T-Shirts for Tall Men & Women Fit Guide

T-Shirts for Tall Men & Women Fit Guide

From long slim-fit t-shirts to relaxed silhouettes and cropped styles, there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to tees. Although as a tall person, you're probably used to a limited selection of well-fitting options, there are truly so many fits and styles out there that it can feel overwhelming! To help you navigate the world of tees, we put together this handy fit guide so you can find the one that's right for you.

T-Shirts for Tall Men

Regular Fit Tees

The regular fit tee is loose and comfortable without looking too baggy, oversized or sloppy. It has more of a relaxed fit in the shoulders with a boxier sleeve and is broader across the chest. You can choose from both V-neck and crewneck options in our range of regular fit t-shirts for tall men that are made of the highest-quality materials and crafted with your height in mind.

We offer several regular fit tees including our Essential Regular Fit V-Neck Tee and our Everyday Regular Fit Crewneck Tee which are available in a range of new shades for spring. Plus, our brand-new Everyday Pocket T-Shirt and Scoop Bottom T-Shirt both have a regular fit you'll love.

American Tall Regular Fit Men's Tall T-Shirt American Tall Regular Fit V-Neck Men's Tall T-Shirt

Slim-Fit Tees

The slim-fit style sits close to the body and is tighter throughout. It's cut to contour your frame with close-fitting shoulders, arms and torso, and a narrower fit through the waist. It's a great option for tall guys and a popular layering piece that you can wear underneath your favorite flannel button-up shirt or a comfy sweater. You can even wear it on its own with a pair of jeans or shorts!

Our Original Essentials Slim-Fit Tee is one of our most popular long slim-fit t-shirts and is available in two fresh new shades: Eucalyptus and Aquamarine. Choose from both V-neck and crewneck options with flattering slim fits – or pick up one of each!

American Tall Essential Slim-Fit Tall Men's T-Shirt American Tall Men's Essential Slim-Fit Tall T-Shirt

Modern Fit Tees

The modern fit offers that perfect middle ground between a regular fit and a slim-fit. It's slightly more fitted throughout the sleeves, shoulders and chest but has a more relaxed silhouette through to the waist. The modern fit is a popular option when it comes to activewear since it sits nice and close to your body but isn't so tight that it restricts movement or impacts your workout.

If you're looking for a workout-ready modern fit tee, you'll love our AT Performance Athletic Jersey Tall Tee and our AT Performance Engineered Athletic Tall Tee. They use the latest fabric technology and are engineered for performance with a tall-friendly modern fit.

American Tall Men's AT Performance Modern Fit Athletic Jersey Tee American Tall Men's AT Performance Modern Fit Engineered Athletic Tee

Women's Tall Tees

Fitted Tees

Even tighter than our slim-fit tees, the fitted style is designed to contour to your body and is super slim throughout. Our Fitted Ribbed Tee is made of a super stretchy and ribbed material that will accentuate and flatter your figure with a high crewneck. You can wear a fitted tee with anything and everything, from a pair of mom jeans to joggers or a denim skirt.

Since our Fitted Ribbed Tee is such a staple, we just added four new colors to choose from including Clementine, Plum, Sage Green and Plum. All four shades are inspired by spring and look great with a matching pair of sweatpants or lounge shorts!

American Tall Women's Fitted Short Sleeve Ribbed Tee

Cropped Tees

The word ‘cropped' may have been a nightmare for tall girls in the past – but our version is designed specifically for your long torso. Cropped women's tall tees are meant to end right at the natural waist and just above the belly button, but when you're tall, finding options that are long enough can be a struggle. We offer both Tall and Extra Tall length sizes so you can finally get the fit you need.

Our brand-new Cropped Waffle Tee is fitted throughout with a crewneck and short sleeves. It ends right at the waist where it's supposed to while still providing that flattering cropped fit. You can choose from three cute prints: Corydalis Blue Floral, Seaglass Floral and Green Camo.

American Tall Women's Tall Cropped Waffle Tee American Tall Women's Cropped Waffle Tee


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