Tackling the Challenge of Finding Tall Clothing for Women

Tackling the Challenge of Finding Tall Clothing for Women

When most of the famous models that appear on our screens and in print media stand taller than 5’10”, it’s easy to assume that taller women have an easy time buying clothing. In fact, tall clothing for women can be difficult (if not impossible) to find when you’re a regular gal who doesn’t have access to celebrity stylists.

Anyone over 5’9” knows how challenging it can be to try to pull together outfits when you’re stuck buying clothes that don’t actually fit your frame. When you’re taller, buying clothes off the rack often isn’t an option, and can lead to a wardrobe full of clothes that are just a little bit too short.
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In the past, our long-legged forebearers simply made their own clothes, or commissioned seamstresses to create appropriately sized pieces that were tailored to their exact measurements. Now, with the average price of a bespoke garment topping $2,000 each, that option just isn’t feasible for most women.

Today, we’ll show you how tall women can tackle the challenge of finding clothes that fit, flatter their frame, and express their personal style – without the need for a sewing machine!

Get Creative with Clothes that Don’t Fit Perfectly
The first thing you’ll have to accept when shopping for tall clothes for women is that not everything you love is going to fit you. Sometimes, standard clothing items aren’t available in longer lengths.

If there’s a piece you love that almost fits, you may still be able to wear it – you just need to get creative. Use long boots to hide the length of a pair of jeans, or wear a long-sleeve shirt rolled up to ¾ length. That way, you can wear clothes you love without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Find Brands that Run Long
Some brands are built with longer standard measurements than others. Depending on where you look, you may be able to find clothes that fit your frame, even if the brand doesn’t have a designated ‘tall’ section.

To identify these brands, take an afternoon to try on a few different items of clothing from different brands, and note the ones that seem to offer more generous arm, leg, and torso lengths.

Shop at Dedicated Tall Women’s Clothing Stores
Although there are ways to find standard-sized items that fit taller frames, the easiest way to tackle the challenge of finding tall clothes for women is to shop at a dedicated retailer. These retailers, like American Tall, stock items that are designed with a tall woman’s frame in mind.
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At American Tall, we know the challenges that come with trying to find clothes that fit your tall frame. We’re continually updating our offerings with new styles of clothing to make it easier for tall women to find what they need.

On our New Arrivals page, you can find everything you need to greet warmer weather in style, like dresses, shorts, skirts, and more. Shop online today to start building a wardrobe full of stylish, well-fitting pieces that make getting dressed a breeze.