Although it might seem that we just appeared over-night, we’ve always been here - we are the folks who fought endlessly with our bosses, trying to get the brands we worked for to extend sizes to include tall sizes. A few of us industry veterans got tired of hearing that tall men and women don’t represent a viable market, and we set out to prove that you do.

We know the frustration of reaching for a "tall shirt", putting it on and hoping it’s long enough; or standing in a store measuring all the "tall pants" in an effort to find the one pair that MIGHT cover the ankles.

It’s an injustice and we are the kind of people who always seem to root for the underdog, the little guy. Funny - you, the “little guy”. But our stated mission is to offer you the tall clothing you reach for day in and day out - the comfortable, core items that form the bulk of your wardrobe. The “elevated basics” as we call them. We also want you to enjoy the season’s trendier styles and colors, and as we grow, we will continue to extend our collection of tall men's and women's fashion.

We face many unique challenges and some familiar ones, too. Obviously, our production runs are very small compared to main stream brands, so the factories charge more for our orders. Being so much longer, our garments use more fabric which also drives up costs. Producing and carrying inventory to fit men up to 7’2” and women up to 6'5 means we offer over 20 tall sizes in pants and at least 8 tall sizes in tops. We recognize these challenges and devise solutions that result in our ability to offer great styles that fit well at reasonable prices.

When your market consists of only 1% of the population, you can view that as an extremely difficult challenge, or you can take pride in the knowledge that your market is made up of the elite few who live above the masses, who appreciate simple pleasures that others take for granted. Simple pleasures like sleeves that extend all the way down your arms without being attached to a shirt that billows like a tent, or pants that fit your long legs all the way down, not just to the ankles. Let the other brands have their fun with the common folks. We prefer to operate above the crowd.        

You deserve a brand that is dedicated to providing you with tall clothes that enhance your personal style and bring a smile to your face every time you put them on. Because we listen to our market you will recognize that much of what we do is a reflection of our community. Everything we do is with you in mind. Your trust in American Tall is a responsibility we honor, and we are committed to earning that trust every day.

You grew for us - we’ll grow on you!

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