Tall Men's Fall Fashion: The Best Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

Tall Men's Fall Fashion: The Best Men's Fall Outfit Ideas

As the weather turns cooler, it gets easier to rock the types of pieces that make tall men look so great. Fitted blazers, jeans that hang just right, and immaculately tailored dress shirts are so much more fun to wear when it’s not blazing hot outside.

The shorts and tees that exemplify summer fashion might feel comfortable in super-hot weather, but as soon as the days cool down, most of us are eager to jump into men’s casual outfits for fall.

Whether you take inspiration from Vogue or love sliding into whatever feels most comfortable, we guarantee that with a few great staples, you can put together enough men’s fall outfit ideas that will keep you going until the snow starts to swirl.

Today, we’ll talk about what basics every tall guy needs for fall, and how you can turn simple outfits into something worth getting excited about.

Casual Fall Men’s Outfits: Ideas and Inspiration
For men’s casual outfits for fall, most guys reach for staples like jeans, button-up shirts, and blazers. Tall guys are no different. However, this year we want to draw your attention to a few new staples we think pair well with these classic pieces.

The Polo Shirt
There are lots of ways to wear a polo shirt. Most guys assume that the polo is exclusively the domain of sporty guys, but in 2020 that’s not really true anymore. The polo shirt is a great transition piece for men’s casual outfits for fall, and can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or even a fitted pair of joggers. To avoid looking like someone from Jersey Shore, make sure your polo is well-fitted through the shoulders but doesn’t cling too tight to your chest. 


tall mens blue polo tall mens white polo tall mens grey polo

The Denim Jacket

A great pair of jeans will always be a classic. However, in recent years we’ve been seeing the denim jacket make a comeback. The American Tall denim jacket is an homage to the smooth confidence of guys like James Dean and Springsteen – men who have made the denim jacket a symbol of effortless style.

Our version fits guys with arm lengths of 37-44”, and is a great option when you need men’s outfits for fall pictures, or for days out with friends, and so much more.

tall mens denim jacket dark blue tall mens dark blue denim jacket back view

Comfy Loungewear
There are many different shirts and sweaters available for guys this fall, but given the unique circumstances of 2020, we think there’s a pretty big chance you’ll need some good loungewear as well. If you want to stay comfortable and still look good on Zoom or during grocery store runs, opt for a pair of fitted joggers. Our new favorite joggers are available in black, grey, navy, and burgundy.

tall mens tech jogger tall mens lounge pant tall mens liunge jogger grey
tall mens jogger blue tall mens charcoal jogger

Shop Men’s Casual Outfits for Fall at American Tall
You don’t need a total wardrobe overhaul to get new men's fall outfit ideas. All you need are a few classic staples like the polo shirt, denim jacket, and joggers, combined with great basics like jeans, tees, and button-up shirts. As long as your clothes are designed to flatter a tall guy’s body and fit you well, you can combine any of these pieces to create the perfect outfit for fall.

The American Tall collection is always designed with tall guys in mind, and we’re continually improving our offerings to give you more size and style options. Shop online today to get 15% off our fall favorites.

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