Tall Dressed Up, and Nowhere to Go: Our Favorite Vacation Spots for Tall Guys

Tall Dressed Up, and Nowhere to Go: Our Favorite Vacation Spots for Tall Guys

At American Tall, we see eye-to-eye with tall men’s biggest headaches – like finding the motivation to travel.

You don’t want to fold in half to fit in your airplane seat for five hours again. You’re tired of sleeping diagonally on twin-size hotel beds. And squeezing into those little foreign cars makes you feel like a circus clown.

If the only vacations you’re taking are invites from friends that needed a rendezvous point in bustling crowded cities, it’s time for that vertically-gifted body to get the rest and relaxation it deserves. These are some of our favorite vacation destinations for tall guys, and the appropriate tall men’s clothing you’ll need to be comfortable and stand out in the crowd (even more than you usually do).

The Statue of Liberty: New York City, USA

Who says finding a woman to match your height was impossible?

Tall man, meet tall woman. The Statue of Liberty towers over New York City at a height of 151 feet – with heels (or her pedestal), she grows to an impressive 305 feet tall. If you can believe it, that makes her the tallest woman in America.

There’s a lot to like about this tall guy’s vacation spot – America is a great fit for taller people in terms of infrastructure, the city is lively, and there’s a great deal of history to enjoy, starting with this 300-foot French woman born in the 1800’s.



Being a casual tourist spot, we recommend unfussy tall men’s clothing for the occasion. The Statue may have you feeling patriotic, so rock that All-American look with our Everyday Tall Polo Shirts in Patriot Blue, and a clean pair of men’s Chino Shorts in Desert Sand.

And if you manage to make it to the top of Ms. Liberty’s head, you can finally ask someone else ‘how’s the weather up there?’ for a change

Llullaillaco Volcano: Argentina, South America

For the rugged, tall guy that needs his own (big) space, the Llullaillaco Volcano bordering Argentina and Chile is a desolate spot for that rare-but-always-welcome alone time.

The biggest volcano in the world standing at 22,109 feet tall, this mass of rock and lava has been dormant since the 19th century. But like anything tall, it’s still a brilliant wonder to behold.

This is an ideal vacation spot for the tall guy that appreciates solitude and believes in doses of self-reflection every once in a while. Or if you’re an ATV activist, there’s no better spot in the world to cruise through untouched sands than here.



It’s gonna be hot – so make sure your clothing is comfortable, breezy, and laid-back. Your go-to Tall Tees from American Tall will be your best friend here, as well as your trusty pairs of men’s chino shorts. The nightfall brings cooler airs, so go ahead and adopt cooler styles – look no further than these Long Sleeve Tall Tee Henleys.

Anywhere: The Netherlands

Holland is enlarged and in charge for tall guys looking for a destination fit for them.

The tallest country in the world whose population averages six feet tall, the country’s infrastructure is tailored to their lumbering citizens. The Dutch government has even enforced changes in building codes for larger doorways and ceilings to accommodate their oversized populace, so you should feel right at home.

There’s more to do than admire larger door frames, too: it’s home to the world-famous Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh Museum, and 400-year-old streets overflowing with one-of-a-kind architecture, beautiful boutiques, and endless winding canals.



To match the country’s charm and rich history, we suggest a casual class look for your travel wardrobe. Step up from your go-to jeans and sport this chic Carman Tapered Fit 5-Pocket Tall Men’s Pants, and a perfectly flawed Washed Oxford Tall Dress Shirt layered on one of our Everyday Tall Tees available in 10 rich colors.


Now that you’ve got some vacation ideas that fit you, you’ll need clothes that fit you too. Check out the new tall men’s clothing we have at American Tall and get everything you need for your next getaway!