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Tall Sizes vs Regular Sizes Guide: What Are the Differences?

Building a comprehensive and cohesive wardrobe can feel overwhelming for any fashionista, but if you’re a man over 6’ or a woman over 5’ 9”, you’re met with the additional challenge of finding pieces that suit your tall frame. The result? Tall people often find themselves defaulting to basics simply because “it’ll do” versus finding pieces they love and are excited to wear. They’ll settle for garments that are made longer without any other proportions taken into consideration or will even size up to achieve the additional length, only to end up with poorly fitting pieces. That’s why it’s important to recognize the key differences between tall sizes vs regular sizes – so those with a lengthy frame can find the right clothes made specifically for their body.

That’s where we at American Tall come in. Below, you’ll find our complete guide to tall sizes vs regular sizes for men and women, including a breakdown of the differences between them and details on our tall options, and info on plus sizes and even big and tall.

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A common misconception about tall clothing is that the pieces are just longer than standard garments. While the additional length is needed, the right details also make the piece wearable for years to come. A properly sized-graded tall garment takes into account all of your proportions, not just the length. For example, in a pair of cargo pants we not only add length to the inseam, but we would also design the side pockets to sit along the leg in the proper position. If only length was added, you would find that the pockets sat incorrectly on your body. So, when it comes to what does tall mean in clothing, it’s clear that it means a lot more than just added length.


Understanding the language of tall men’s and women’s clothing can be half the battle to a perfect fit. We know sizing charts can look confusing with a lot of letters and numbers staring back at you, but we're here to break it down. Here's a handy guide to the sizes seen in tall clothing:

Men's Semi Tall (SE)

Men between 6’ and 6’2” will fall into our expanded “ Semi Tall” size category, featuring the following sizes:

  • Small Semi Tall (SSE) 
  • Medium Semi Tall (MSE) 
  • Large Semi Tall (LSE)
  • XL Semi Tall (XLSE) 
  • 2XL Semi Tall (2XLSE) 

Men's Tall (T)

Men between 6’3” and 6’7” will typically fall into our “Tall” sizes category and will see sizes such as:

  • Small Tall (ST) 
  • Medium Tall (MT) 
  • Large Tall (LT)
  • XL Tall (XLT) 
  • 2XL Tall (2XLT) 

Men’s Extra Tall (XT)

For those over 6’8” who are considered “Extra Tall”, we offer the following sizes for that additional 2” - 3” of length:

  • Medium Extra Tall (MXT)
  • Large Extra Tall (LXT)
  • XL Extra Tall (XLXT)
  • 2XL Extra Tall (2XLXT) 

Women’s Tall (T)

Women's tall sizing can vary greatly between brands. At American Tall, we like to keep it simple. Women ranging in hieght from 5’9” to 6’1” will fit our “Tall” sizes, which, similar to the men’s sizing, are available in the following:

  • XS Tall (XST)
  • Small Tall (ST)
  • Medium Tall (MT)
  • Large Tall (LT)
  • XL Tall (XLT)

Women’s Extra Tall (XT)

Women over 6’2” also have a range of sizes to choose from under our “Extra Tall” sizing option, which account for the extra couple inches needed for the perfect fit:

  • Small Extra Tall (SXT)
  • Medium Extra Tall (MXT)
  • Large Extra Tall (LXT)
  • XL Extra Tall (XLXT)

Find more sizing details by viewing our men's and women's sizing guide.

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Before we dive into what the specific differences are between men’s and women’s tall sizes vs their standard-sized counterparts, these are the general differences you’ll notice when it comes to tall sizes vs regular sizes:

Length: It's the first thing that comes to mind, and rightfully so. Whether it's the constant battle with pants that fit like floods, sleeves that never make it down to your wrists, or dresses that look more like tunics, tall individuals know this all too well. Tall-sized clothing has been designed to ensure it's not just the right fit, but also the right length.

Body Proportions: Regular-sized clothing is designed with standard body proportions in mind. But for taller folks, it isn't just the overall height that's different – arms are longer, torsos are longer, legs are longer, and the list goes on. At American Tall, our tall-sized clothing accounts for these differences, making sure that waistlines, hems, and cuffs all land where they're supposed to.

Comfort: When clothes are not proportionally designed for taller bodies, they can pull, bunch, and generally be uncomfortable. With tall-sized clothing, every piece is tailored with tall bodies in mind, ensuring you’re always comfortable in your outfit.

Style Integrity: When a t-shirt becomes a belly top and a maxi dress becomes a midi, the integrity of the style is lost. With tall-sized clothing, the style you see is the style you get. Your clothes are designed to look exactly as they're meant to.

Confidence: The moment you put on an outfit that fits just right, you stand a little taller (pun intended) and feel a whole lot better. When it comes to tall sizes vs regular size clothing, tall-sized clothing understands your needs and ensures you don't have to compromise style for fit.

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At first glance, the difference between tall sizes vs regular men’s sizes is primarily in the length. It’s worth noting that standard sizing varies from brand to brand, but for the most part it’s garments designed with the “average” body type in mind. This usually conforms to standard heights and straight sizing and does not account for petite, tall or plus-size men.

When we look at men’s tall sizes vs regular sizes, tall clothing is most comparable to standard-sizing but with proportional adjustments to suit tall men. This means that not only will the arm and leg lengths be longer, but well-designed tall clothes should also have longer torso measurements, as well as a longer rise (the pant measurement between the waist and crotch). At American Tall, we design with men between the heights of 6’ and 7’1” in mind. Our "Semi Tall" is for men from 6' to 6' 2", “Tall” is for men 6’3” to 6’7” with the option of “Extra Tall” available for men 6’8” and up.


Tall clothing for men has been more readily available for years, whereas tall women have traditionally had more of a challenge finding pieces that fit them properly. More often, when it comes to tall sizes vs regular women’s sizes, tall women are actually forced to choose between plus sizes, which are larger in every measurement including chest and waist, and regular clothing, which doesn’t provide the torso, arm and leg lengths they need. At American Tall, we design with women between the heights of 5’9” to 6’6” in mind. Our “Tall” is for women 5’9” to 6’1”, with the option of “Extra Tall” available for women 6’2” and up.

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For the tallest men and women amongst us, finding a shirt that fits in all the right spots can be a challenge. Picking a tall vs regular shirt means finding a top that has the added inches where you need it most. Regular sizes are designed for individuals of average height, taking into consideration typical body proportions such as torso length, arm length, and shoulder breadth. In contrast, tall sizes cater to those of us with a bit more height. These sizes typically have longer torso lengths, broader shoulders, and longer sleeves to ensure a proper fit for taller individuals. Essentially, the primary difference between tall vs regular shirt sizing lies in the shoulder width and the length of the torso and sleeves. 

Luckily, our tall size is your ticket to a comfortable, stylish fit. It’s got the extra length you need, without the unwanted width that you’d get when wearing a regular-sized shirt. So say goodbye to unintentional belly peeks or sleeves that look like they shrank in the wash – our tall sizes ensure that your shirt keeps up with you, not the other way around. Your height is your superpower; we're just here to make sure you wear it well.

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Similar to the differences between a tall vs regular shirt, tall vs regular pants also need to address proper proportions. Regular pant sizing is typically designed to fit individuals of average height and take into consideration average leg length, waist size, and hip measurements to provide a comfortable and proportionate fit. On the other hand, tall pant sizing requires longer inseams to accommodate longer legs, along with adjusted waist and hip measurements. In essence, the primary difference between tall vs regular pant sizing lies in the length of the pants and height of the waist. 

As with all tall clothing, the key is to find the perfect size that guarantees comfort and a flattering silhouette. Our tall pants are designed with the perfect proportions to ensure you look fantastic, feel great, and stay comfortable. No more baggy legs, tight waists and short pantlegs. So, whether you're stretching out those long legs or just kicking back, our tall pants promise a fit that feels tailor-made, just for you. Height is no hurdle in fashion, and we're here to prove it.

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If you’re a taller individual, many well-meaning people may direct you towards a big and tall retailer. It's important to note that being tall isn’t the same as being big and tall. Big and tall clothing is a combination of plus-sizing and tall clothing. It is designed for men of a larger and taller frame that need the additional length and width standard sizing doesn’t provide. 

Be sure to check your measurements, not only in height but in the chest and waist to determine which is the best option for you. At American Tall, our chest sizes range from 39” to 54”, while waist sizes go from 28” to 42”. This makes it easier to find the perfect size for your tall frame.

Want to know more? Take a look at our helpful guide on how to size tall clothing.


Now that you know the differences between tall sizes vs regular sizes, are you eager to put your new knowledge into practice? If so, visit American Tall. All of our clothing is designed with a tall frame in mind, and we offer inclusive sizing for all of our men’s and women’s styles. This ensures that you can find stylish pieces without sacrificing comfort or fit.

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