How to Shop for Tall Women's Clothing Online

How to Shop for Tall Women's Clothing Online

Shopping for clothes these days is hard enough. Add in extra-long legs and a torso a few inches taller than average, and it’s a recipe for frustration. Tall women’s clothing can be hard to find in the best of times, but now it’s even more elusive.

A recent report from IBM confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition from physical stores to online shopping by more than five years. Online shopping was already popular, but now it’s become a necessity.

Even if you’re fully ready to accept the transition to online shopping as your primary method of purchasing clothing, it can be hard to get over the learning curve. Being able to try things on in dressing rooms makes your purchase a lot easier. When you try things on, you also don’t have to worry about comparing sizes between brands, or measuring yourself accurately.

When you’re at home, all of these issues can easily compound, making it difficult to select the right sizes. To help make it easier to shop for tall women’s clothing online, we’ll break down the basics of clothing sizing, and show you the best types of clothes for tall women and girls.

Explaining Tall Women’s Dress and Clothing Sizes
When you’re shopping for clothing online, there are a lot more measurements to worry about than just your height. Even if you’re model-tall, that’s no guarantee that you’ll fit into a standard small, medium, or large size based on one measurement alone. For women, the most important measurements you need to know are your bust, waist, and hips.

To make it easier on yourself, start by accurately taking these measurements. Use a cloth measuring tape, not a metal one. For the most precise measurements, and take them when you’re in your undergarments or a tight-fitting outfit.

Comparing the Sizes of Tall Women’s Clothing
The reason many tall women don’t fit into standard sizes of clothing is because the arm, torso, and inseam measurements are too small. When you’re shopping for tall clothing, you will need to take these measurements as well.

Selecting Must-Have Tall Women’s Clothing Items
Once you have all of these measurements written down, you can get shopping. You won’t be able to try on clothes when you’re shopping online, but the size charts most brands display on each product page make it easy to compare your measurements and select the right size.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for individual items.

Jeans are often thought of as the most annoying item of clothing to buy, which is why we’ve been really specific about the fit of each pair of jeans we sell. Our jeans come in inseam lengths of 35"-37”, and we’ve even included specific measurements like back rise and thigh circumference, so it’s easier to get a pair that hugs you in all the right places.

womens-tall-jeans womens-tall-jeans

When you’re shopping for leggings for tall women, the most important thing is to get the inseam right. Since the material is stretchy, the waist measurement is less critical. Plus, on our favorite Bella tall leggings, we’ve used a wide waistband that looks great with most body shapes.


Long-sleeved Shirts
For fitted shirts like our tall ribbed long-sleeve tee, you’ll know you have the right size when the upper arm seam fits at or below your shoulder bone. It should never sit above it, or it will be uncomfortably tight. You can compare your waist, bust, and sleeve length measurements to our size chart to make picking the right size easier.

womens-tall-long-sleeve womens-tall-long-sleeve

Shop Tall Women’s Clothing Online at American Tall 

Looking for your best fitting pair of leggings or jeans yet? All of the tall women’s clothing in our online shop has been tailor-made with tall frames in mind. We show you tons of measurements so choosing the right size is easy, and we never do vanity sizing.

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