Mix and Match Your Tall Men’s Outfits This Summer | American Tall

Mix and Match Your Tall Men’s Outfits This Summer | American Tall

Enjoying the summer heat means assembling a wardrobe that allows you to look and feel good at the same time.

As a tall guy, it’s essential to have a variety of comfortably stylish go-tos for different summer occasions. Better still, a line up of stand-out options that mix and match to fit formal, casual, and everything in between.

Here at American Tall, we believe that feeling relaxed on those 80-degree days should never mean compromising your style goals.

Whether you’re meeting the boys for a game of pickup or meeting a date for a drink on the patio, there are certain tall summer items that impress no matter what, especially when paired together.


First thing’s first for any tall summer dress code: shorts. 


It pains us to hear shorts dismissed as having limited potential. The right pair of shorts covers the outdoors, restaurants, club nights, and can even be formal enough for the office.

Well-tailored shorts have been a business attire staple in tropical climates since the early 20th century. If you’re working in a more dressed-down environment, or one with Casual Fridays, you want a pair that looks the part while still ensuring that summer comfort.

Our tall men’s chinos fit the bill perfectly. Go for trendier highlight colors like sky blue and eggplant or try subtler options like charcoal and stone. Or hey, once you’ve found the perfect pair, you might just want to treat yourself to all of them.

Looking for a silver lining? Chinos pair seamlessly with tall button-ups, polos, and classic tees.


Nothing balances classy and comfy like a well-made polo. While its knit fabric makes a polo more lounge-ready than a dress shirt, its collars and armbands offer a tastefulness pioneered by early British athletes.


But we know that finding a tall polo that maintains this equilibrium can be challenging. When the sleeves are snug, the shirt’s too short, right? When the length’s just right, you’re billowing with extra fabric.

We hear you. That’s why we’ve designed tall men’s polos that get it right. Our diverse color range spans work, play, muted, and vibrant.




A crisp, fitted tall tee shirt in the right color is going to feel and look great in any setting.

And there’s nothing wrong with classic. Sometimes what tall chinos and brand new sneakers need is a tall v-neck or crew-neck tee to set them off just right.


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