Sweatpants are an essential item in every guy’s wardrobe. They were originally designed as athletic pants by a French designer in the 1920s before making their way into streetwear styles in the 1980s, when they became popular in hip-hop culture and amongst college students.

Over the last few years, sweatpants have become a cornerstone of athleisure for tall men. In fact, sweatpants aren’t just for lounging around anymore – there are plenty of ways you can wear your sweatpants that are more stylish than sloppy.

The quest for the best sweatpants for tall men over 6’ tall – ones with the right inseam length and a fit that's neither too loose nor too snug – ends with American Tall. All of our sweatpants are crafted specifically for tall guys between 6’ and 7’1” with up to a 40” inseam so you can rock the athleisure trend with confidence. Now, we’ve rounded up this year’s best sweatpants for tall guys that you’ll want to add to your collection.

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1. The Essential Brushed Terrycloth Sweatpants for the Modern Traveller

Our LJ&S Brushed French Terry sweatpants are the quintessential travel companion for the tall man. Tailored for guys over 6'3”, these pants offer a regular fit that's just right – eliminating the excessive width found in other brands. Crafted from breathable cotton, these pants are your go-to for any casual occasion, ensuring comfort whether you're lounging at home or navigating through airports.

Our Fave Features:

  • Breathable Cotton Fabric: Crafted with breathable cotton for ultimate comfort, making them some of the best sweatpants for tall guys.
  • Pre-washed and Shrinkage Controlled: Ensures the perfect fit is maintained wash after wash.
  • Functional Pockets: Equipped with slash front pockets and double rear welt pockets for storing your essentials.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Features a stretch waistband and external drawstring for a customizable fit.

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2. Microsanded French Terry Sweatpants: Your New Go-To

Say hello to unparalleled comfort with our Microsanded French Terry sweatpants. Designed for guys seeking a modern fit from mid-rise to ankle, these tall men’s sweatpants are the epitome of cozy. The elastic waistband adorned with American Tall artwork adds a unique touch, while the microsanded fabric feels like a dream against the skin. Equipped with stealthy zipper pockets and ribbed cuffs, these sweatpants blend functionality with style seamlessly.

Our Fave Features:

  • Microsanded French Terry: Offers a supremely soft feel, making these not just the best sweats for tall guys, but also the coziest.
  • Extra-Long Inseam Options: Catered to tall men between 6’3” and 7’1”, ensuring a proper fit from waist to ankle.
  • Secure Storage: Front stealth zipper pocket and back welt zipper pockets for safely carrying essentials.
  • Elastic Waistband with Artwork: Adds a unique touch of style while ensuring a snug fit.

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3. Performance French Terry Sweatpants: From Warm-Up to Cool Down

Engineered for movement and designed for the tall, our Performance French Terry sweatpants are proof of our commitment to quality and fit. The modern fit and tapered style offer freedom without restriction, making them perfect for both active days and relaxing moments. The signature French Terry fabric, combined with a zippered back pocket, provides both comfort and practicality for active guys on the go.

Our Fave Features:

  • Engineered for Movement: Utilizes the latest fabric technology for a blend of comfort and functionality, ideal for the best men's sweatpants for tall guys.
  • Tapered Modern Fit: Offers a slim, body-hugging fit without being restrictive, perfect for both active and leisure wear.
  • Durable Panel Seams: Enhanced durability with panel seams along the front, back, and sides.
  • Zippered Back Pocket: A single zippered back pocket provides secure storage for essentials.

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4. The Ultimate Comfort: Wearever French Terry Sweatpants

Experience comfort like never before with our Wearever French Terry sweatpants. These sweatpants promise to be the softest and most comfortable pair you'll ever own, thanks to our premium Wearever French Terry blend. Pre-washed to prevent shrinkage, these sweatpants are designed to maintain their length and softness, making them a staple in your casual wardrobe.

Our Fave Features:

  • Premium Wearever French Terry Blend: Delivers unmatched softness and warmth, making these a top choice for the best sweatpants for tall guys.
  • Perfect for Tall Men: Extra-long inseam designed specifically for guys over 6'3”.
  • Shrinkage Controlled: Pre-washed to maintain size and softness, ensuring a lasting fit.
  • Mid-rise Drawstring Waist: Offers a comfortable and adjustable fit.

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5. Open-Bottom Fleece Sweatpants: Relaxed Fit for Ultimate Ease

Our Wearever fleece sweatpants offer a relaxed fit with an open-bottom style, catering to the tall man's need for comfort and proper fit. Made with our premium Wearever Fleece blend, these sweatpants are soft, durable, and designed to last. Perfect for those casual days at home or quick errands around town.

Our Fave Features:

  • Premium Wearever Fleece Blend: Combines softness with durability for long-lasting comfort.
  • Designed for Tall Men: Extra-long inseam and mid-rise waist measured for men 6'3” to 7'1”.
  • Open Bottoms: Provides a relaxed fit, making them ideal for lounging or casual outings.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Mid-rise drawstring waist for a perfect fit.

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6. Fleece Elastic Sweatpants: The Perfect Weekend Companion

Designed for the ultimate laid-back experience, our Wearever fleece elastic-bottom sweatpants are your go-to for weekends spent relaxing. With a regular fit and mid-rise drawstring waist, these sweatpants offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Made with our soft and durable Wearever Fleece blend, they're pre-washed to ensure they remain as comfortable as the day you bought them.

Our Fave Features:

  • Super Soft Wearever Fleece: Ensures these sweatpants are both durable and incredibly comfortable.
  • Elastic-Cuff Bottoms: Offers a snug fit at the ankles, perfect for a variety of activities.
  • Extra-Long Inseam: Specifically designed for tall guys, providing a fit that's hard to find elsewhere.
  • Adjustable Drawstring Waist: Allows for a customizable and comfortable fit.

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Finding the Best Sweatpants For Tall Guys – Fit Guide

How should sweatpants fit on men?

The ideal fit for sweatpants on tall men should be comfortable yet flattering. They should offer enough room for movement without being overly baggy. The waist should sit comfortably without tightening, and the length should reach just past the ankle without bunching up.

What size is extra large in men's sweatpants?

Typically, an extra-large size in men's sweatpants caters to waist sizes between 40-42 inches. However, for tall men, it's crucial to consider the inseam length, which should be suitable for your height. American Tall offers sizes that cater specifically to the taller frame, ensuring a perfect fit. Check out our CM to Feet Conversion Guide for some extra help

Should sweatpants be oversized?

While comfort is key, sweatpants shouldn't necessarily be oversized. A well-fitted pair will look more put-together and intentional. Opt for sweatpants that offer a tailored fit for your tall frame, ensuring they're neither too tight nor too loose. With American Tall, you don’t have to settle for regular sizing that wasn’t made with your body in mind.

What size sweatpants should you get?

Picked out the pair (or pairs) you want and trying to figure out what size to get? We’re here to help. Our Fit Guide is a great tool for finding your perfect fit! Measure around your natural waistline while keeping the measuring tape a little loose to find the size you need, then decide on the inseam.

  • Our Semi-Tall size is ideal for guys 6’ to 6’3”
  • Our Tall size is great for guys between 6’3” and 6’7”
  • Our Extra Tall sizes are perfect if you’re 6'8" or taller


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