How to Pick Out the Best Leggings for Tall Women

How to Pick Out the Best Leggings for Tall Women

Once you get up the motivation to work out, nothing should stand in your way. That’s why one of the clothing items that we’re most passionate about at American Tall is women’s tall active leggings. This staple tall women’s clothing item is super-stretchy, and so forgiving that most people believe that their fit doesn’t really matter. However, since it’s a piece that you’ll wear often, shouldn’t it fit you like a glove?

Despite their visual uniformity, leggings have evolved significantly since they first burst on to the fashion scene in the 1950s. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that they become ubiquitous in gyms and dance studios around North America and Europe. From Madonna to Jane Fonda, leggings were everywhere.

Now, leggings make up a critical component of an athleisure wardrobe and can be worn everywhere from the boardroom to the gym. If you don’t wear leggings often, it may be because you simply can’t find a pair of tall women’s active leggings that fit your frame. Leggings should hug your body, but you should never feel like they’ve shrunk in the wash because the hemlines are just too short.

Today, we’ll talk all about leggings, and how tall women can pick out the perfect version of this clothing staple to fit their unique measurements.
Not All Tall Leggings are Created Equal
Since leggings are so easy to make and are popular all over the world, many companies have gotten into the legging game. Unfortunately, not all leggings are created equal. Make sure to look out for some of the following hallmarks of a mediocre pair of leggings.
  • The leggings are see-through, especially in the butt when you bend or stretch.
  • The hemlines are too short and keep riding up.
  • The leggings are made of a soft fabric that pills easily.
  • After a few wears, your leggings have started to sag in the crotch or knees, and they won’t spring back even after you’ve washed them.
  • You feel cold in them, even during mild weather. This is a hallmark of thin leggings made with insubstantial fabric.
What are the Best Leggings for Tall Women?
Now that you know what not to buy, let’s talk about how you can find the best leggings for tall women. The secret is shopping at a dedicated tall women’s clothing retailer. While some big-box retailers offer extended and tall sizes, often these just add extra leg length without considering other measurements.

For tall women, one critical measurement that often gets overlooked is the rise. That’s the distance between the crotch and the waist of a pair of pants. Get it wrong, and you’ll be continually tugging your leggings up as they slip down your hips.

At American Tall, all our measurements, from the inseam to the rise, are all based on the real measurements of tall women. Our Performance Pocket leggings have four-way stretch built into the polyester-spandex fabric blend, plus three convenient pockets so you can store all your essentials. The high-rise fit is made with an extended rise for total comfort, and the inseam is custom-measured for each size to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit.
Another women’s tall active legging that we carry is the Bella Outer-Pocket Tall Legging, which is made for both gym and athleisure wear. They’re made from a stretchy, medium-weight nylon-spandex blend, so they’ll keep you looking great all year round. Don’t want to choose between the two? For just over $100, you can try them both.
Looking for more tall women’s active leggings? Come visit the American Tall shop to see all the pairs we offer.