Sizing Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys

Sizing Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys

It’s a Sunday morning. There’s a chill in the air, and you’re settling in for a long day of watching sports, puttering around in the kitchen, or playing video games. What do you wear to make sure you’re cozy and comfortable all day long? If you’re anything like us, the answer is always a men’s extra tall hoodie.

The hoodie sweater originated in the early 20th century as a garment that could protect New York City factory workers from chilly temperatures on the factory floor during the winter. Soon, they were being made for high school athletes to wear as they waited on the sidelines for their turn to compete during cold weather.

It didn’t take long for the hoodie to turn from a utilitarian garment into a true fashion staple. Even though they began as a mainstream article of clothing (and who is more all-American than a high school athlete?), they were quickly embraced by a diverse range of communities, including skaters, punks, and rappers. Huge musical acts like the Wu-Tang Clan were known both for their music and their style, which primarily consisted of hoodies and Timberlands.

Despite this rich and complex history, these garments have largely stayed the same. This is a boon to enthusiasts, but unfortunate for those who just can’t fit into a standard size. That’s where men’s extra tall hoodies come in.

Are Tall Slim-Fit Hoodies Just Longer?
Hoodies are such a universal item of clothing, and we believe there should be options available for anyone who wants to wear one. That’s why we’ve developed a line of hoodies for tall skinny guys available only at American Tall.

Our men’s tall size hoodies aren’t just longer. All their measurements are designed with a taller guy’s proportions in mind to ensure that both the torso length and arm length fit with comfort and accuracy.

To ensure we offer options that will appeal to everyone, we’ve developed two unique styles – one with a zip, and one without.

Men’s Tall Size Hoodies
Looking for a classic tall slim-fit hoodie? We’ve designed and tweaked our classic version until it’s absolutely perfect. From the sturdy-yet-soft 80-20 French terry fabric to the generous kangaroo pocket on the front, our hoodie is designed to be the ultimate loungewear staple.Plus, every measurement is calculated to fit the needs of a tall guy, from the length to the generously proportional hood. With 8 colors available, it’s not hard to pick out one that will be the perfect match for your wardrobe.
tall-mens-hoodie tall-mens-hoodie

Men’s Tall 80-20 French Terry Full Zip Hoodies
If you prefer your hoodies to be a bit more versatile, or if you just have a killer t-shirt collection you want to show off, opt for our tall zip hoodies. Each is made from sumptuously soft 80-20 cotton and polyester French terry, with soft brushed loops that sit against your skin to offer both comfort and warmth.
Plus, to fit with every wardrobe, we’ve developed a range of colors from maroon to grey to ensure that your hoodie always looks like a part of your outfit, not a last-minute addition.

Shop Our Favorite Tall Sweatshirts at American Tall
Looking to add a new tall slim-fit hoodie to your wardrobe? At American Tall, we have a variety of sweaters and sweatshirts that are the perfect addition to any fall and winter wardrobe. The soft French terry fabric gives you the perfect amount of softness and strength, so they’ll last for years to come. Plus, we carry a complementary line of sweatpants so you can build a matching set.

Shop online at American Tall today to pick out your next favorite hoodie.