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The Best Chino Shorts for Tall Men 2023: Ultimate Guide

Finding the perfect pair of chino shorts can be a challenge, especially if you’re a tall guy. These shorts should be a staple in any closet, but it can be a struggle to find a pair that fits well, doesn’t ride up, and provides enough coverage.

In fact, finding the perfect pair of men’s tall chino shorts can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. No one likes going to store after store only to find themselves disappointed by the shorts on offer.

But fear not! We’ve done a lot of that work for you. In our ultimate guide to tall chino shorts, we’ve made some of the best chinos on the market that are designed specifically for taller guys. We’ve considered factors like length, fit, material, construction, and style to ensure you find the perfect pair of chinos to keep you comfortable and put together all summer long.

Read on to learn more about chino shorts and how to style them, then delve into our picks for stylish chinos that won’t break the bank.

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What are Chino Shorts?

Men’s chino shorts have become a broadly appealing wardrobe staple, but they didn’t start out that way. Their original inspiration was khaki shorts, which were created when an enterprising British military officer stationed in India used a combination of food products to dye his blindingly white pants a more manageable shade of light brown. These khakis are considered the ancestor of the modern chino.

However, the word chino didn’t come into the English language until 1898, when American soldiers stationed in the Philippines started wearing light brown or beige shorts made from Chinese twill cotton. Twill cotton is a specific type of cotton fabric with a higher thread count than most other woven cottons, making it more durable and long-lasting.

Now, chinos don’t need to be made with cotton twill fabric. Many brands that sell chinos offer shorts made with a mix of fabric types, including cotton, linen, or even polyester to add a bit of stretch and give. 

Chino shorts are some of the most popular shorts for tall men. Here’s why.


Do Chino Shorts Look Good on Tall Guys?

Chinos shorts for tall men are popular for a few different reasons.

  • Their longer inseam offers more coverage: Unlike some other types of shorts, chinos are designed to wear a bit longer in the inseam. This makes it easier for tall guys to find pairs that work for them. Plus, having a standard of longer inseams makes pairs specifically made for taller guys stand out less obviously.  
  • The fabric is durable and long-lasting: Unlike lighter-weight linen or other airier fabrics, chinos are made of durable, long-lasting cotton twill. The dense cotton threads make these shorts much longer wearing and capable of standing up to heavy use.
  • They’re comfortable to wear: While chinos may be durable, they’re also comfortable. This is a combination that rarely goes together. The dense weave of cotton twill is also very supple, which means it’s easy to move around when wearing chinos. Or you can just hang out on the couch if that’s what’s on the schedule: your chinos, your call.
  • The tailored fit looks great on tall guys: Chinos are some of the best shorts for tall, skinny guys. Their tailored fit helps to create a long and lean silhouette, which is an excellent choice for a taller dude. The tailored look also helps them be more put-together than the average pair of shorts, making them a great pick for date night or a beachside wedding.
  • Choose your style or color: While the chino shorts of old were typically offered in light khaki shades, modern chinos are available in a veritable rainbow of colors. Depending on your style or even the occasion, you can choose the color that’s most flattering. Some of the most common chino colors include khaki, navy, grey, or olive green.
  • They work with many different body types: Another reason why chinos are so popular is because they work with a lot of different body types. Whether you’ve got skinny thighs or thicker legs, you can find a style of chinos that works for you.
Man wearing dark chino shorts with short sleeve button shirt undone over white tee


How Long Should Chino Shorts Be for Tall Men?

As a tall guy, finding the ideal shorts length can be an interesting challenge. After all, what may be a conservative inseam length on an average dude can look more akin to go-go shorts when worn by a tall guy.

For an average guy, an inseam between 5” and 11” for shorts is pretty typical. Chinos are typically worn on the longer end of that spectrum, stopping just above the knee. Most chino shorts for average-sized guys are offered with inseams between 9” to 11”. However, that may not work for taller guys. 

So, how long should shorts be for tall guys? At American Tall, all our chino shorts have been specifically developed to provide a proportional silhouette. We offer inseam lengths of between 12” and 13.5” precisely calculated to suit guys 6’3” and over.

This means that regardless of the length of your thighs, we can ensure a great-fitting pair of chinos that stop in the traditional place, just above the knee.


Stylish Chino Shorts for Tall Men: Our Best Picks

With so many choices available, how will you know how to find the best chino shorts for tall men? We’re here to help!

Our picks cater to the needs of tall men who struggle to find shorts that fit their bodies perfectly. All the chino shorts we’ve designed at American Tall are specifically made with tall men in mind. We’ve found the best inseam length and cut our shorts to accommodate longer thigh lengths.

We’re confident that we’ve made it easy to find chino shorts you love. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, our best picks include versatile options that cater to your preferences.


Men’s Tall Chino Shorts

We think you’ll want to wear our Men’s Tall Chino Shorts all summer long. Available in many colors, including soft beige, desert khaki, and spring olive, our tall chinos are cut in a flattering, above-the-knee length.

Made from a cotton-spandex blend, each pair of shorts is designed to flatter the curve of the leg without being too tight or too loose. Plus, the front slash and back welt pockets provide visual interest without adding bulk, making these shorts suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

From the $59 price point to the eight different color choices, what’s not to love about these chinos?

Close-up of man wearing chino shorts with one hand in pocket Man standing with. one hand in pocket wearing white polo tee and olive color chino shorts

Traveler Chino Shorts

If you love the look of chinos but need more stretch and breathability, we’ve got you covered. The American Tall Traveler Chino Shorts are made for guys on the go. They feature the same neat silhouette as our regular chino shorts but are made from a combination of nylon and spandex to provide incredible stretch and comfort. Plus, they’ve been prewashed and shrinkage controlled to ensure they stay just as comfy for years to come.

Available in sizes ranging from 30 Tall to 42 Extra Tall, these tall chino shorts offer a 12” to 13.5” inseam, making it easy to find a great pair that fits your shape. They’re priced at $69 and are available in four classic colors: black, light grey, classic light khaki, and marine navy.

Man wearing dark grey polo shirt with light grey knee-length shorts


What to Wear with Chino Shorts

Guys can wear a wide range of outfits with chino shorts depending on the occasion and their personal style. Here are some of our favorite suggestions of what you should pair with your chinos. 


For a casual everyday outfit, you can’t beat pairing your chinos with a simple, well-made t-shirt. We love our Regular-Fit Slub tee shirts for tall men since they add just a little bit of extra interest with the slub weave of the cotton. The drapier fabric plus the neat detail of the split hem combine to make a casual outfit that still looks put-together.

Tall polo shirts for men also pair great with chinos and chino shorts. If you’re headed to work in a casual workplace, a more fitted choice like a Performance Tipped Golf Polo is a great pick. However, if you’re hanging at home or headed out with friends, you can’t go wrong with our Slub Men’s Tall Polo, which offers a looser and more casual silhouette.

Tall man wearing beige chino shorts and blue polo


For a more polished look, dress up your chino shorts with a fun button-down shirt. You can even add a blazer if you’re going somewhere that requires a bit more elegance. Our Chambray Print Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirts look super summery when paired with chinos, but are still nice enough for date night. If you need a bit more formality, opt for a classic white Washed Oxford, or throw on a blazer for tall men.  

Regardless of the occasion, accessories such as a watch or sunglasses can also enhance the overall look. Neutral tones such as white, black, gray, and beige work well with chino shorts and are complemented with bold or patterned accents. And don’t forget a belt! This makes an outfit feel much more pulled together. 

Ultimately, the key to styling chino shorts is balancing formality and comfort to look effortlessly well-dressed. 

Man with hand in pocket wearing light beige shorts and floral short sleeve button shirt


How to Style Chino Shorts

One of the things we love most about chino shorts is their versatility. These shorts should be a staple in any guy’s wardrobe since they offer a killer combination of durability, comfort, and versatility.

However, just because you can wear chino shorts everywhere doesn’t mean you should. For example – they’re probably a bit too heavy if you’re spending the day lounging on the beach or hitting the gym.

Here are some ideas for styling your favorite pair of chino shorts.  


Errands Out

To style chino shorts for any casual weekday event, opt for a relaxed yet put-together look.

Pair your chino shorts with a simple t-shirt and comfortable sneakers or slip-on shoes. You can add a pop of color by choosing a bright tee or keep it neutral with black, white, or blue. Consider accessorizing with a watch or sunglasses, or add a denim jacket if the weather permits. This look is perfect for running errands while looking effortlessly cool and comfortable.


Date Night

For date night, try and be a bit more intentional about what you pair with your chinos. You can dress them up with a button-down shirt and blazer, then finish the look with classic leather shoes or loafers. Ensure you have a belt to complete the look and accessorize with a watch or a silky pocket square.

Unless you’re going to a bar or another place that’s loud and busy, stick to chino shorts in more muted tones like beige, navy, or even black. This outfit is perfect for a semi-formal or dressy date, like dinner at a nice restaurant or a night out at the theater.


Summer Event

You can wear chino shorts to some summer events, but you have to dress carefully to avoid looking too casual. For a summer event like a wedding or beachside cocktail party, pair your chino shorts with a crisp white button-up shirt and a neat blazer. From there, don’t skimp on the finishing touches. Make sure you have a great belt that matches, Oxfords or leather loafers, and even a pocket square in a coordinating color.

When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints, fun patterns, or bright colors to capture the essence of summer. Just remember to keep things balanced by pairing a statement piece with more subdued items.


Shop Men’s Tall Chino Shorts at American Tall

American Tall offers a comprehensive selection of chino shorts that cater to the needs of tall men. With various colors, designs, and inseam lengths, American Tall makes it easy to find a pair you love. 

Shop our full collection of chinos and other tall shorts today.