodbye to leggings that ride up or are too short. These leggings are crafted specifically for tall women, ensuring a snug fit from the waist down to the ankles. Having a longer inseam is a key part of ensuring the fit is right for a woman with taller legs. We love the Bella leggings for the gym – the added pockets are a practical touch, perfect for storing essentials during a workout – but the truth is, you can wear them anywhere.

Looking to style your leggings beyond the gym? Check out our leggings style guide!

Tall woman in AT tank top and joggers lifting weights

3. Tank Tops That Talk

Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of tank tops in your everyday life, they make a great addition to any tall woman’s workout wardrobe. Having a full range of motion in your arms is important, and you can always layer a loose tee over top for a bit more coverage.

Our Pick: For those days when you want to show a bit of muscle, our Cropped Muscle Tank in Pink Orchid is your best friend. The vibrant pink orchid hue complements all skin tones, and the cropped design is both trendy and functional, ensuring you stay cool during intense workouts.

4. A Stylish Top Layer

When you’re heading out after an intense workout, keep your muscles warm with a light and loose top layer, like a hoodie or zip-up. These pieces of gym clothing for tall ladies can take you from the locker room to the living room with ease.

Our Pick: If you want to keep it casual, opt for an oversized hoodie with plenty of room in the pockets for all your things. Perfect for those post-workout chills, our Wearever Pullover Hoodie in Oatmeal Mix is cozy and stylish. The oatmeal mix color is versatile, and the extra-long sleeves cater specifically to the tall woman's frame.

If you prefer something with a bit more flexibility, a zipped sweater is also a great option – with just enough warmth to keep your muscles from cooling off too quickly and stiffening up on your commute home.

Our Pick: A reliable full-zip hoodie should be part of any wardrobe of great workout clothes for tall women, and our Wearever Full-Zip Hoodie in Grey Mix ticks all the boxes. The grey mix color is timeless, and the design ensures a comfortable fit, making it a staple piece for both the gym and casual wear.


What is tall in women's clothing? 

Tall in women's clothing refers to garments designed for women who have a height that's above the average, typically 5’9”+. For example, we at American Tall cater to women from 5’9” to 6’6”. Our clothes, including our workout clothes for tall women, are tailored to fit longer torsos, arms, and legs, because regular-sized clothes, even in larger sizes, do not mean they’ll properly fit taller women. 

Learn more about how tall clothes differ here.

What clothes are best for tall girls?

For tall women seeking the perfect fit, we recommend specially tailored workout clothes that accentuate their height and offer comfort. Our collection of workout clothes for tall women ensures that every piece fits just right, from the length of the sleeves to the hem of the pants. Look for high-rise leggings, extended-length tops, and longer leg inseams to get the best fit for your tall stature (psst, our inseams go up to 38”).

Can tall girls wear leggings?

Absolutely! Tall girls can and should rock leggings. However, it's essential to find leggings designed with longer inseams to ensure they reach the ankles and provide full coverage. Our range of gym clothes for tall ladies includes leggings that are both stylish and offer the extended length you need.

Check out this blog for info on how to pick out the best leggings for tall women.

What should an older woman wear to the gym?

Age is just a number, especially when it comes to fitness! For older women, we suggest opting for workout clothes that provide both comfort and support. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics, supportive sports bras, and high-waisted leggings or pants. Our collection of gym clothes for tall ladies caters to women of all ages, ensuring that every tall woman, young or mature, feels confident and comfortable during her workouts.

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