Top 12 Must-Have Gifts for Tall People in 2023

Top 12 Must-Have Gifts for Tall People in 2023

Finding the perfect present can be a tall order, especially when shopping for the vertically gifted. But at American Tall, we know how to do tall clothes right. With our tall people gift guide, you'll have a list of the top 2023 gift ideas for tall individuals that are sure to impress. Let's get into the details, ensuring that every gift is a perfect fit for those with a little more to love in the height department.

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6 Best Gifts for Tall Men

1. The Sky-High Henley

For the man who towers above the rest, a classic Henley is a wardrobe staple. But not just any Henley will do – it needs to match his altitude with attitude. Our Henleys are tailored with extra length in the body and sleeves, ensuring a fit that looks custom-made. This is the kind of gift for tall men that combines comfort with the cool, casual vibe that tall guys embody. 

2. Elevated Joggers

Joggers have taken the world by storm, and for a good reason. But for the tall man, finding a pair that doesn’t look like they're prepping for a flood can be a struggle. Our joggers are the answer, offering that extra leg length without sacrificing the slim, modern silhouette that makes them so popular. They're the perfect gift for tall guys who want to lounge in luxury or step out in street-style comfort that actually reaches their ankles.

3. Height-Appropriate Workout Gear

When it comes to selecting workout gear for the taller gentleman, the challenge is real. Standard sizes often fall short – literally – leaving wrists exposed and ankles breezy, which can be a distraction from an effective workout. That's why height-appropriate workout gear is a game-changer and a great gift for tall men. It's not just about the length; it's about crafting a fit that allows for full range of motion without restriction or excess fabric getting in the way.

4. Extra-Long Ties

Standard ties often fall short, leaving an awkward gap that can disrupt the sleek line of a well-chosen suit. That's where extra-long ties come into play, providing the necessary length for a proper fit and an impeccable finish. They're not just a practical accessory; they're a statement that you've taken his unique proportions into account. For those looking to nail the gift-giving game, an extra-long tie is both thoughtful and essential.

5. Tall Tailored Shirts

What do tall guys look good in? The answer is a perfectly fitted shirt. Our tailored shirts are a godsend for the vertically gifted, offering the right proportions to flatter their tall frames. This isn't just a shirt; it's a reminder that you care about how they look and feel. It's a gift for tall men that elevates their confidence as much as their cuffs.

6. The Perfect Outerwear Vest

When the weather calls for versatile layering, a tall men's outerwear vest becomes an essential wardrobe piece for the taller gentleman. It offers the perfect blend of warmth and style without the bulk of full sleeves, ideal for those with longer torsos. A vest designed specifically for tall men ensures that the fit is both flattering and functional, covering the belt line comfortably and providing ample pocket space. Gift him this and watch him step out in confidence and comfort, no matter the season.

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6 Best Gifts for Tall Women

1. The Versatile Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a quintessential piece for the tall woman, offering a timeless silhouette that celebrates her height with elegance and ease. The adjustable tie waist and flowing skirt of a wrap dress cater to a taller frame, ensuring a bespoke fit that flatters every time. It's the kind of dress that transitions effortlessly from day to night, making it a versatile addition to her wardrobe and a stellar gift for tall women. Gifting a wrap dress is a nod to her style and the unique lines of her tall silhouette.

2. Long-Legged Leggings

Leggings for a tall woman need to be a marathon, not a sprint, in terms of length. Our leggings are the long-distance runners, providing the perfect stretch from waist to ankle. They're a versatile and essential gift for tall women that pairs with everything, ensuring she feels supported and stylish, whether she's at the gym or on the go.

3. The Effortlessly Chic Shirt-Jacket (Shacket)

The shacket stands at the crossroads of casual and chic, making it a must-have for tall women who crave comfort without compromising on style. Its longer length is a perfect match for a taller frame, providing the right coverage while maintaining a fashionable edge. Whether layered over a turtleneck or paired with her fave denim, a shacket is a year-round staple. It's the ideal gift for the tall woman who appreciates a blend of utility and trendiness in her attire.

4. Flannel Pajama Pants

When in doubt, comfy flannel pajama pants are a safe bet and a go-to in tall woman's loungewear, offering cozy comfort tailored to her extended leg length. The soft fabric and warm weave make them a delightful retreat from the day's hustle, especially when the fit is just right. Gifting a pair of flannel pajama pants means giving the gift of relaxation, fitted to her tall stature.

5. Long-Line Blazers

A long-line blazer is the power player in a tall woman's wardrobe. It's a piece that can transform her outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and style. Our blazers are designed to complement her height, making this gift for tall women a surefire way to boost her fashion game and her confidence.

6. American Tall Gift Card

When it comes to gifts for tall people, the American Tall Gift Card is a one-size-fits-all wonder that opens up a world of possibilities. It's the perfect gift for tall women (and men!) who know the value of a tailored fit but cherish the freedom to choose. With an American Tall Gift Card, they can explore a range of clothing specifically designed for their stature, from stylish staples to the latest trends. 

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Find the perfect gift in the perfect fit – only at American Tall!

In the world of gifts, it's not just the thought that counts, but the fit, style, and understanding that goes into choosing them. With this guide, you're set to give gifts for tall people that stand out and stand up to their unique needs. Let's make 2023 a year of gifts that are head and shoulders above the rest!

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