Road Trip: Famous Footlongs and Outsized Eats

A small sampling of big (tall) eats—with huge flavours—at small prices, from around the globe.

The Dawg House

The Dawg House



Less than an hour outside of Atlanta, this cozy, casual southern American eatery focuses on their famous footlongs, though they also boast big burgers, huge sandwiches and wings in addition to the namesake “dawgs.”

Try one of the 100 percent natural beef hotdogs garnished with toppings like smoked pulled pork, chili, sauerkraut, pineapple

or house made rémoulade. From $2.25USD.

3087 McEver Rd., Buford, Georgia.


Banh Mi Phuong

Banh Mi Phuong

Found in Hội An, the popular tourist destination famed for its mix of ancient and colonial architecture and canals, this small shop offers sandwiches as splendid as the setting. Their fresh baguettes are generously stuffed with meats like chicken, pâté, ham, BBQ pork or grilled sausage and topped with fresh herbs, crunchy cucumber and a fiery chili sauce. From $.89USD.

2B Phan Châu Trinh, TP, Hội An, Quáng Nam, Vietnam.


Jim’s Steaks

Jim's Steaks

With three locations in West Philly, Northeast Philadelphia and Springfield, Jim’s is a favourite of locals (not to knock tourist-favoured Pat’s, which also serves up a delicious and way over the top cheese steak). Whether you order it “wit’”, choose American, Whiz or Provolone, the sandwiches at this Philadelphia haunt are set apart by the bread—from another Philly icon, Amoroso’s bakery—and meat: USDA Choice top-of-the-round angus beef, sliced daily on site. Fatty, tender and oh-so-fine.

From $8USD.


Curry 36

Curry 36

This beloved snack stall in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood, located just south of the Spree river, has been serving up oversized wieners, rostbratwursts and bockwurst seasoned with marjoram for over 30 years. But it's the local street food delicacy—currywurst, consisting of a steamed-then-fried pork sausage, seasoned with curry ketchup and often served with fries with mayonnaise —for which Curry 36 is best known. (An estimated 70 million currywursts are consumed in Berlin alone each year.) From $2.30USD.

Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg, Berlin Germany.