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Tall Style Guide: The Best Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Many tall guys will tell you that their height has had a huge impact on their identity. Whether they were always tall or shot up in high school, it can play a big role in determining the hobbies, interests, and eventual relationships many guys developed later in life.

One thing that many tall guys find challenging is dressing for their tall frame. Tall skinny men’s clothing can be difficult to find, with many brands catering to guys that are wide as well as tall. Big and tall shops might have inseams that fit, but their sizes are often much too wide, with no options for leaner guys.

Today, we’ll show you how to put together the best wardrobe of well-fitting pieces that work well in any combination. After all, tall guys should be able to wear anything they want, without feeling limited by their height.

Tips for Finding the Best Clothes for Tall Skinny Guys

The best clothes for tall skinny men celebrate their height and frame, without trying to disguise it. Here are some tall guy dressing tips to keep in mind before you go shopping.

1. Make sure your pants fit

One of the most obvious signs that you can’t dress your body well is if your pants just don’t fit. Our average tall pair of jeans is designed to fit guys 6’3” and up and fits an inseam of 36” and above. Your pants should never show your ankles, or ride up when you’re walking.

Semi-Relaxed Men's Tall Jeans American Tall Men's Straight Fit Jeans

2. Prints can be a great option

With more height (and therefore more surface area) than the average guy, you can get away with wearing prints without having them being too overpowering to an outfit. Plaid, herringbone, tartan, or small florals are all great options. Hawaiian shirts might not do you any favors.

Men's Tall Short Sleeve Button Shirt

3. Use layers to add visual interest

There’s a lot of your body to celebrate, but wearing pants and a shirt in a single color doesn’t flatter your figure. Instead, it looks overly simple, or just plain boring. Create visual interest by layering pieces like a jacket or blazer over a tucked-in shirt to show off different blocks of color. It makes tall, skinny guys look great.

Tall Skinny Men’s Clothing Must-Haves

Now that you know the style tips you should be following, it’s time to shop. A few well-fitting basics can elevate any wardrobe, making it easy to mix and match a good outfit in seconds.

1. Well-fitting pants

Well-fitting pants are a staple of most outfits, but can be hard to get right when you’re tall. Jeans are classic, but a pair of crisp chinos in khaki, green, or grey are great for a day-to-night look.

Men's Tall Chino Pants in Russet Brown Men's Straight Fit Jeans by Longjohn & Sons

2. A blazer

A blazer is a great staple piece. If you pick the right color, you can use it with a ton of different outfits to create visually interesting layers. To make sure your blazer is versatile, opt for neutral shades and tones like black, navy blue, or grey.

3. A printed shirt

Buying a long-sleeved shirt with a print that works for your frame is a major score for any tall guy. It should fit well through the wrists without being too tight on your shoulders and back.

Men's Tall Nelson Button Shirt


Shop the Best Slim Tall Men’s Clothing at American Tall

Tall, skinny guys look best when they have clothes that fit, and allow them to express their personality. Whether you want to dress like a basketball player or prefer a refined, English country gentleman’s wardrobe, you should be able to find the clothes you like that also fit your frame.

To check out some of our favorite tall skinny men’s clothing, shop the latest styles of all our fall favorites at American Tall.