Staying Stylish in Tall Athletic Knit Shorts at the Gym

Staying Stylish in Tall Athletic Knit Shorts at the Gym

Despite smelling like dirty socks and sweaty sneakers, it’s unbelievable how much care and effort some people put into how they look at the gym. While it’s nice to look presentable, spending tons of money on clothes to sweat in can be cost-prohibitive for some folks.

What if we told you that looking good at the gym didn’t have to be difficult? We truly believe that well-fitting tall athletic knit shorts and other staple gym pieces should make you look good with almost no effort required.

You don’t need to be a model or professional bodybuilder to know how to look good at the gym. The truth is, it’s all about putting a little bit of care into your appearance and leaving the mesh basketball shorts and obnoxious muscle tees back at the college gym where they belong. The same goes for your rattiest shirts, stretched-out sweatpants, and tiniest, stringiest tank tops that leave nothing to the imagination.

Let’s talk about how to dress for the gym, including our recommendations for tall performance jersey tees and tall athletic knit gym shorts that can replace some of your old favorites that may have seen better days.

The Best Tall Gym Wear
When you’re a taller guy, there are already modifications you’ll have to make at the gym. In some cases, these minor training tweaks will make exercising easier, allowing you to lift, bench, and squat with ease.

The same shortcuts exist when it comes to picking the best gym clothing for tall guys. Here are some of our top tips.
  • Opt for tall men’s performance joggers instead of a regular size.
    With joggers, size matters. If they’re too short, you’ll look like a little kid.
  • Don’t give in to the temptation to resort to big and tall clothing
    The extra bulk around your middle could get caught in the gym equipment, posing a safety hazard.

  • Avoid standard-sized tees
    Standard athletic tees often don’t have the necessary measurements to suit a taller guy. In some cases, this can mean uncomfortable chafing and pinched armpits.

    Stick with tees that are designed for taller guys, like American Tall’s crowd favorite, the tall performance jersey tee.
4. Don’t be afraid of tight clothing
With bike shorts making a resurgence in 2021, don’t be afraid of opting for tighter clothes at the gym, even if you’re on the taller side. Bike or compression shorts make your legs look amazing and can even offer some benefits to your workout, improving muscle efficiency and helping with recovery.

Our Favorite Pieces for Your Return to the Gym
When you head back to the gym for the first time in months, don’t go back dressed in the same old things you were wearing when you left. Here are some of our favorite options for new and improved gym staples.

Tall Men’s Performance Joggers
Joggers look great on everyone, and ours are designed specifically to withstand the rigors of an intense workout. Made from moisture-wicking antibacterial polyester, our tall athletic joggers are available in four different colors and are sized up to a 40” inseam.
Tall Athletic Knit Shorts
The American Tall athletic knit gym shorts are made from a super comfortable fabric that’s as soft as a knit, but with all the functionality of high-tech fabric designed for sweat. The drawstring helps them stay on through the most physical workout, and the zippered pocket keeps all your valuables safe.
Looking for new wardrobe staples to wear to the gym, or even just on your next jog through the city? Shop American Tall to stock up on all your favorites today.