Right on the Button: Tall Men’s Button Down Shirts for Every Occasion

Right on the Button: Tall Men’s Button Down Shirts for Every Occasion

If there’s one shirt a tall man can’t live without, it’s his treasured button down shirt.

Tall button down shirts are versatile and timeless. You build your entire outfit from it, or use it as the ultimate fallback plan if you can’t put thought into the day’s ensemble. Slot them into your summer lineup, or layer them in the fall with T-shirts and henleys. They can be fitted, they can be oversized. Wear them sleeves down, or sleeves rolled.

Any which way you wear your button down shirt works (unless you’re wearing them in backwards, buttons-on-your-back fashion. That’s just strange).

Here’s how these wardrobe cornerstones are fit for all of life’s occasions.

For Parties

Tall men’s button down shirts are the best compromise for parties, adding effortless class to any casual getup. 

American Tall’s Soft-Wash Tall Button Up Shirt is perfect for summer shindigs in particular, with a light-weight, breezy construction that makes for comfortable backyard BBQ attire. You’ll still look sharp when it’s time to roll up the sleeves to avoid chicken wing sauce stains, or when the beer pong game’s stakes are raised.

For Bars

There was a time when the short sleeve button up shirt could only be found alongside a buzz cut and horned-rim glasses, or on Guy Fieri.

But these shirts your dad thought were cool have come back in full force (besides the horned-rim glasses) in the form of our new Short-Sleeve Button Down Shirts. The difference with these tall button downs is the fit – the box-like shape of old is gone, replaced with a cozy, fitted composition that’s soft and airy, too.

As the most casual iteration of the button-down, we feel it’s fitting for the most casual social setting. If you’re hitting up a pool hall, rock your short sleeve button up open with a T-shirt or undershirt to nail that grungy, Pearl Jam-ish 90’s vibe.

For Work

When you need something to bridge the gap between smart and casual, American Tall’s Washed Oxford Button Down Shirt answers the call all-year-round.

Oxford shirts aren’t as stiff as dress shirts, and are lighter and more breathable than your typical weekend flannel. The feel is unlike any other tall button down shirt you’ve owned; Oxford shirts, as the name suggests, are created with Oxford cotton weaved in a certain pattern to provide a textured, rather than smooth, finish. (That simply translates to inimitable comfort.)

If you’re looking for accent pieces to your Oxford button down shirt, you can check virtually any section on the American Tall website. No hyperbole, the shirt is that versatile.

You can never own enough button down shirts. Shop for new colors, patterns, and fits online with American Tall.