Awesome Ski Wear for Tall Men

You live for the slopes. For hitting the powder and feeling the wind blast against your face on the way down the mountain. It’s the only time you feel alive, and it doesn’t last anywhere near long enough.

You’re a god on the slopes, so you better look the part, because those ski bunnies are catty gossips and the cocoa line at the lodge can easily become your high school lunch room. Impress on your skis and off with these ski wear tips for men from American Tall.

Tall Men’s Sweatshirts

 Your ski jacket will be the workhorse of your look, but you still need a smart tall men’s sweatshirt to pull it all together. Our new line of Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirts are warm, extremely soft, and most importantly, comfortable enough to let you get off some sick aerials on the halfpipe.

Long Sleeve Tees

Layering is key to staying warm on the slopes, and the best ski outfits for men consider effective layering without looking bulky. As such, our Essential Long Sleeve Tees are perfect inner layers due to their light, stretchable fabric, and added warmth.

Plus, if you want to kickback at the lodge, you can take off the outer layer and still look good.

Casual Pants

Don’t be the slob who wears his ski pants everywhere around the resort. Men don’t go on vacation without outfits for every occasion, and that means evening wear. However, we understand the need to be comfortable after a long day hitting the slopes, so that’s why we recommend you bring along a pair of our J1 Semi-Relaxed Chinos for tall men.

Stretchy and comfortable, these chinos for tall men don’t sacrifice aesthetics and can fit both formal and casual outfits.

For more comfortable, warm winter clothing for tall athletic man, come to American Tall. We (The Tall) specialize in sharp outfits for slim or athletic men over 6’3’’.