Sizing and Styling Tall T-Shirts for Men

Sizing and Styling Tall T-Shirts for Men

Most people consider the t-shirt one of the simplest building blocks in any person’s wardrobe. The simple tee can easily layer underneath formal outfits or serve as a statement piece when paired with something more casual.

Unfortunately, many brands have not made tall t-shirts for men or women available. Instead, they’ve stuck to traditional silhouettes, which don’t exactly accommodate the broader shoulders, longer torsos, and lengthier limbs of someone over the average height.

That’s where we come in. At American Tall, we’ve perfected tall t-shirts for men and are proud to offer a variety of styles, materials, and fits that can work with any body type or outfit choice.

How Much Longer is a Tall T-Shirt?

Before delving further into styling tips, it helps to understand the difference between a standard t-shirt and tall tee shirts.

It’s not just about the hem length. To fit well, all the measurements of the t-shirt need to be extended to fit the longer measurements of a taller frame. This includes measurements you may not have noticed before, like the armhole depth and the distance between the armhole and the collar.

Getting these measurements right is the difference between a t-shirt that looks fine but feels awkward and one that fits like a glove.

Tips for Styling Tall Size Tees

Since t-shirts are such simple garments, many people make the mistake of not considering them as anything more than a base layer or undergarment. While many t-shirts work perfectly well for this purpose, stopping there does a disservice to this wonderful and versatile piece.

Here are some of our top tips for styling your tall tees.

1. Improve your tucking skills: This is a quick way to make any shirt look more sophisticated. You can either tuck it in fully around your waist or learn how to master the art of the French tuck. This flattering styling technique leaves the back of the shirt out while the front of the shirt is tucked into the pants.

Tall Men's T-Shirt in Sunbleached Brick Color
Men's Tall Tee in Canyon Red Color

2. Make deliberate choices between crew necks and v-necks: There are two primary necklines for men’s tees – the v-neck and the crew neck. Crew necks are usually more casual and make the shoulders look more square. In contrast, v-neck tees call attention to the face and neck and can make you look longer and leaner.

Having both options available can help you choose the right look for every outfit.

Men's Tall Crewneck T-Shirt in Aquamarine Color Tall Men's V-Neck Tee in Aquamarine Color

3. Pick the right fabric: While cotton is the dominant fabric used for tall t-shirts for men, many other options are available. For example, our AT Performance tees are made with a polyester mix designed to suit a more active lifestyle and can help keep you feeling cooler if you’re wearing a tee on the go.

American Tall Crewneck T-Shirts for Men AT Performance Men's Tall Athletic Tee

4. Choose the right fit: The fit of your tee should always vary depending on the shape of your body and what other clothing you wear that day.

Wondering about finding the best shirts for tall thin guys? Check out our Essential Slim-Fit Crew Neck, which is designed to skim a tall, lean frame and highlight all your best areas. Guys that want a looser shape should opt for a regular fit tee, like our Regular-Fit Slub Tee in gorgeous Pine Tree green.

Men's Tall Regular Fit Slub Tee Tall Men's Slim Fit T-Shirt

5. Give yourself lots of color options: Just because the only t-shirt you have clean today is black doesn’t mean that’s what you should wear with your outfit. Making sure you have a wardrobe of well-fitting tees in various shades will ensure you always have the right color to pair with your daily outfit. Some staple colors you should always have are:

• White
• Black
• Navy blue

From there, pick some brighter colors like army green, maroon, purple, or khaki to add some interest and round out your wardrobe.

 Colorful Tall Tees for Men


Tall Tee Shirt Outfit Ideas

Want to explore some new style ideas? Let your t-shirt be the star of the show! Here are a few outfit ideas that work well with a bright, crisp new t-shirt.

• Pair a v-neck tee with a pair of light denim jeans for a vintage mid-century look.

• Layer a tee made from interesting fabric like linen or slub cotton underneath a light blazer and chinos for an effortlessly stylish summer outfit.

• Opt for a crew neck underneath a bomber jacket for a casual yet put-together look.

• If you’re a sneakerhead and want your shoes to pop, put together a simple outfit consisting of a white tee and dark jeans.

• Tees are great for warmer days! Pair yours with a pair of hybrid shorts that look neat but will keep you cool during hot afternoons.

Tall T-Shirts for Men T-Shirt for Tall Men


Where to Buy T-Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys?

The best place to buy tees for guys that are on the tall and skinny end of the spectrum is American Tall. We offer tees in a wide variety of materials, fits, and designs to suit any style. Check them out today.