Sizing Jeans for Tall Men

Sizing Jeans for Tall Men

There’s nothing more classic than a pair of jeans. For tall men, finding the right pair can be a Herculean struggle, but today, we’re here to set the record straight.

No one should have to settle for sub-par denim.

When they fit well, jeans can be a game-changing piece of clothing. From the bellbottoms of the 1970s to the JNCO jeans of the 1990s, the style of jeans you choose says a lot about not just your taste, but the way you live your life.

Instead of picking out a pair of tall skinny jeans that doesn’t represent your style, hold out for a pair that actually fits. For taller men, this often means paying attention to minute aspects of fit and shopping at a dedicated tall men’s clothing retailer that can accommodate extended sizing.

Let’s explore the huge variety of tall men’s jeans that are available today, and talk about how to find the best-fitting pair.


Our Favorite Styles of Tall Men’s Jeans
There are many styles of jeans available today, ranging from the skin-tight ultra-skinny to loose and relaxed styles that offer plenty of room to move.

Here are 4 of the most popular styles you should know before you go shopping.

Skinny jeans cling tightly to the skin, and are tapered down to the ankle. These jeans are often made of stretchy denim since they need to be able to move with your body. These tall skinny jeans look great on taller men with long, lean frames, and are very much in style for 2021.

However, be careful to avoid ultra-skinny styles, which can draw unwanted attention to your long legs.

Straight jeans are the workhouse of the jean industry – they’re not too loose, or too tight, with a straight silhouette from hip to ankle. If you want something between a skinny and straight cut, look for slim jeans. They’re more relaxed than skinny jeans but are still tapered down at the ankle.

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tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

Regular jeans are similar to straight jeans, but offer more room through the leg, along with a wider ankle opening. These are some of the most ubiquitous men’s jeans around and are a great option for most body types.

tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

If you have a wider hip or are just looking for jeans that can stand up to plenty of physical movement, loose jeans are your best bet. This style offers lots of room through the butt, thighs, and even down the ankle.

tall-mens-jeans tall-mens-jeans

Fitting Jeans for Tall Men
When it comes to jeans, there are a few measurements to keep in mind when you’re shopping for this tall men’s clothing staple.

Most manufacturers size jeans using waist size and inseam length, which is expressed by using the two measurements with an ‘X’ in between (30x36, for example). However, even if those measurements match yours, it doesn’t guarantee a good fit.

An important aspect of fit to keep in mind is the rise (the distance from waistband to crotch). Many traditional denim manufacturers use the same rise measurements for all their jeans, regardless of whether the inseam is 29 or 36. This can create problems for taller guys. If you have a longer torso, you may need an extended rise measurement.

The other aspect of a jean’s fit that’s important is the break – AKA, where the leg ends. Ideally, the break of your jeans will sit right where your feet begin. With shoes on, the front of the hem should sit at the top of the instep, while the back just hits the floor.


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