The American Tall Gift Guide: Tall Joggers, Jeans, Shirts, and More

The American Tall Gift Guide: Tall Joggers, Jeans, Shirts, and More

It’s so special to be able to buy a friend or family member clothes that they love. It shows that you pay attention to their needs and can understand their personal style. This attention to detail will not soon be forgotten.

However, can you remember the last time it felt easy to buy clothes for your tall loved ones?

Despite your best efforts to find well-fitting clothes for your tall friends and family, you’ll soon come to realize something that they’ve known for years: it’s a big challenge to find tall jeans, shirts, or even jackets that fit!

To help make your gifting experience that much easier, today we’ve gathered a few ideas that will make amazing holiday or birthday gifts the next time you need some inspiration.

Athletic Wear: Tall Joggers, Tanks, and More
Help your loved ones hit the gym in style with American Tall athletic wear. For women, we offer chic matching sweats that come with both tall joggers and two choices of tops – a pullover hoodie and a stylish half-zip.
For men, you can help them stay cozy during their next workout with our 80-20 French terry tall joggers, or our fashionable athletic stripe pants. These tall sweats are perfectly at home at the gym but can easily be worn on the go.
Matching Tall Shirts + Tall Sweaters
Another great way to help your loved ones stay cozy is with our tall shirts and matching sweaters. This subtle coordination makes even your rainy day work-from-home outfit look polished and put together.
tall-womens-outfit tall-womens-outfit
We’ve worked hard to make sure the colors of our tall t-shirts match well with our sweatshirts, regardless of which style they prefer. You can choose from ribbed tees within our tall shirts for women or opt for a tall athletic short sleeve v-neck. And don’t think we’ve let women have all the fun! All our hoodies and tall sweaters for men are also designed to coordinate with our tees.

Tall Jeans for Men and Women
Denim is one of the most versatile clothing pieces out there. While buying denim for someone else can be risky, there are a few ways that you can ensure a well-fitting gift.

First, think about their habits. Do they like to dress up, or are most of their outings casual? From there, you can pick the right wash. Dark washes work best for evening, while light wash denim is great for everyday wear.

We carry tall jeans for both men and women, with current available inseams up to 40”. With multiple washes and our extensive range of inseams, it’s easy to find the perfect pair.
American Tall - Womens-Tall-Denim American Tall - Womens-Tall-Denim American Tall -Mens-Tall-Denim
Button-Up Shirts
Whether your loved one is going back to the office or just needs a polished shirt or two to wear on date nights, we offer a ton of different styles of button-up and dressy shirts for both men and women.
tall-womens-shirts tall-mens-shirts tall-shirts

Do they gravitate towards touchably cozy flannels or beautifully drapey Tencel shirts? There’s something for everyone at American Tall.

Tall Jackets and Outerwear
Have you ever heard your loved ones complain that they can never find a jacket that fits, or that their wrists are continually exposed in cold weather? No one wants to handle the bitter winds of winter without the proper outerwear.
tall-womens-pufferjacket tall-mens-puffer tall-mens-parka
We carry a variety of tall jackets for men and women, ranging from classic denim jackets to 3-season puffer coats and winter parkas that will keep their wrists and midriff covered all winter long.

Not sure about your loved one’s style or size? We carry gift cards in denominations ranging from $25 to $200. Shop online today to see our full collection.