The American Tall Guide to Tall Shorts

The American Tall Guide to Tall Shorts

The weather’s heating up! It’s time to pull out all your shorts, tanks, and swimwear in preparation for a summer of outdoor parties, beach days, and patio hangouts. Before you head out, you’ll need to make sure your tall shorts fit and aren’t too ratty to wear for another summer. Also, with so many of us hanging out outdoors this summer, you’ll need to check that you have enough pairs that won’t get ruined by sitting on grass or sand.

The truth is, many of us feel like we don’t know how to handle wearing shorts properly because they weren’t always acceptable in society. As recently as 1959, wearing shorts was banned in many regions.

Now, many of us taller guys still feel just as uncomfortable in shorts because we aren’t sure how to buy the right sizes and styles. Finding the perfect length is an ongoing challenge that gets even more difficult when you’re shopping for shorts for tall skinny guys. Today, we’ll show you how to get the size and fit right, so you feel both comfortable and stylish.

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Sizing Shorts for Tall Men
Any guy, regardless of height, should be looking for a pair of shorts that makes them feel comfortable. There are plenty of lengths available, ranging from mid-thigh to knee height. If you love your legs and want to show them off, opt for a shorter style. However, if you’re feeling shy and don’t want to flash that much skin, there are lots of shorts that hit right at the knee.

Typically, you don’t want shorts that go beyond your knees, since this can look ill-fitting and untidy.

tall-mens-shorts tall-mens-shorts

How Tall are Tall Shorts?
Most shorts have a waist size, as well as an inseam size. The inseam measurement tells you how far down they’ll extend from the crotch of the garment to the hem. While inseam measurements may be helpful to average-size guys, buying shorts for tall men this way can be confusing. Even the longest standard inseam measurement can look positively racy on a long-legged guy.

At American Tall, our inseams start at 10” and stretch to a generous 13.5”. That’s plenty long enough to cover up even the longest legs.

Our Favorite Styles of Shorts for Tall Guys
When it comes to summer shorts, you really can’t have too many. Here are some of our favorite styles.
Original Chinos
A classic chino should be a staple in every summer wardrobe. These shorts are hard-wearing and can be worn with almost anything. They’re a great way to step up from the sweats we’ve all been living in.


Oxford Shorts
Looking for something classic to wear for date night? These Oxford shorts are stylish, with neat back welt pockets and a slim, flattering profile. Pair them with a short-sleeved linen shirt, and you’ll be ready for any afternoon or evening event this summer.

tall-mens-oxford-shorts tall-mens-oxford-shrots

Cargo Pocket Shorts

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We love our cargo pocket shorts, which are relaxed without being too baggy, and come in a variety of classic shades like tan, grey, black, and army green. They’re heavy-duty enough to stand up to a hike or game of beach volleyball, and they’ll make you look good while doing it.


Tattersall Shorts
Our tattersall shorts are made from 100% cotton fabric in a beautifully subtle checked pattern, giving every outfit a little bit of added visual interest. Since they’re crisply cut but tie with a casual drawstring, you can wear them with anything from a polo to a tee.


This summer, head over to American Tall to find a full wardrobe of versatile and flattering tall shorts. Shop online today to see our full collection.