American Tall Hoodies Compared to Regular Hoodies

American Tall Hoodies Compared to Regular Hoodies

Slim and tall, athletic and tall, solid and tall.. There are lots of different body types but one thing is always the same, TALL GUYS LOVE AMERICAN TALL CLOTHING!  6'8 Austin recently gave some American Tall hoodies a try for the first time.  Check out his video review!

"What’s up, guys? Austin back with another tall video. Today’s video is all about hoodies, talking about all the struggles that tall guys have when it comes to picking up hoodies and the solution that is out there for you. Alright, tall guys. It’s time to have a heart to heart. We’re going to talk about all the issues we’ve got with hoodies.

Let’s start off with the biggest issue of them all. That is the sleeves not fitting, alright. I know I’m not the only tall guy that does this. I know every single one of you out there has done this. When you put on the hoodie, what do you do first? You roll up the sleeves. Right away you roll up the sleeves because you just know the arms just aren’t going to fit. It’s not going to be long enough. I mean just jacket that I’m wearing right here in this clip is an extra, extra-large from just your Joe Blow jacket company that makes hoodies, and there is no hope. There is no hope for the sleeves and so that is something that is very common. Luckily that is sort of a look that a lot of guys like to go for, but sometimes it’s nice to just not roll up your sleeves. But tall guys don’t really have an option when it comes to hoodies because the arms in most cases just aren’t long enough.

Let’s say you’ve found a hoodie that for some reason has the arms that actually fit the length of your tall-guy arm. Most likely, the torso is going to be short on that. Another trick that you probably subconsciously do is when you put on your hoodie, the hands go into the pockets, pull the front of the jacket down, and all the sudden you’ve fixed the issue. But now you can’t use your hands. Lame! Because of that problem, let’s say you found the perfect fitting tall-guy shirt, now all of a sudden you wear your hoodie and you have the shirt sticking out the bottom. Your jacket rising up to the top and you just look weird as usual. These are all issues that all tall-guys have faced when it comes to finding the right hoodie. But the answer is out there! Right now, I’m wearing an American Tall hoodie.

Let’s talk about these hoodies, why they’re great, and why you should get one. First off, I’m six foot eight and weigh about two-hundred and fifteen pounds. I’m a pretty tall guy, but also pretty lean as well, and that’s what American Tall is all about, outfitting the tall and lean guys of the world. Right now, I am wearing their large, extra-tall gray hoodie. The first thing you should notice is that the arms actually go all the way down the length. Check it out! There is even some extra room just in case your hands get a little cold. So, boom! We’ve got the arms fit and you can roll up the sleeves if you need to. That option is there for you to have the sleeves down just like everyone else in the world. So, the arms fit, but also the torso goes all the way down with a little bit of room to spare as well. Another great thing about these hoodies is that they give you the warmth that you need from a jacket but don’t let you get too sweaty. I know I’m not the only tall guy out there that has the sweating problem. We’re taller. We just generally have to move more mass with our body. Our metabolism is higher. Most tall guys sweat more than the average person, but these jackets are lightweight, comfortable, and make it so you stay warm without getting too sweaty.

You’re probably like, “Dude, I need one of these hoodies and I need one now!” Before you go pick one up, I just want to discuss a little bit about the sizing of the hoodies. The one I’m currently wearing, like I mentioned, is their large, extra-tall. I also tried out their large-tall. There are a couple reasons why I chose the large, extra-tall instead of the large-tall. Now if you look at this photo right here I’ve laid both of those jackets on top of each other. You can see that the large, extra-tall has a little bit extra length on the arms as well as a little extra length on the torso which you would have assume because the size is a little bigger, but if you take a close look here at where the arm attaches to the torso this is where the decision is made for me. Take a quick look and you’ll notice that on the black hoodie, the large-tall, for that one the attachment of the arm to the torso was a little bit higher than that on the large, extra-tall gray hoodie. Because of this, when I tried to take my arms up above my head, the large-tall black hoodie actually lifted up and my stomach started to show, but I didn’t have this issue on the large, extra-tall. That was sort of my only issue with the large-tall jacket. Other than that, the sleeves and the torso length worked out well. But having that little bit of extra length on the torso and that different attachment of the arm into the torso made it so that I could lift my arms above my head without the jacket lifting up as well.

To give you a little more about my physiology, like I said I’m six foot eight but I have the short legs of a six foot eight guy. My inseam on my pants is only thirty-six, and so I know guys that are shorter than me and have longer legs. My torso is a lot longer than most guys. So, like I said, having that extra torso length was what made me go for the large, extra-tall compared to just the large-tall, but luckily on American Tall’s website they’ve got the models, height, and weight information on the page where you order the hoodies or shirts, or whatever you decide to get from them to give you a good idea of what size is going to work best for you. But the quality, the comfort, the length, it’s all awesome. So, if you’re looking to check out one of these hoodies you’ve got to get one. You’ve got to go to American Tall and check out their list of hoodies, as well as jackets, short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and a whole variety of awesome clothing for you to check out. Today I just wanted to talk about the tall guy issues with hoodies and that the solution out there exists. So, guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think and I’ll see you guys in the next one."