TALL TALK with Austin - American Tall Tees Compared to Regular Tees

TALL TALK with Austin - American Tall Tees Compared to Regular Tees

Slim and tall, athletic and tall, solid and tall.. There are lots of different body types but one thing is always the same, TALL GUYS LOVE AMERICAN TALL CLOTHING!  6'8 Austin recently gave some American Tall tees a try for the first time.  Check out his video review!

"What’s up, guys? Austin back with another video. Today’s video goes out to all of the tall guys because the day as come! That’s right. The day that shirts fit. If you’re a tall guy, let’s say like 6’3” or greater, at some point in your life you’ve dealt with small fitting shirts. You can’t really blame most clothing companies. Most people aren’t very tall, but tall guys in general, we usually have to pick the extra-large shirts from whatever brand it might be. And what do they look like? They’re short on the sleeves. They don’t cover your shoulders properly. They’re short on the torso and they’re really, really wide because for some reason if you’re an XL you must be fat. Guys, those times have changed with this company, American Tall.

American Tall is a company that has finally catered to the tall and lean men of the world. There’s not many of us, but we do exist and this company saw that and they’ve created the solutions for us. Right now, I’m wearing one of their shirts right here. Before I tell you what the size of this shirt is, let me give you a little background on my body statistics. I’m 6’8”. I weight about 215 pounds. My chest size is 46 inches and my shoulder width is 23 inches. My pant inseam is only 36 inches, so 36 inches on a 6’8” guy. My torso is extremely long, longer than most, so finding shirts has been the biggest struggle in the world. But this shirt right here, this one that I’m wearing, this is a large. That’s right! I haven’t worn a large shirt since I was three years old. American Tall is creating shirts that are trimmed fitting for the lean and athletic guys out there with shoulder widths that actually fit your shoulders, but also non-baggy sleeves that give a nice athletic feel to your arms and shoulders as well.

Just how good are these shirts? How good are they really? We’re going to take it through a couple of real life examples. Let’s start off with the most basic one – standing! Everybody stands, but with tall guys, and usually wearing extra-large shirts by regular companies, we have this constant self-conscious awareness of our stomachs or our underwear showing if we try to stand up straight. The shirts just aren’t long enough. If they are long enough, they’re super baggy and wavy so we’re constantly walking around looking like big trash bags or showing everybody our belly buttons and our underwear.

I’m a firm believer that the reason why most tall guys have bad posture is because we’re constantly trying to make our shirt just a little longer so we’re not walking around showing off our belly buttons. But with American Tall shirts, you can keep a tall posture and stand without having the shirt lift up. You look like a regular person, but of course a giant. This is one of the first big pros these shirts bring. They bring confidence! You can standup and walk around and feel like you don’t have this constant need to hold your shirt down or that you feel uncomfortable in your clothing. That is just a breath of fresh air compared to the regular shirts we see in stores these days.

What’s another real-life example? Sitting! I know I’m not the only tall guy that’s done this, but when you sit down in a chair with the back part exposed, sitting down but also at the same time pulling your shirt down and trying to sit your butt on the back of your shirt so you’re not showing your butt crack to everybody. Once again, these shirts stand the test. You sit down and your shirts don’t rise up! Isn’t that option? Now all the regular, average sized people watching this are probably like, “What is your problem?” But tall guys actually understand that it is actually a real issue. That is another problem that these shirts solve.

Now let’s take it to the third real life example – giving hi-fives, right? All the tall guys, everyone who is short or with kids, everyone always wants to hi-five you. But you know what happens when you hi-five and I still have this instinct to do it. As soon as your hand starts to raise up, you grab your shirt and pull it down because you know your average shirt is just going to rise up. American Tall shirts pass the test. You can raise your hand up above your head, extend it as high as you want with the freedom of your other hand to do whatever. It doesn’t have to hold down your shirt because you’re not going to be showing off your stomach.

Tall men, this is revolutionary stuff. I’m making this out of pure joy and love and appreciation for what this company is trying to do. I encourage you, if you’re 6’3” or above, to check out their website. You can find the link down in the description below and check out what they’ve got to offer. They’ve got dress shirts. They’ve got shirts like this. They’ve got regular old t-shirts. They’ve got a big variety of casual clothing that’s going to cater to the tall guy, so I encourage you to check them out because it’s time to just stop accepting our life with these big, boxy shirts that aren’t long enough. The time has come to end it. It’s 2018 and these shirts finally exist. Thank you for watching the video. I hope you found some humor in it, and I hope this reached out to the tall men of the world and you can finally help find a solution for this big issue that we’ve all faced throughout our entire lives. Give a like if you enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think, and guys, I’ll see you next video."