Tall Mens Shoes for for Big Feet

Being taller than most of the population often means having bigger feet than most of said population. Unfortunately, finding tall mens shoes to fit your feet is just as challenging as finding tall clothes to cover wrists and ankles.  

Enter David. David owns Pieds Géants -Montreal's destination tall mens shoe store for big feet.  Psst... you can also shop online!

Jake Rajsky, our Director of Brand Experience had the pleasure of visiting David a few months ago and learning about his business selling tall mens shoes.


American Tall: When did you first open Pieds Géants? 

David: We first opened in November of 2010.

American Tall: What made you decide to open a shoe store for extra large feet?

David: Well it's been difficult to find shoes my whole life.  I used to play basketball and that was the one time I was actually able to find comfy shoes that fit.  Once I stopped playing and needed business shoes though I had a really hard time.  I realized there were very few options and so I decided to do something about it.  Originally I actually thought Pieds Géants would be entirely online but within the first few months it became almost all brick and mortar retail.

American Tall: Who do you cater to?

David: We have shoes for all big feet.  We have sizes you don't find anywhere else -size 14 and up for men, and size 11 and up for women.  We always carry between 120 and 160 models in each size so there's plenty to choose from.  

American Tall: What is your mission statement? 

David: I want us to become THE destination for "funky size" shoes.  This includes big, wide and tall feet.  The name Pieds Géants translates to "Giant Feet" - We want to cater to all shapes of giant feet.

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