What To Wear To The Office: Work Clothes for Tall Men

What To Wear To The Office: Work Clothes for Tall Men

When it comes to getting dressed for work, confidence is key. You want to make sure you're wearing work clothes for tall men that make you feel comfortable and look good so you can perform your best! But as a tall guy, that can be easier said than done. There's nothing worse than feeling self-conscious in a big meeting because your shirt sleeves are too short or your suit jacket is too baggy.

That's where we come in. All of our tall work clothes are designed specifically for tall guys between 6'3” and 7'1” with everything from polished chinos to blazers and button-down shirts featuring proper proportions at every seam. Read on for our top picks for every office dress code, whether you work in a formal office or from your couch.
Business Professional

If you work for a big bank, the government or a law firm, chances are, your office has a business professional dress code. Business professional is one of the most formal and conservative dress codes, second only to business formal, which is usually reserved for professional galas or awards ceremonies. It calls for more traditional work outfits like suits, dress pants, blazers and button-down shirts with ties.

Men's Tall Blazer Formal Tie for Tall Men

For a business professional dress code, tailored cuts and classic fits are key. We suggest wearing a pair of our Carman Chinos with an Oskar Tall Dress Shirt and Blazer. Finish it all off with one of our Extra-Long Dress Ties and a pair of Dress Socks in sizes 14 to 17. In a dapper outfit like this, you'll be able to knock that big presentation out of the park.

Men's Tall Chino Pants with a Tapered fit
Tall Men's Button up Dress Shirt
Business Casual

The business casual dress code strikes a great balance between everyday casual outfits and professional workwear. It's one of the most common office dress codes but the definition varies based on the workplace. The dress code isn't casual enough for jeans and sneakers, but it is a bit more laidback. Think collared shirts like button-ups or polos with men's tall work pants like slacks or chinos.

This dress code is all about balance – you want to look presentable without looking too laidback or casual. Our Stretch Linen Button-Down Shirt looks great with Mason Semi-Relaxed Chinos. In the summer, opt for a Seersucker Short-Sleeve Shirt or a Tipped Polo Shirt with Carman Tapered Fit Chinos, loafers and a belt.

Tall Men's Stretch Linen Button Shirt
Men's Tall Chino Pants

The Job Site

Whether you're a construction worker, an architect visiting a new development site or a project manager, job sites tend to be fairly casual with some guidelines in place. Generally, you can't wear anything with rips or holes, clothes can't be too tight and you should be wearing something fairly comfortable that allows for ease of movement.

Looking for good construction site work clothes for tall men? Our LJ&S Rugged J1 Straight Leg Jeans are durable enough for the job site and pair great with a Heavy Slub Henley Tee and an LJ&S Heavy Flannel Shirt. If you need even more warmth on chillier days, we recommend one of our LJ&S Sherpa-Lined Shirt Jackets.

Tall Men's Jeans Heavyweight Flannel for Tall Men
Work From Home

There's no set dress code when you're working from home. Outfits can range from ultra-comfy sweatsuits to jeans and a tee or even jeans a button-down shirt if you have an important virtual meeting or interview to attend. Some people prefer focusing on comfort over fashion whereas others feel the need to dress like they're still going to work to stay focused.

Coordinating sweatsuits became super popular when more and more people started working remotely during the pandemic. Choose from a range of extra-long sweatpants and sweatshirts made for your height – we love our 80-20 French Terry Joggers and 80-20 Fleece Hoodie in Bright White. If you want something a bit more put-together, our Lightweight Waffle Tee looks great with a pair of Carman Jeans.

Tall Men's Sweatsuit Match-up Lightweight Waffle Long Sleeve Tee for Tall Men