Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Tall Man in Your Life

If you’re having trouble finding a Valentine’s Day gift for your man that’s as big as his heart, we have a selection of tall men’s clothing perfectly suited for the date you’re hoping he treats you to.

Find inspired Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men in our new arrivals section, just in time for Hallmark’s favorite holiday:

Carman Tapered-Fit Men’s Tall Pants in Firebrick Red

There was a time red men’s pants were reserved for Oxford graduates and farmers with no self-awareness.

 mens-tall-pants-firebrick-red mens-tall-pants-red firebrick-red-mens-pants

But rogue is back in vogue with sports icons and celebrities like Lionel Messi and Will Smith bringing back vibrant-colored trousers. Our Carman Tapered-Fit Tall Men’s Pants in Firebrick Red will let the tall man in your life walk with the respect of the weekday without sacrificing the feel of the weekend. These pants for tall men are pre-washed and pre-shrunk for I’ve-worn-this-for-years broken in comfort, plus 5-pocket jean construction.

We carry this type of tall men’s pants in a variety of colors, but pick red because, you know, Valentine’s Day and such.

Washed Oxford Men’s Tall Button Down Shirt in Pink

Real men wear pink.

 pink-oxford-shirt mens-pink-oxford-shirt mens-pink-dress-shirt

Not only is it a versatile color to go with the rest of a tall man’s wardrobe, reducing the chances he commits a clashing color faux pas, it’s the hue of power (it was a considered a ‘warlike color’ in the 18th century) and success (a Cotton USA study found men who wear pink earn about $1,200 more per year than other pink-adverse men).

American Tall’s Washed Oxford Button Down in Pink embodies the power of pink in a clean, crisp package that’s comfortable for tall men; washed and pre-shrunk, these men’s tall button down shirts have added softener for unabashed comfort and lasting fit.

Slim-Fit Tall Athletic Tees in Red

Does your tall guy love the gym? Then he’ll love our slim-fit athletic tees made just for tall specimens like him.

 tall-mens-red-athletic-tee mens-red-athletic-tee tall-mens-red-tee

Conversely, does your man hate the gym? Then guilt him into going more often with our slim-fit athletic tees.

We know the first hand horrors of an exposed midriff at the gym (sorry fellow gym-goers at LA Fitness), so we’ve designed these longer and extra durable red athletic tall tees. They’re essential tall activewear: slim fit, slim sleeves, and an incredibly light, breathable fabric.

Chocolates, cinnamon hearts, cards…these aren’t Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Get him something that reflects how well you know him, like his eternal struggle for true tall men’s clothing that’s fit for him.

Check out our new arrivals section for more men’s V Day gifts from American Tall.