The 8’4” Magnum Bic Sport Dura-Tec surfboard offers an affordable option for big guys looking to catch big waves.

Developed and produced in France, the polyurethane foam inner core and durable polyethylene outer shell make this an ideal board for intermediate level surfing.

Surf's Up

The Magnum is designed for bigger surfers, and the volume of the board makes it easy to paddle and steer during quick breaks. However, the height range of the Dura-Tec line means that novices, as well as more experienced surfers, have options: The longer the board, rather, the bigger the height difference between you and the board, the easier riding waves should be.

Long Boards

If you’re just starting out, consider the 9’4” Super Magnum. For more of a challenge, reduce the height difference to a couple of inches—within the Dura-Tec line alone, Bic Sport offers boards ranging from 6’7” to 7’9”.

Available for $379USD from Bic Sport.