What Makes Tall Shirts Unique?

What Makes Tall Shirts Unique?

What Makes Tall Shirts Unique?

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look well-dressed and put together this summer. There are many different ways for a tall guy to look sharp, but nothing says stylish more than an extra tall men’s shirt.

These men’s dress shirts are made for tall, thin body types, and are specifically tailored to ensure a perfect fit for guys ranging from 6’3” up to Yao Ming. No more shirts that are too short in the arms, or too gigantic everywhere else. Our fit and wide availability of styles are what make our tall shirts so popular.

Today, we’ll talk about picking the right extra tall men’s shirts, and what makes these beautifully tailored garments so unique.

Our Favorite Tall Shirt Styles for Summer
Gone are the days when a tall guy’s only option was shopping in the big & tall section. There are many different types of regular and extra tall men’s shirts available today. These shirts are designed for tall guys whose body type is either slim or athletic. If you pick a good retailer like American Tall, there are lots of options available for materials and styles. Here are some favorites.


Available in tall and extra tall sizes, our flannel shirts for men are made with soft and sturdy flannel fabric that’s perfect for cozy nights around a bonfire. Imagine the coziest, softest shirt you’ve ever put on, with the added benefit of never having to tug your sleeves down. 

tall-man-red-check-button-shirt tall-mens-hooded-flannel-shirt


Oxford shirts
are one of our favorite summer men’s shirts. The tall, slim fit is perfect for looking put-together at the office, going to a casual summer wedding, or hitting the beach. The medium-weight cotton goes from day to night with ease, and the colors pair well with jeans, dress pants, or khakis.

Our double-weave shirts are made from two lightweight fabrics woven together to offer a soft, airy shirt that feels perfectly broken-in. 

tall-man-button-shirt-plaid close-up-tall-button-plaid-shirt tall-blue-green-plaid-shirt-man

Picking the Right Tall Men’s Shirt
When it comes to choosing the right tall men’s shirt, fabric and style are only half of the battle. No matter how great the fabric is, the fit has to be right. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about picking a tall men’s shirt that fits your body with no tugging at the wrists, or excessive fabric at the waist.

Why tall shirts and not tall & big shirts?
Tall shirts are designed to fit guys whose body type is slim or athletic. Big & Tall manufacturers are focused on producing clothing for customers 6’ and above who need a loose, roomy fit.

How tall is a tall men’s shirt?
Our tall men’s shirts come in a variety of sizes, ranging from Small Tall (with a back length of 32.5), up to 2XL Extra Tall (with a back length of 36.5). This accommodates an arm length of between 37.5 to 41.5.

What is a medium tall shirt?
A medium tall shirt is designed to fit a guy who opts for a traditional medium size in terms of chest and waist, but requires extra length in the arms and torso. Our men’s size medium tall shirts typically fit a guy who needs a 43" chest and 39" waist, with an arm length of 37"-38" and a back length of 31"-33"

Shop Men’s Tall Shirts at American Tall
A great shirt is the most fundamental piece in a man’s wardrobe. The next time you’re struggling to find the right tall shirt, come to American Tall to shop our versatile collection. Find the right pieces for work, play, and every occasion in between.