Tall Women’s Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

Tall Women’s Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

What have you been wearing lately? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wearing lots of joggers, tank tops, and other comfy clothing perfect for lounging around the house. Maybe you have a fancier shirt you put on for Zoom meetings? If so, good on you for dressing up!

With changing restrictions on social activities and the dropping temperatures, it may be time to dust off some of our outdoor clothes. Fortunately, fall is a great time to do this.

Whether you get ideas for women’s fall outfits from Pinterest, friends, or the runways, there’s no wrong way to style yourself for fall. However, when you’re a taller gal, it can be a bit harder to find pieces that work on your longer frame. Many casual women’s fall outfits that work on women of average height feel awkward or uncomfortable when you’re over 5’9”.

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Putting Together Tall Women’s Fall Outfits for 2020
Fortunately, we’re here today to bring you some women’s fall fashion outfit ideas that work on taller ladies. Experimenting with new clothes is always fun, especially when you’ve been stuck in quarantine for months. However, before you start experimenting with new pieces that will make any women’s fall outfit Pinterest ready, make sure you’ve stocked up on the basics.

Every tall woman needs a great pair of jeans. When you’re taller, you know how hard it is to find ones that fit. American Tall jeans are made to fit inseams of 35-37”, and come in a variety of washes, including the always-classic medium blue.

On top, opt for a long sleeve tee that flatters you in all the right places. Our version comes in black, white, grey, and navy, and is delicately ribbed so it stretches perfectly without clinging. These long-sleeved tees are the perfect base layer for fun jackets, sweaters, and jewelry. It’s a lot easier to make great outfits when you know you’ve got solid neutral options to build from. 

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What Fashion Trends Will We See in Fall 2020?
Now that you’ve got your base layer together, you can add on statement pieces that bring the perfect amount of drama to any women’s casual fall outfit. Here are some of the trends we’ll likely see more of as we officially move into fall.

Jewel Tones
There’s nothing more vibrant than a jewel tone. Whether you opt for a classic jewel-toned dress in luxurious velvet or a moto jacket in jewel-toned tanned leather, there’s no wrong way to engage with this trend. The fashion world is obsessed with jewel tones like amethyst purple, ruby red, and citrine yellow, making them super in style in 2020.

Preppy Style
If crisp, crunchy leaves make you think of going back to school, channel that nostalgia into a few preppy outfits. Blazers, pencil skirts, and cigarette pants are all popular pieces, but you can also play with the trend by picking pieces in signature preppy prints like houndstooth and pairing them with more casual jeans.

Jean jackets may be comfortable, but if you want to play with this style in 2020, you’ll need a more fitted, tailored jacket like a blazer or cardigan.

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Thought ruffles were for little girls? Think again.

This year, many fashion houses sent models down the runway draped head to toe in ruffles. Although it looks whimsical and playful, opting for larger ruffles takes this childhood staple and turns it into something totally appropriate for adult wear. A ruffled top with a pair of high-waisted dark jeans is the perfect outfit for date night. 

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Shop Casual Women's Fall Outfit Staples at American Tall
With a few new pieces or a re-think of your wardrobe, you can throw together tons of new outfits for Fall 2020. Whether you need lounge-ready joggers or a pair of jeans you can build an outfit from, shop all your fall favorites at American Tall.