Tall Men’s Fashion? It’s in Our Jeans

Tall Men’s Fashion? It’s in Our Jeans

Apart from your trusty belt, your jeans are the unsung hero of your clothing collection.

Comfortable, versatile, and always in style, we consider jeans a closet essential for men both tall and taller.

They come in array of styles – skinny, slim, tapered, faded, blue-steel, straight-leg – and colors, making the search for the perfect pair of jeans that fit your style (and your height) sometimes overwhelming.

We’ll take a look at three pairs of jeans that have a place in any man’s wardrobe, and how to incorporate them in your style and silhouette.

J1 Straight-Leg Dark Rinse Jeans

Starting with the OG of denim, straight-leg jeans are the most traditional type of tall men’s jeans.


Effortless and eternally cool, these J1 blue jeans for tall men are defined by a straight cut from the hips down the legs, with little tapering. They’re a bit baggier than skinny, slim, or tapered fit tall jeans, offering a relaxed, I-can-wear-these-to-the-buffet feel.

The classic 5-pocket straight-leg jean provides extra room, and better mobility. This faded look – one of the newest additions to the American Tall family – is perfect for weekend casual, or a night out on the town.

Best Fit: Tall guys with athletic builds are well suited for straight-leg jeans, as a wider, shoulder-to-hip ratio balances out the looser, baggier profile of the jeans.

The Look: A traditional pair of jeans for tall men calls for a traditional outfit. Top these long, straight-leg, tall men’s jeans with a comfortable Everyday  tall tee – black is a nice, clean look. It’s one of the most basic, timeless outfits for a tall guy. Just add Chelsea boots, or a bomber jacket to taste.

Carman Tapered Fit Jeans

Combining the traditional straight-leg profile with a slim tapered leg, tall, tapered jeans are a comfortable compromise between the two popular jean types.


These Carman Tapered-Fit Jeans are a softer take on straight-leg, providing a more fitted feel around the thighs and calves. Rugged but tailored, we’d describe them as more flattering than a pair of skinny-fit jeans, but shapelier than straight-leg. After a few weekends out, they’ll likely become your go-to pair of broken-in tall jeans.

Best Fit: Well-built, tall guys will find a home in tapered jeans, making the most of the comfortable seated area, and streamlined calves and ankles.

The Look: For an effortless weekend look, try these jeans out with a smart, tall dress shirt. Summertime? Add Oxford shoes. Worktime? Don’t forget your casual blazer!

416 Skinny Jeans for Tall Men

There are skinny jeans, and there are the 416 Skinny Jeans for tall men.


The latter are true, tall skinny jeans for guys, perfectly flawed and faded in the right places. Defined by its narrow-cut and close fit, 416 skinny jeans provide plenty of stretch, so don’t worry about taking a knee to tie your shoes.

We should note that the best fit for skinny jeans for tall men isn’t a yoga pants-like, skin-tight look – this isn’t denim body paint – but more along the lines of ‘rock star’.

Best Fit: This shouldn’t be a surprise, but skinny jeans are best suited to men with slim legs and lithe profiles.

The Look: This trend-setter oozes versatility, looking great with a tall tee, or a number of dress shirt styles – Terracina, Washed Oxford, Oskar, Soft-Wash Plaid – to name a few. To complete either look, consider a classy, slim fit blazer.

The perfect pair of tall, slim jeans that look and feel great is the essential starting point to any tall man’s wardrobe.

 If you’re a guy measuring 6’3” – 7’1”, we’re confident you’ll find your perfect fit at American Tall – check out our full selection of tall denim jeans for men!