Tall Menswear 101: A Course on Back-to-School Shopping

School’s hard, so we’ve made your search for back-to-school tall menswear easy, with this quick guide on what you’ll need for class, parties, dates, study sessions, and everything in between. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself for the new semester, you’ve come to the right blog.

Whether you’re a high school freshman or a college senior, your closet should be filled with these must-have trappings that still leave room for your personal accents and styling.

American Tall 80-20 Men’s Fleece Joggers

There’s only one thing that’ll get you through that three-hour lecture on 18th century American literature: a comfy pair of joggers.

The American Tall 80-20 Men’s Fleece Joggers are another addition to your athleisure closet section, featuring color-matched embossed drawstrings, brushed fleece inner face, and cuffed ankles. These aren’t your 80’s sweats – our tall joggers are slim and fitted, without sacrificing that much-needed real estate for your long legs to feel cozy.

American Tall J1 Straight-Leg Tall Jeans

People will come and go throughout your school years, but these well-fitting American Tall J1 Straight-Leg Tall Jeans will be your best friend for years to come.

The J1’s are a throwback to classic denim. No, we don’t mean the old jeans your dad used to buy at Wal-Mart; think John Wayne, or Bruce Springsteen. The 11.5 oz. denim can take a beating, so you’ll be able to party hard and study harder (hah). They’re truly suited for any occasion school life will throw at you, besides the ones you’d rather skip anyhow.

When you need to crash on your buddy’s couch after a long night of partying, they’re comfortable enough to pass out in, too.

American Tall Fitted V-Neck Sweater

If you’re looking for a sharp look, the American Tall Fitted V-Neck Sweater is the smartest choice.

Most sweaters are stuffy, so we went to work designing these tall men’s v-necks to be damn comfortable; they’re incomparably soft thanks to the 72% viscose-28% nylon blend we’ve created. College life is unpredictable, so this sweater’s versatility is an added bonus – it works well on its own, layered over a tall button-up shirt, or under a tall blazer.

Note: If you’re a college senior, you may be mistaken for a professor or T.A while wearing this v-neck.

American Tall Shirt Jacket

Featuring the best qualities of a shirt and a jacket, the American Tall Shirt Jacket (shacket?) is the most versatile article of clothing a man can hang in his closet.

Thinner than your lightweight jacket, but thicker than an oxford button up shirt, our tall men’s shirt jackets are suited to both warm and cool weather. They’re perfect for layering over your favorite tall tee, button down, or hoodie. Combined with a couple of distinct color options – carbon grey or khaki – and a plaid-patterned interior made of flannel, you’ll exude a rugged coolness and feel comfortable in class during the day, and at the pub in the evening.

Deciding on what clothes to bring to university shouldn’t be more complicated than Advanced Physics. American Tall’s collection of tall men’s clothing is ready for next semester, even if you aren’t.