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How to Find the Best Pants Inseam for a Tall Man

Shopping for jeans and other pants is a famously terrible experience. Buying something that’s only made of two legs and a waistband shouldn’t be so hard, right?

Unfortunately, it’s never that simple.

Finding the right pair of pants can be a major chore – especially if you’re a taller guy. That’s why we’re so committed to offering tall men’s pants in a 36” inseam, 38” inseam, and 40” inseam, along with various waistband sizes. This helps ensure you can always find a pair of pants that fit you well and feel fantastic. Most mall retailers or big box stores don’t stock pants longer than a 34” inseam.

So, how will you know when you’ve found the right pair of pants? There are a few key signs that you’re on the right track. Read on to learn more about the tips and tricks we’ve found to help ensure you never have to wear an ill-fitting pair of pants again.

How Do You Know if Your Pants Fit?

Before you can start trying on different pairs of pants, it helps to understand what type of fit you’re looking for.

  • Certain pants, like some types of jeans and dress pants, are designed to cling closer to the line of the leg. These are usually referred to as a slim, skinny, or tapered fit. Skinny jeans or pants should never feel too tight that you’re constricted and instead should hug the line of your legs with just the right amount of ease so that you feel comfortable.
Tapered Fit Pants for Tall Men - by American Tall
  • When a pair of pants is cut in a generally straight line and looks even from waistband to cuffs, that’s a straight fit. Straight-fit pants can be worn by anyone and are available in many fabrics, including denim, khaki, and more. Straight-fit pants can be dressed up or down, depending on the other pieces of your outfit. They should feel comfortable without looking too loose.
 Straight Leg five-pocket Pants for Tall Men - by American Tall
  • A looser or more relaxed pair of pants is typically known as a relaxed fit. These are cut with more ease around the body, making them more comfortable to wear and subsequently, less suitable for more formal occasions. While these are typically worn on more casual occasions, relaxed pants that are too baggy should always be avoided.
 Semi-Relaxed Jeans for Tall Men - by American Tall
  • Some pants, like joggers, are in a category of their own. Joggers and other types of sweatpants are cut generously around the thighs but taper down to a close-fitting cuff at the ankle. Joggers are usually easy to fit, but make sure you pick a pair that’s not too short at the ankle. The end of the cuff should stop right above your ankle bone.
Tall men's performance engineered joggers in charcoal mix - by American Tall Tall men's fleece cargo pocket joggers - by American Tall

What Length are Tall Men’s Pants?

Most traditional retailers don’t stock above a 34” inseam. At American Tall, we carry a variety of tall pants in more extended inseam sizes, including:

  • Tall men’s jeans (36” inseam, 38” inseam, and 40” inseam)
  • Tall men’s joggers (ranging from 36” inseam to 40” inseam)
  • Tall men’s chinos and tall dress pants (36” inseam, 38” inseam, and 40” inseam)

This variety of longer inseams plus waistband sizes ranging from 28” to 40” makes it so much easier to find the perfect pair of pants for every occasion.

How Can I Find My Perfect Tall Pants Size?

To find the perfect pair of pants that fit well and flatter your body, you need to start by doing some measurements.

There are a few measurements that are important to know when shopping for pants. They are:

  • Waist: This is typically the first measurement you’ll see on a clothing tag. It represents the measurement you’ll need to fit the waistband of your pants.  
  • Inseam: This measurement is taken from just below the crotch to the hem of the pants. When taking this measurement, it helps to have an assistant so you can hold the measuring tape at your crotch seam, and they can get an accurate measurement at the bottom of the leg. Many big brands don’t stock pants with inseams above 34”, but our tall men’s pants come in a 38” inseam and even up to a 40” inseam.
  • Hips: Many pants don’t list a hip measurement, but ours do. This measurement is taken around the fullest part of the hips, over your butt.

To get an accurate thigh measurement to ensure your next pair of American Tall pants fit, wrap a measuring tape around the thickest part of your thigh, right below your butt.

Once you have accurate measurements, use these to find pants that can accommodate your frame. You’ll have more success when you can check out a size chart and make your choices according to your precise measurements.

Shop Men’s Tall Pants at American Tall

You should never settle for pants that feel awkward or uncomfortable or make you look less than your best. You can shop a variety of tall men’s pants in inseams up to 40” at American Tall today, making it easy to find the perfect pair to complete any outfit.