The 7 Best Extra Tall Men’s Jackets & Winter Coats for 2024

The 7 Best Extra Tall Men’s Jackets & Winter Coats for 2024

Once the weather gets colder, style tends to take a back seat to function. While there are some tall men’s parkas and other coats that can be accessorized to look stylish, most of us are too focused on staying warm to worry too much about how we look.

Despite the challenges of staying stylish during the winter months, it is possible to find extra tall men’s jackets and winter coats that offer a sleek and elegant look without breaking the bank. These outerwear pieces are sized specifically for a taller man’s frame, with generous measurements that ensure you’ll never have cold wrists again.

Today, we’ll show you our picks of the 7 best tall men’s jackets and winter coats, and offer some style secrets to help ensure you’re always dressed appropriately for both the occasion and the weather.

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The Secret to Stylish Winter Outerwear

The trick to dressing well for any winter occasion is having outerwear to match. Typically, this means that you’ll need to purchase more than one coat. Some are appropriate for evening wear, while on other occasions, you’ll need a parka or a puffer if you’re hitting the ski slopes or going for casual drinks in sub-zero weather.

Instead of trying to purchase everything all at once, start with a few multi-purpose winter coats, then expand as your needs change. For example, if you’ve recently signed on for a new job with lots of client dinners and elegant social occasions in your future, you may want to invest in a formal peacoat or overcoat, rather than a puffer jacket, which is more appropriate for casual outdoor gatherings.

The Best Tall Men’s Jackets & Winter Coats Available at American Tall

Wondering what coat is the most appropriate for your next social event? Not to worry! We’ll show you some of the most popular extra tall men’s jackets and winter coats we sell at American Tall and offer some examples of how and when to wear them for maximum effect.

1. American Tall X Point Zero Tall Men's Parka

We love our tall men’s parkas, which we created in partnership with Point Zero. From the sizing to the materials, we think it’s really the best parka for tall men.

Each parka is made from a shell of ripstop polyester, which is windproof so it protects your body from gusts of cold air. On the inside, a polar fleece lining keeps you warm without allowing your body to overheat. These are great for any really cold day or prolonged outdoor activity since they can protect against temperatures as low as 30° below zero.

2. American Tall X Point Zero Quilted Long Puffer Jacket

Love our classic parka but looking for even more length and style? Then look no further. The American Tall X Point Zero Quilted Long Puffer Jacket is designed to combat the cold while catering to the taller frame. Like its shorter counterpart, this jacket stands out as one of the best jackets for tall guys, with its extended length ensuring no draft sneaks up on you. 

The quilted design locks in warmth, making it a top contender for the best winter coats, while the sleek navy color ensures you look sharp. It's a tall men's winter coat that doesn't just fit; it flatters and functions, keeping you toasty without compromising on style.

3. Medium-Weight Puffer Jacket

Our medium-weight puffer jackets are a great option for a slightly warmer winter day, as they’re lighter than our parkas. The hood, water-resistant shell, and elasticized cuffs and hem all work together to prevent drafts from getting in, so they’re the perfect 3-season tall men’s jacket. The American Tall puffer is an ideal daytime coat for any casual occasion.

4. Stand Collar Puffer Coat Jacket for Tall Men

Want more puffer action? Discover the perfect blend of form and function with the American Tall Stand Collar Puffer Coat. This coat is a staple in the collection of tall men's winter coats, offering a sleek design with a stand collar that provides extra protection against the wind. 

It's engineered to deliver warmth without the bulk, making it one of the best jackets for tall guys who want to keep a slim profile. For those seeking jackets for tall men, this puffer coat is a must-have, ensuring you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish.

5. Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket

Even in the middle of winter, there’s the occasional warm day that requires a lighter coat than a parka or puffer. That’s where our Sherpa-lined denim jackets shine.

Made to fit guys over 6’3”, this jacket’s authentic stonewashed cotton denim combined with cozy Sherpa fleece lining and collar make this a great tall men’s jacket and a stylish option for any cool winter day.

6. LJ&S Men’s Sherpa Corduroy Tall Trucker Jacket

For fans of our Sherpa-lined denim jacket, the American Tall Sherpa Corduroy Trucker Jacket in Tan Brown is the ultimate fusion of comfort and style for the taller man. With a sherpa-lined interior and a corduroy exterior, it's a standout piece among tall men's jackets. 

The trucker jacket style brings a rugged yet refined edge to any outfit, making it one of the best jackets for tall guys looking to add a touch of casual sophistication to their ensemble. It's a tall men's winter coat that promises to keep you warm and in vogue through the chilly months.

7. Wool Coat for Tall Men

Elevate your winter wardrobe with the American Tall Wool Coat, a quintessential piece among tall men's winter coats. This coat is not just about style; it's about scale, offering a tailored fit that's hard to find for the taller gentleman. 

Available in black and rich camel, its classic color options and design make it one of the best winter coats, providing both warmth and a timeless look. It's the kind of tall men's winter coat that transitions effortlessly from office to evening, ensuring that you're the best-dressed guy in the room.

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Don’t go into the winter season with cold wrists! The team at American Tall believes that everyone deserves a coat that fits them well. That’s why we’re so passionate about the clothing options we offer to tall folks everywhere. No matter the weather, you can always find a stylish tall men’s jacket or winter coat at American Tall.

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