The Biggest Tall Men's Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

Besides universal fashion faux pas like socks and slides or low-riding trousers, there are style no-no’s tall men should avoid like a How Far is Tattoo Far marathon.

Don’t risk looking like you’ve just shopped in the irregular clothing section and be mindful of these tall men’s fashion faux pas:

Don’t buy ‘big and tall’

Trust us, we understand the frustration of finding tall men’s clothing that provides adequate length without unwanted width. Resorting to big and tall clothing isn’t the answer – you’ll be swimming in baggy pants and droopy shirts, making you stand out for the wrong reasons.


Opt for tall men’s clothing made for lean, slimmer profiles that fits to your body well, and keeps your cuffs and ankles covered for a change.

Living on off-the-rack shirts

Off-the-rack shirts to the American Tall team mean loose collars, baggy shoulders, short arm and body lengths, and shame. You simply can’t find these elements in the correct proportions to your body in a standard big and tall selection; it’s a tall task for even the most skilled tailors to remedy.

Look for specialty clothing companies that design tall men’s dress shirts and tall button downs who account for all these features with extra height in mind. Your confidence and significant other will thank you.

The tie is too damn long (or short)

An ill-fitted tie is all it takes to flip your outfit from classy to comical.

As a rule of thumb, keep your tie length just touching the top of your belt buckle or waist. An inch longer or shorter will unbalance your curated outfit. So either find a better fitting tie, or start making adjustments to the one you have – don’t be worried if the back length is much shorter than the front, no one can see it anyway.

Too many stripes

Horizontal stripes are cool, but vertical ones aren’t. Adding more vertical elements to your ensemble accentuates your length and leanness too much. You’re tall and proud, but the old saying too much of something is never a good thing, applies to your enviable height, too.


Subtle plaids and textures are what we suggest, allowing your natural height to act as a vessel for your high fashion game.

The easiest way to dress sharp with clothes made for your tall frame is visiting American Tall’s online store. You’ll feel right at home with our full selection of tall men’s clothing if you’re over 6’3”.